bind off to match cable cast on
My inbox task is empty. Blocking Knitting – How to Block Your Work, Gauge – How to Check Your Gauge on Flat Knitting, K2TOGTBL – Knit 2 Together Through the Back Loops, W&T – Wrap and Turn (Short Rows) Plus Picking Up Wraps on the Knit Side, Weave in Tails/Ends on Stockinette Stitch, Neaten the Last Stitch of Your Bind-Off in the Round. For instance, if you're doing a sweater that starts with ribbing around the bottom edge and ends with ribbing around the neckline, you might want to start with an easy and quick cast-on because you're casting on a lot of stitches. Hi Patty— I always learn something when you post. I knit them one after the other…. I adore the delicate picot look of the Channel Island Cast-On, but I couldn’t find a Channel Island bind-off. Is the channel island bindoff stretchy?

I’m embarrassed by the number of stress induced hats I’ve cranked out during Zoom calls. Matching your bind-off to your cast-on is appropriate on a project where you're going to see both ends at the same time, for instance, on a scarf where, if you have it around your neck, you can see both ends. Sometimes we just have to put out knitting in “time out” and then it behaves! I don’t want to look unprofessional if I pick up my sticks and string but the struggle is real …. Thanks so much for showing us this pretty finish! These are the kinds of things that you'll learn as you read and work through this course. I’ve tried knitting and stopping the video every few seconds, and transcribing your directions. Approaching the problem systematically and logically, I felt it was best to eat a bag of Girl Scout cookies and a brick of cheddar cheese and try again. Hi Patty! They are written out on YouTube. A lot of knitters like to plan ahead so that they can match their bind-off to their cast-on.

LOVE matching cast-on and bind-off edges. Your email address will not be published. I certainly have had people comment that it was “unprofessional”, but I have nearly always been the person in the room who paid the most attention, and those comments quickly went away. So, knit away!

We’ve scaled down to essential well baby visits that require vaccinations and few face to face acute appointments. Interesting, broad-ranging, and informative. I have even knit at a patient’s bedside when I couldn’t do anything to make baby better but so sick I couldn’t leave the room. . Here are all the bind-offs in this course that have matching cast-ons (links go to videos in the KnitFreedom Guide to Cast-Ons), Your email address will not be published. The legs that lean to the right has the plys standing straight up and down. You are my new Elizabeth Zimmerman!

The Icelandic bind-off is created by knitting one stitch, putting it back on the lefthand needle, pulling the next stitch through it, knitting it, and then removing them both. When you bind off, you might want to end with something that is stretchy and invisible because you're going to see it and it also has to go over your head. Does this mean that when I execute the Cable Cast on, I alternate from the Knit technique that you show (for the knit stitches) and the Purl technique which was illustrated in my book (for the purl stitches) as the pattern sets forth in the setup row? Here’s my Channel Island Bind-Off: how to save this article in your MDK account with one click, Announcing: The Designer for Field Guide No. oh I’m so glad. Amen. Also, despite having narcolepsy I haven’t fallen asleep in a meeting in over a decade, unlike my more neurotypical colleagues and managers. This is a time for doing all you can and doing what you need. And I absolutely do it as I wait on people to show up for meetings. You now have one loop on the hook.

Thank you for these brilliant co/bo ideas, and thank you for taking one for the team, snackwise. There are some variations of picot bind-offs, but I’ve found them to be too picoty (that’s a word) or to take too many steps to remember.

Do you know if it makes a difference to how the bind off looks if you wrap the other way? I was wondering the same thing, thanks for the additional graphic. , but I couldn’t find a Channel Island bind-off. Take a look at this picture where I drew a red line on the plys – Now you can build your collection of MDK Field Guides at a savings of 20%. I love this! It’s one of the few distractions we can do that aren’t actually distracting us from being present in the moment (unless you’re doing charted lace knitting, that takes concentration!). Repeat Step 1 from * and Step 2 until all stitches are bound off. I love learning new techniques and your Icelandic cast on looks great.

