bull arab uk

shedding to hasten the process. As it appears that he was lost originally, we now describe him as a rescue dog. The strong neck is slightly arched, moderate in length. Very big, as big as our 13 year old girl.

he had completely stopped breeding dogs. best recommendation, train/socialise early as a puppy and you will be well rewarded. Milo was given to the pound at about 8 months old after not being given attention, he then was at the pound for about another 8 months.

Tyson is a very chilled boy who is my life we rescued him from the dogs home at 12 weeks and his training started immediately now he is my assistance dog and also a therapy dog. She is a great guard dog at home. Their nose is wide with larger nostrils and is colored depending They can be an aggressive dog and need The Bull Arab has unending stamina and will run for miles Never seen any work mind, never even been to oz !! Tyson loves to look after new born goats and newly hatched chickens. She guards the house and loves playing with her sisters.

However the man walking him did not speak any language that we understood. became Australia’s

Plays happily with one other dog in the park but if there are 2 dogs present then his hunting instincts come out and he will pull the smaller dog to the ground but is never aggressive, in fact we are yet to witness aggression in him. Because of There are over 8000 on one rescue site that will tell you differently.

The "BullArab" never shows any Saluki traits, and I doubt that Salukis were available at stud, especialy to pig dogs, back in those days ! Suggest more research, and a rewrite! Other than that the hair everywhere and his susceptibility to skin issues and more commonly ear mites (had them when i met him and need to give him a monthly dose of tick flea and mites prevention to keep that under control) mites are microscopic problems and while ear mites are located in the ears they also cause them to itch their faces, and their bodies too.

leader to handle them. Your site clearly has no real idea about Bull Arabs and you should fix what you say, they are loyal, sociable, funny caring. They Its all about horses for courses and how big the game is or hilly or flat the country you hunt. the Bull Arab’s true ancestry one thing is for certain, this breed quickly P. S he always wants to be outside .

our 4 year old grandson gave her hell whilst he was growing up. It is always interesting going for a walk at the local markets with my father who has a cat that walks on a leash.

They have the type of short undercoat that can float through the air and We will be doing 5kms every day training distance when he is old enough.

He is very obedient when it comes to food, he will wait until he is given the ok. barely barks unless he is telling us someone he doesn’t know is near the house not just walking past. First time owning a bull arab, but will not be our last. Everyone that meets her loves her.

The Bull Arab I was very disgusted at the write up of what you think is a Bull Arab. Arabs. Showed him his bed inside once.. when he comes in he goes straight to his bed. Only had him for a three weeks and he's learning slowly, Chad is a rescue dog who is the kindest sweetest most gentle boy ever. Acceptable colors To proclaim they are aggressive and dangerous is an absolute joke... Thousands upon thousands of people will tell you this but yet you think you are right? Hodgens wanted to create The Bull Arab is not a high maintenance breed. There   Your link has been automatically embedded. Their eyes are slightly rounded, bright and their color will depend on Kato loves being inside in his special spot by the window, he enjoys playing hide and seek with my boys, is highly protective of us all and we do find if my boys are in a scuffle we need to remove kato fast as he will try to pull them apart and it’s not something we want to encourage for him or that he should see and be upset by. He was 4 when i rescued him from a rather harsh situation. land in food or drinks when not kept under control. Have had the opposite experience to what this write up is describing.

They are the most sookiest dogs I have ever owned. Upload or insert images from URL. Hodgens.

The color of the eyes depends on the coat color. predominantly white on their bodies with colored patches on their body. She loves coming for car rides, runs on the beach, runs on our 86 acres, chases kangaroos but never hurts them. Pepper is the best dog I have ever owned. The breed emerged less from the founder Mr Hodgens who is known as a bit of a "breed anything tough looking" verging-on-a-puppy-mill sort of guy and more from the hard work of pig hunters in North Queensland who used the dogs and started their own lines. A lot of positive reinforcement and direction needed.. but once he picks it up he doesnt forget it. to the best of my knowledge the bull arabs make up is EBTxgreyhoundxpointer either GSP or English, now days both bloodhound and greatdane has been blended into the breed by various breeders. documented incidents of Bull Arab attacks on humans and deaths have occurred My Bull Arab fostered 5 kittens and brought them up after their mother died, my grad kids sleep with her,she is loyal, funny, quirky and a gentle giant! became not only an excellent wild pig hunter but also a fantastic guard dog.

Cheers. Therefore, Zeus is extremely friendly with people and other dogs, he's never been aggressive in his life. This breed has a lot of common sense.. but also has a bit of an "I do what I want" attitude. Can’t seem to stop them jumping on people. She is great with kids very gentle she understands that she can not jump on kids. hound and part scent hound meaning they will chase anything they see move and If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. They do have an undercoat that is softer and thicker during the winter however there have been a number of incidents of dog attacks involving Bull symmetrical dog with a broad head that is in proportion with their body. Just love them. She was a hunting dog now retired and our daughter said she would be good for me whilst i were going through chemo. I have bought them a clam shell pool to swim as Jeff loves to snorkel!

The eyes are bright.   Pasted as rich text.


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