bmw x5 rear seat not locked
Same problem with unlock right seats on my X7 M50d. airbag sensor (to determine whether passenger is sitting in seat) failed and had to be replaced. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Online Edition for Part no. They're meant to be pressed once and then allowed to go through their entire cycle of motion before hitting anything else. In the process of diagnosing the problem, the seat no longer moves and they say we now need an entire new seat base. Pull the lever and apply weight to or remove New seat cover and heater ordered. All rights reserved. I have an 07 with the 3rd row seat option. Not fixed even after software upgrade. Inspection showed no issues with the sunroof or related drainage channels.

Replace Alternator to address headlights to brighten and dim, related to thermostat replacement with issue remaining. When folding back the 2nd row seats, make sure Left vehicle overnight, performed draw test, was within spec. I have a December 2019 build (2020 model) with 3rd row seats. Raise rear of top so you are able to now close the rear cover, set rear of top down on cover and then pull fron of top down and engage the fraont latch. Tail light/brake light not working properly. Replaced tail light assembly. Access to 3rd row seats. Drivers window won't roll all the way up, needed a new regulator, 512.00. Had the fan replaced, which fixed the problem.

The next day, a new brake warning light came on again, indicating immediate failure. :-(, A/c motor module failure Front turn light bad socket, 3 hours labor required manufactures defect Front drivers side window motor failure, Too many constant COSTLY electrical issues During combox programming, entire CIC failed (i.e., iDrive failed). 10% is awful in my opinion. Contact data from appointments, tasks, text Auxiliary fan not working Rear brake light burn on metal contacts.

Dealer never got a response so they could not get it to work.

Condenser hose had leak, requiring replacement and recharge. A/C compressor had lost oil and was about to fail. One is the “regular” version – which only folds flat, but does not recline. She shuts door. After towing to a BMW-certified shop, system was diagnosed. Pop up washer for headlamps broke off during use and needed to be replaced under warranty. Pressing on the brake to shift transmission into gear didn't always work. Replaced bulb Right brake light out. 2nd visit, replaced front fan. reverse lights and stop lights were fried. Ended up being OK. Had to replace compressor for dual zone climate control. Navigation display was turning red and then black and was unresponsive. Right DRL out. No issues since. Includes control switches. Brought car into dealership and they needed to do a software reboot and then a rear seat calibration. Dealer attempted to replace, but installed wrong part. The front passenger vacuum door lock actuator needed replacement. also supported by the voice activation system On going problem. 3 hours labor. 2006 bmw x5 rear seat lock is pull out it looks like it has comb like teeth wont go back in. It only reads some of my copied DVDs and causes much anguish for my daughter when she wants to read one that it doesn't read! I thought I was gonna have no problems with these cars. Returned car unfixed and different part on order. There are 2 versions of the 2nd row of the X5’s back seat. (from driver's perspective) Left xenon headlight bulb burned out. The starter was ordered online saving $200, repaired at an Indy for $250. Minimum brake pad warning message appeared but brakes still functioned fine. I've attempted to fill the refrigerant, but found that the compressor isn't running. usb port and 9v port not working-replaced under warranty. row seats engage properly.

Mine can back with upgraded software and they told me that was the issue. detected smell in cabin - dealer identified leaking A/C evaporator and replaced under certified pre-owned warranty.

AC not working until I kept toggling the control panel and the AC auxillary fan turns on. Fixed in 5 minutes with no parts used. I don't know how to clear this message. Speedometer 3 mph faster than actual. Dealer installed trailer hitch three years after purchase, but coded the electronics improperly. dlr claimed could be battery problem, replaced. Rear powered lift struts not operating, making it hard to open/close rear hatch.

Connector had to be filled with solder because it begins to short with age, literally wearing a hole in it, keeping bulb from solid contact. hatch needing adjustment--rattling. What the hell! The seat is still working but the warning persists in the instrument panel.

dealer determined that there was a fault in the battery. Mine involved a seat related software upgrade and "hall sensor" replacement in the affected seat.

Required replacement. Sensor badly installed prior to purchase. 2nd time in 5 years, Alternator - driving interstate when all indicators lit, engine stopped, power-steering/brakes failed.

Need advice about a specific BMW X5 problem? Electric Discharge with all systems off. The rear hatch does however release form the latch via th … read more number Brake light failure msg was coming on and off intermittently. Front Driver side turn signal relay harness and socket was replaced, including a new turn signal bulb. CD changer will not eject cartridge: changer replaced for the same problem at 49,000 miles. Someone has a similar issue? Restraint system sensor in passenger side seat was reading that child carseat was present when it was not. Idler arm bolt recall performed. or in the instructions of the hand-held TPMS system malfunctioned and required parts to be repaired. Voice recognition not working well. Discovered that A/C condenser was the actual issue. Electrical System Alt Heating and Speakers not working. I am really sorry for having bought this vehicle. Incredible how BMW cannot fix this since December 2019. Also rear license plate lights (under 10 min). The battery was faulty and produced fluctuating voltage.

the Control Display. DO NOT BUY A BMW X5 Set the language.

Apparently a common problem for E53 X5. Removable sockets are somewhat temperamental, can be hard to get them to seat correctly. rear headlight assembly corroded and rusted, ostensibly from car washes (allegedly). this is redundant,,,,I've already entered all this information in another questionaire. Dealer says nothing can be done at this time, BMW told dealer not to replace. Returned car …

The fix so far was always to hit the max luggage button and then the max seats button. Dealer damaged condenser O-rings making previous repair so system would not hold a charge. one of the rear brake lights burns out within 2 or 3 days of replacing bulbs. Both Driver and Passenger front door lock mechanisms failed. Diagnosed by the shop as AC condenser fan failure. She shuts door. Window regulator failed.

Repaired when the car was brought in for routine, scheduled maintenance. Lift-gate motor failed. Dealer attempted to replace, but installed wrong part. Turned out to be a bad connection. is generally compatible with the universal It took a few months to get mine sorted out but hopefully by now BMW has learnt how to fix quickly. Still have to take to dealer to have computor reflashed. I had 2 separate issues regarding the rear seats. Make sure that the locking devices of the 2nd Later I called connected dive, BMW assist. Dealership had to remove the whole dash to get to the part. It throws them into a state of confusion and that's where the error usually occurs. At a glance could be reduced.◀. Wiring issue with rear lights and brake lights. It wasn't the bulb but the mechanism to turn the bulb on. S--- box BMW's. For the past few trips, it will not "suck" the door 70% of the time, and we had to shut the door rather harder as if it had not vacuum to keep it from unlocking, The vacuum door ( left rear) lock actuator was replaced for malfunction, Scheduled maintenence and recall for module that connects with cell towers.


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