broadband bonding device

From Videographers to News agencies and law enforcement, use Zifilink to send data even from  This means you never have to deal with buffering videos or music. You never have connection issues. It uses next generation technology to encrypt all of your data without slowing down your connection. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, gaming and streaming video can be improved by Speedify. Instead of buying an expensive piece of hardware, you can download Speedify for free on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. Automatically detects and connects to networks which Simply replace your wired Internet connection with Streamer and stream video to the web as you would normally do. Speedify works to manage and monitor the quality of your Internet connections. Streamer (Portabella hardware with Streamer software add-on) is a 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G bonding device ideal to stream live video to websites. If you want a faster Internet connection that is easy to setup and manage and doesn’t require a huge initial investment, Speedify is your best option. We serve customers large and small.

Get Speedify now! Get your free copy today. Speedify can bond any combination of 2 or more Internet connections and will intelligently distribute your online traffic between them for optimal performance. Plug your computer into an Ethernet connection, connect it to a local Wi-Fi network, and plug in a USB 4G card or set up your phone for USB tethering. Product description Our flagship product is ZifiLink, a device for network uplink and downlink aggregation. If there is ever an issue with a connection, you have to troubleshoot the problem yourself or have an IT expert who can help you.

It takes care of the broadband bonding. remote locations to where they may be required. They are able to access resources back at the office or across the Internet as needed.”. A set of overlay tunnels enable application-specific per-packet based flow management to optimize application performance. The Bandwidth Aggregation Device from Zifilink provides Link Aggregation via its Internet Bonding Router to provide High-Speed Internet at any location.

For train and specialty vehicle deployments (such as firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, first responders, command and control trailers), Portabella models with integrated modems (requires your own SIMs) are ideal. Read below to learn why Speedify is the best broadband bonding service. It used to be that if you wanted to do broadband bonding you had to get expensive hardware like a bonding router. Some Portabella models support EN50155, EN50121 certifications and EN45545-2 compliance, making it an ideal candidate for delivering robust, high performance mobile Internet in specialty vehicles, vessels, ships, trains and buses. Speedify automatically detects, protects, and prioritizes real-time streaming traffic such as video calls and VoIP calls, live streaming, and gaming. SOLVED: WiFi Connected but No Internet Access - Used Speedify, Why My WiFi Connection Keeps Dropping and How to Fix This, Zoom Not Connecting - What's Wrong and How to Fix It. In the majority of cases, Speedify will automatically detect and start using any Internet connections available to your device - but if you need help we have quick start guides available for most common set ups. Please contact us for further details. With their wide-range temperature and vibration tolerances, along with passive cooling ruggedized chassis, these devices can handle the most challenging environmental conditions. Streamer will work transparently with your existing video streaming workflow.

But, these routers are hard to find, difficult to configure, and too expensive for many businesses and families to afford. This allows you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability. Download Speedify today and experience the Internet on your own terms. Broadband bonding is the perfect solution. Specialists in providing faster broadband in poor bandwidth areas. Mushroom Networks CPE devices (such as Truffle and Portabella) have the built-in ability to bond HTTPS downlink traffic without requiring a peering device or service. we enable high-speed connections to the Internet and between offices. The optional Broadband Bonding Service (BBS) adds the application centric overlay tunnels by peering the Mushroom Networks CPE to the Mushroom Relay Servers in the cloud. You can effectively double your bandwidth. If one connection goes offline, it automatically reroutes all Internet activity through the remaining connection until the lost connection comes back online. For organisations dependent upon Internet connectivity, ADSL bonding offers much-valued resilience and offers distinct advantages over load balancing. connectifymeJune 27, 2018Enjoy Better Streaming, Enterprise Internet Bonding Software. translates to zero configuration. From Videographers to News agencies and law enforcement, use Zifilink to send data even from. To stream live video to websites, you can simply plug in the encoded video and audio feed from your encoder or video-switcher such as Flash Media Live Encoder on a laptop, Wirecast, Tricaster, TouchStream etc., add the USB modem cellular aircards (or insert your SIM cards in case of Streamer models with embedded modems) to the Streamer and start to stream video to web. Streamer PRO is a turnkey solution that adds Mushroom’s adaptive h.264 video encoder that can ingest a camera video output via HD/SD-SDI or S-video or Composite connectors and encode in real-time adaptively to stream the live video over bonded 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G tunnel. Plus – we keep no activity logs and you also get to enjoy the some of the fastest Internet access around.

