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}(document.createElement('script'), document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0], '//'); Watch Queue Queue Blue Acara, Flag Acara, Red Port Acara, Keyhole Acara, Green Terror, Two-Spot Acara, Photo credit: Loïc Tremblay/Wikimedia; ChamilleWhite/Bigstock. Make sure your email address is valid, please! googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_300x250_Top1_PETS_Content', [300,250], 'PetGuide_com_300x250_Top1_PETS_Content').defineSizeMapping(googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([1024, 10], [300, 250]).addSize([642, 10], [300, 250]).addSize([0, 0], [99999, 99999]).build()).addService(googletag.pubads()); Password must be at least 6 characters long! Adult specimens will reach an average length of around 7-8 inches meaning they can be cared for in a medium sized aquarium as long as it is not overstocked. x��Z[o�H~G�?��ʬ�an��ݬ�&�V�n���Vi���`��I���=g ڪ��B����0߹ߜ����=��ӧ�A]�����u����п|�5�=�r]gE��'5.�a�̔��d�lD>v;�2�K� �D�����۹��������s7.o���$�}Jє\����qL��E��*�^=�v���@._v;gp����nH�D�^�H��ް��b���(���P2I� � Some species divide into monogamous pairs and lay their eggs on flat rocks while others scatter their eggs on plants. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; _taboola.push({article:'auto'}); } 'https:' : 'http:') + The minimum sized aquarium that should be at least 30 gallons if low stocked, for larger numbers of these fish you should upgrade the size of the aquarium accordingly. function vsCFTaboolaHeaderEU() { This is probably due to the fact that they are relatively easy to care for compared to some of the other cichlid species and have quite a peaceful disposition. }

Most acara cichlids are somewhat aggressive and territorial and they have a tendency to eat smaller fish.

f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); Some Acara Cichlids are mouth brooders, incubating the eggs in their mouths until hatching. The average size of Electric Blue Acara is somewhere between 6 and 7 inches in length. In order to ask such a question, please click this link! If you don't have an account here, register one free of charge, please. _taboola.push({article:'auto'}); Scientific name: Cichlasoma portalegrense, Usual size in fish tanks: 10 - 12 cm (3.94 - 4.72 inch), Recommended pH range for the species: 6.5 - 7, Recommended water hardness (dGH): 3 - 10°N (53.57 - 178.57ppm), Recommended temperature: 19 - 24 °C (66.2 - 75.2°F), The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning, Where the species comes from: South America, Temperament toward other fish species: aggressive to smaller. bag or size limits. googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_190x27_Sponsor_PETS_Content', [190, 27], 'PetGuide_com_190x27_Sponsor_PETS_Content').addService(googletag.pubads());

Selected image has been removed successfully! <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> This species was one of the first aquarium fishes to be cultured in Florida, possibly in the 1930s (R. B. Socolof, personal communication). Type your valid email in case you forget the password. Water changes will need to be performed, at least 10% weekly to maintain the water quality and aim the outlet nozzle of the filter towards the water surface to keep the oxygen levels high in the water column. Origins. Really delete this comment from the site? This was Porto alegre in Brazil and they have been extremely popular with fish keepers since. The Red port acara is not a difficult species to breed successfully. Although the Red port acara is classed as carnivorous they will also accept vegetable based foods to vary their diet. The reason why no discussion is allowed here is this page is too general. googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_300x250_Bottom_PETS_Mobile', [300,250], 'PetGuide_com_300x250_Bottom_PETS_Mobile').defineSizeMapping(googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([1024, 10], [99999, 99999]).addSize([642, 10], [99999, 99999]).addSize([0, 0], [300, 250]).build()).addService(googletag.pubads()); googletag.pubads().setTargeting("sitename", "petguide_com"); Common name: Red port acara. ");

Size. }); Please, find any other page that fits your area of interest as over 99% of our pages allow discussion. googletag.cmd.push(function () { These fish can grow to be quite large and need a tank that’s big enough to accommodate them. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("folder2", "fish"); // mobile ads Livraison et retours gratuits et service client gratuit au 0800 797 34. �!�j��/Po�F/���[email protected]")M�/ ��F�(l�sO�!���>\��d0ե>�&��x�8qA� ł They can be housed with other cichlids of a similar size and disposition and also bottom dwellers but if they pair and show signs of spawning they will become territorial and may show some aggression. You won’t believe the specular show that’s going on in your aquarium! You have been logged out successfully! Something went wrong during processing your message, please try again!