That means your eye is tuning into the fact that when those plys are in a leg that leans to the left, the plys lean more horizontal, and those legs blur into looking like a single rope. Thank you, Baltimore! Love it, and so I will be watching your video several hundred times as I navigate my own Bind off! Different yarns are plied differently. Patty, yeah Cheetos, Girl Scout Cookies etc. Click on the little settings wheel in the lower right hand corner and turn on subtitles. How do you handle the dog ears on sock toes, i knit top down. Thanks. You now have two loops on the hook. If the workplace became more like the fellowship of the LYS, the world would be a better place indeed. Even after I log in, I do not see the ‘Save’ icon. *Repeat this step with the next stitch on the needle. #kniton. Nearly all commercial yarns are S ply. Thanks, Karen. Another awesome post which I’ll be saving because I also love channel island cast on so I’m excited to try the matching cast off. I’m so glad you liked it. Love these. Not only are these starts and finishes pretty, but they also match which brings me to . You can find Patty at her website and on Ravelry. My time is never wasted and these days my ability to concentrate on the literature is nil. Don’t try to visualize it. Making matching edges is especially important for knitting with lots of long edges, where the edges are close together: All content copyright © [email protected], TECHknitter® and TECHknitting® are Registered US Trademarks, Method 3: chained (cable) cast on matches stitch-over-stitch bind off, also known as "cable cast-on" or "knitting on", Method 4--tubular cast-on, tubular cast-off, Crochet hook chain method of provisional cast-on. What a lovely thing to say. Is this perhaps the result of your style of knitting, a photography issue, or something normal? Hi, I am unable to save any of these articles any more. Did you by any chance write out the directions? Thanks. I am a pediatrician working at a local community health center in a poor area in our inner city, so I am not as busy as my hospital/Internist/emergency room colleagues during this pandemic.

This past week we transitioned to telemedicine and there are more empty slots in the schedule and sitting waiting for walk-ins or sick appointments is just getting me restless. I just learned Icelandic bind-off which got me to thinking there must be more. Or port I think. Thank you so much for this article/tutorial – it’s exactly what I was looking for! That means the plys run in a diagonal from upper left to lower right (like an S). Attachment The maximum upload file size: 12 MB.You can upload: image.Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded. Asking for a friend.

The BEST way to attach lining fabric to knitting--the OVERCAST STITCH (part 5 of "hand sewing for hand knitters"), Slip stitch surface decoration: Fake Latvian Braid, Adding a new ball of yarn in the same color, Taming long floats via the STUART method for color-knitting, Curling scarf rescue mission--part one: the problem and the solutions which DON'T work, An easier way to Kitchener Stitch (also called "grafting seams" or "weaving seams"). So there you go. And your response to our Baltimore knitter was lovely. In fact I teach two different cast-on and bind-off classes, and they both feature matching edges. Very helpful! I also knit or spin while reading at work. So I decided to lick the Cheetos dust off my fingers, finish that bottle of wine, and give it a try. My big dilemma: Is it appropriate/acceptable/OK to be knitting while in my office while just waiting for the patients to come? That’s the nicest thing anyone’s every said to me!

Sign up now to receive 10% off your next order in the MDK Shop! So without further ado, I present to you, here for the first time ever, the first of two Quarantine cast-on/bind-off “unventions”—the Icelandic Cast-On: The first of two, you ask? Patty, maybe my eyesight is going, but when I look at your two purple swatches, I see a half-V + straight line for each stitch — \l — instead of a balanced V. The result is obvious lines up and down the fabric. Sign up for our weekly newsletter full of MDK fun, and you'll save 10% on your next order. Ask Patty: Moving Stitches and Untwisting Cast-ons, Oh My!

It will help her and everyone she meets; what a stressful job she has. Other times, it's not so important to have a matching cast-on, and it would probably be better to match the edge to the fabric where you're binding off or casting on. Thank you so much! I use it a lot. Hi Patty, I always learn something new from your articles and find your instructions easy to follow.

Some are simple, like casting on in pattern and binding off in pattern as below. Thanks for your wise words and warm regards. 3) Should the Cast on and Bind Off Edge Match Is there a video that goes with the double crochet bind off? I’ve tried all day to get the rhythm of the Channel Island bind off….and it just eludes me.

It’s what I do when I go to the hospital and a few times the healthcare workers have pulled out their knitting and we’ve had a great discussion about it. It just goes to show you that with perseverance, patience, and copious amounts of junk food, there is nothing we can’t tackle. There are some variations of picot bind-offs, but I’ve found them to be too picoty (that’s a word) or to take too many steps to remember. And once they’re used to you doing charity knitting they assume everything you knit is charity knitting, so you can do your personal knitting without a problem.


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