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As a bartender, he makes patrons fall for a never-ending beer bottle and a shot that breaks the laws of physics.

Posing as a thrift store employee, Michael makes shoppers believe that a real waddling duck is just a lifelike decoy.

A trip down memory lane turns trippy when Michael revisits classic bits to unlock never-before-seen reactions to your favorite jaw-dropping tricks. In a health store, he sells a supplement that proves you are what you drink, and at a Metro station, he utterly derails a commuter's sense of reality. Breeding brie at a cheese store; nailing down the perfect app; ruffling feathers in an airport.

An amazing windy city breeze; a supplement proves you are what you drink; a sense of reality is derailed. Michael gives a fresh look to old tricks with never-before-seen footage. Credit card absorbing containers; sloppy to fancy calligraphy; chinaware sets itself. Life-saving s'mores and pop-up coolers; child-proof invisible pill bottles; model trains that change size.

A license to speed at the DMV; returning a crumby toaster; a scaly encounter from under the sea. Looking for something to watch? Michael gets crabby with salad; breath-cooked meatballs; bone-chilling cryotherapy. Pets that hatch out of balloons; valets that park cars without sitting in them. The plot of all the episodes of The Carbonaro Effect and many other information Introduction truTV's hit series The Carbonaro Effect, starring comedian and prankster Michael Carbonaro, returns with its fifth season on Thursday, November 7 at 10:00pm ET/PT with more hilarious, mind blowing hidden camera magic than ever before. Cat Lady

Plus, things get sticky when he demos flying post-its. The show The Carbonaro Effect: Double Takes features unaired reactions from previous shows, with Carbonaro commenting throughout.

With Michael Carbonaro.

Title: Hold the pickles takes on a new meaning; an aggressive breed of fungus; disappearing early from work. At a market, Michael reveals an amazing credit card hack, and at a science shop, he demonstrates how far stem cell research has come. A duck fools thrift store shoppers; an endless chain of hangers; cheese corks in a liquor store; freezing wine; destroying and reconstructing art in a museum.

A cannibalistic plant at a garden center; a necktie that suits itself; a trick so electric it melts the ice.

S1 | E1 The Carbonaro Effect 21 min • Expires May 5 Posing as a technician, Michael gets the bug out of a customer's phone and has him convinced it was in there all along.

Title: Snacks for astronauts; a new kind of movie popcorn; an emotional, self-healing glass figurine. The Carbonaro Effect (2014– ) 9.0 / 10.

A time defying skin treatment; pre-historic cheese; a 3D printing accident. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Behind-the-scenes with a potato laser and an unusual puppy; Michael gets recognized mid-stunt and has the tables turned; more TV reactions. The DE-NUTTER is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite loved one with allergies.

© 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Soothing snakes and stitching spiders; a natural-born whittler; an abandoned house holds on to its things.

Cat Lady .

Fruits and vegetables' transformative properties; dairy's true power; termites chew through the scenery. Collapsible spray paint can; shrinking leprechaun outfit; hatching dinosaur egg.

[1] The second season premiered on April 1, 2015, the third season premiered on February 1, 2017 and the fourth season premiered on May 17, 2018 along with a new insider series titled The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro.

Michael revisits some of the spookiest bits of Carbonaro past to reveal fresh frights with never-before-seen reactions to tricks.

Directed by Phil Britton. An amazing credit card hack; brand new stem cell research; angry gnomes on the hunt. Printing by hand at a copy shop; fish fashion trends. Michael reveals what happens when he pushes someone over the line; an employee bolts in an outrageous reveal.


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