The eggs should hatch after approximately 4 days and the wrigglers will consume their yolk sac for their first feeds so do not require any other food.

This video is unavailable. If cared for correctly, the average lifespan for the Red port Acara is 6 years. The page has been removed successfully, you will be redirected now! document.write(''); Recommended water hardness (dGH): 3 - 10°N (53.57 - 178.57ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F.

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Lifespan can be about 7-10 years. Some say they get as large as a standard Blue Acara and some say they are smaller. //Add Taboola Header tag functions to eu and non-eu arrays. What amazing talent lurks in your tank? 3 0 obj googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_160X600_RightBottom_PETS_Content', [160,600], 'PetGuide_com_160X600_RightBottom_PETS_Content').defineSizeMapping(googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([1024, 10], [160, 600]).addSize([642, 10], [160, 600]).addSize([0, 0], [99999, 99999]).build()).addService(googletag.pubads()); Selected comment has been removed successfully! This is a middle sized cichlid which max size in the wild is about 20 cm (8 in), but in a tank size is about 15 cm (6 in). vsCFTagsEUFunctions.push(vsCFTaboolaHeaderEU); Electric Blue Acara Size? var src = (useSSL ? '���0$ي���)�Q�;��t��U���@�I�����^��?�e���x�yDJ%M|�Q5bH�P��( ��{G�!�K�I�lZ,�������p�m�rũt��z*��%c�-�ɳ� ��j��^3E�(٥ �!G<. dfp728Slots[i].set('adsense_url_color','0983B6');

%���� Acaras come in a wide range of colors including blue, green, brown, gray and black. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("PageID", "17085"); Click here to recover it!


<>>> Recommended pH range for the species: 6.5 - 7 .

(function() {

They are to be found under other common names such as the Port acara and Black acara but if you wish to be certain of obtaining the correct species they are classified under the Latin name of Cichlasoma portalegrense. Most Acaras are hardy fish that can adapt to a range of different water conditions. e.src = u; .addSize([1024, 200], [728, 90]) .addSize([320, 700], [320, 50])

2 0 obj } else { Thanks a lot! <> e.src = u; Electric Blue Acara Care. Recommended temperature: 19 - 24 °C (66.2 - 75.2°F) The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning. console.log("cf: taboola googlefc not found. Other Acaras are no larger than 6" (15 cm) and no smaller than 2.5" (6.4 cm). Acaras will eat a wide variety of foods including live foods as well as flakes and pellets. 1 0 obj

googletag.pubads().setTargeting("folder3", "acara-cichlids"); Plants can be added but you do run the risk of them being uprooted as the fish dig in the substrate. Following symbol denotes required fields -. The are substrate spawners and will prepare a nest for the eggs in the sand. Acaras come in a wide range of colors including blue, green, brown, gray and black. Please, verify whether your login and password are valid. googletag.pubads().setTargeting("filename", "index_html");//base path The water temperature should range between 19-24°C (66-75°F) and the pH should be set between 6.5-7.0 as they prefer slightly acidic water. f.parentNode.insertBefore(e, f); .addSize([768, 200], [728, 90]) Member. Electric Blue Acara care is fairly straightforward and easy to manage no matter how experienced you are.

Watch Queue Queue. for (var i = 0; i < dfp728Slots.length; i++) { © 2013 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Thread starter #1 WadeEH Active Member. Click here to search, please! dfp728Slots.push(googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_728x90_Bottom_PETS_Content', [728, 90], 'PetGuide_com_728x90_Bottom_PETS_Content').defineSizeMapping(dfpMapping728x90).addService(googletag.pubads())); googletag.defineSlot('/1030735/PetGuide_com_1x1_Slimcut_PETS_Content', [1, 1], 'PetGuide_com_1x1_Slimcut_PETS_Content').addService(googletag.pubads()); Since ponds are much bigger than fish tanks, it is recommended to perform pH test only once a month. if (typeof googlefc == "object") { e.async = 1; Raising the temperature of the water will often initiate the spawning process and you will see them perform a courting dance. Acaras come in a wide range of colors including blue, green, brown, gray and black. 4 0 obj

Thanks a lot for understanding! Acaras tend to prefer warm water with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5 and a water hardness between 2 and 18 dH.

The form below shall be used to ask about the website, functionality, issues or to give feedback. In the wild, Acaras feed on small crustaceans, insect larvae, and small fishes.


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