Multiple SIM modems from the same or different carriers can be aggregated together for faster and more reliable Internet on-the-go.

The Portabella is a 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G multi-SIM bonding device with Broadband Bonding technology that provides cost-effective, portable and high performance Internet access for mobile and portable use cases. When peered with the optional Cloud Relays, Portabella provides uplink and downlink bonding for any protocol via bonding together multiple cellular SIM card modems for increased performance and reliability. ZifiLink is an innovative product designed to address Speedify takes care of everything related to broadband bonding automatically. Ideal when working from home in rural locations.

You don’t have to worry about your neighbors taking up too much bandwidth when you use broadband bonding. You can combine any type of connections together. The Portabella is a 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G multi-SIM bonding device with Broadband Bonding technology that provides cost-effective, portable and high performance Internet access for mobile and portable use cases. You can take a cable Internet connection and bond it with a DSL connection to get a pipe much faster that either company could ever offer. Broadband bonding takes two or more separate Internet connections and combines them together into a single, incredibly fast pipe. © 2004 – 2020 Mushroom Networks Inc. All rights reserved.

Speedify works to manage and monitor the quality of your Internet connections. Streamer PRO field unit can be configured in Teleporter mode to send live video feed directly to the Teleporter receiver installed at the receiver studio. Speedify uses a technology known as Channel Bonding. Broadband Bonding will dramatically increase Internet access speeds by combining up to 8 broadband lines together Low cost, monthly subscription service, with no long term contract. remote locations to where they may be required.

Streaming traffic is more important nowadays, with all live streaming, remote work and learning happening. Not only that, we are now able to generate new revenue streams by charging for live events.”, “I highly recommend Streamer as a video solution to anyone who is looking to add quality and reliability to their video streaming capabilities.”, “Our connections now provides the available bandwidth for all of our responding agencies to access our real-time information. Call us at +1 (858) 452-1031 or fill the form: Download your copy of rare tips and tricks for a better WAN. the limitations of bandwidth aggregation or lack of it, faced by all users, Zifilink device is compact and can easily fit into a backpack, Even if bad weather attenuates one signal, the combination of the rest will still give users sustainable Internet, Cheaper alternative as compared to premium satellite-based solutions, High-speed connectivity with you at all times without compromising on mobility, Handles 2G , 3G and 4G Wireless broadband from multiple vendors. It takes care of the broadband bonding. Internet Keeps Dropping? When you use broadband bonding, your computer, and all of your connected devices, will all treat both connections as a single connection. Bandwidth Bonding Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, enabling you to combine the speed of up to 13 connections. Instead of buying an expensive piece of hardware, you can download Speedify for free on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. For pop-up stores and remote offices that require immediate turn-ups that otherwise have no access to wired Internet connectivity, Portabella devices provide IP connectivity as well as enterprise grade firewall and router features in a small form factor. This technology also enables branch offices to connect to the head office at greater connection speeds. ZifiLink’s system aggregates 3G or 4G links from eight dongles across networks to create a combined capacity that increases the reliability by a factor of eight.

Application-specific tunnels accomplish per-packet flow steering to optimize metrics and performance for applications such as live video, Unified Communications, file transfers, VPN, Web traffic and others. Since the video is streamed over the bonded 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G cards, your video stream can support higher quality, higher resolution, higher bit-rate video settings and will have unmatched professional level reliability.


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