betsy woodruff jaw
John Heilman is a panelist on Nicole’s show and the Wu-Tang Clan sticker on his laptop is prominently visible every time the camera cuts to him.

But I guess she still takes credit for creating it? I wish some of my fav commentators (Ana Navarro, Laura Coates) would go to MSNBC.

There's nothing about her they can relate to.

Lara Yunaska. WEHT the blonde British correspondent who was attacked by the crowd during the Arab Spring uprising? There was a queen on CBS last night - sorry wrong network but worth mentioning- his name is Erol Barnett. And Jonathan Swan, beautiful though he may be, needs to lay off the muscle-building.

Chuck Todd gets dragged on Twitter for disrespecting Good Friday of all things. r423 she is top MSNBC, but also beating poor Hannity most nights. Wonder if it's the nature of their relationship, or Joe simply can't let a woman speak without talking over her. What an ignorant asshole this guy is.

They're remarkable. She looks amazing.

Is he gay?

I flip the channel when her icky brit accent pops up on M joe. It should be noted that Craig Melvin uses the noun "Democrat" instead of the adjective "Democratic." She spent her first two years of college working at the National Review Institute.

Kinda like how the gays took back the word Queer—it’s no longer an insult. When I turn over to CNN, there is little energy.

I admire her for taking a a job that lets her get her kids off to school before work and be home late afternoon before them.

R421 As much as I love Maddow, and I hate to burst your bubble, I think you're mistaken. [quote]Mark Halperin, for all his many faults, was the better reporter, writer, and speaker. Fillers in the chin will help visually balance the chin and it does not require surgery.

He irritates the hell out of me with his gran mal gestures and excitable chatting.

He ended up spitting the pen out on the floor because he just HAD to tell the viewers the updated voting numbers.

Benedetti now sports a buzz cut so he looks far hotter than r87's photo. Stormy's lawyer and Danny C should have anal receptive intercourse. adam, my holes belong to you, and my passion for ur blondness only grows... as does my cock. You don't mind, do you? That was not dirt on Ari's shirt collar. Saying "Democrat Senator" or "Democrat candidate" is not the same problem.

I wish a lot of the women would study it and emulate it. Steve K had been up all all night and then was on MSNBC early Wednesday morning, having trouble with the smartboard. I feel sorry for people like R427/R428 who have such limited attention spans that a five minute explanation of the background to a story, which I find often the most informational and interesting part of the show. She's #1! Therefore, convincing. I’ll take Craig Melvin’s “I don’t know too much about this issue” appriach over Chuck Know-It-All Todd. Craig Melvin's voice is annoying as fuck and he's too shallow.

Betsy has two siblings – Chris Woodruff, who works as the Executive Director of Life Raft International, and Jane Woodruff, who is employed at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Please complete the process by verifying your email address.

You must be lying. Friday is the second hardest day of the week to solve (Saturday is the hardest). <3. I suspect he already did but Hannity turned him down.

", And Chuck was like he just got an epiphany. Dana Bash was also married to John King. I still don't think a lot of you are getting my point.

The best hosts are people like Brian Wilson who clearly listen and respond appropriately to each guest, directing questions not in the order they're displayed on the screen, but as it fits their area of interest. I would not dye my hair, but then I am not an MSNBC celebrity so there you are. Andrea Mitchell is starting to speak in Liza style word salads. Sam Stein and Peter Baker are totes adorbs. They're really discolored.

I think for most Gays, it’s still an insult.

Sam Nunberg (that crazy former Trump campaign aid who's been on Ari's show) is now having a major meltdown because he's 1 of the people announced today who has to turn over his contacts with certain Trump associates & Trump himself. But she's better than sandpaper-voiced airhead Craig Melvin.

I'm glad he had that melt down no matter how complicit he is. R43 This is kind of off topic, (and should be in the political thread), but I'm also glad they brought back Lizza. It’s so hard to follow Joe.

If you want the bone centered the chin will have to be cut horizontally and slid to your right. Very two-face. I don't think I've ever seen him smile. I thought the same thing about Mika this week.

luv adam kinzinger. If MSNBC would allow it, letting Pat Buchanan come back every now and then would be fun. Love Josh Earnest but please tell me that's not a wig. And fans of Hannity are as likely to switch over to Rachel as Deplorables are as likely to...well, any number of things. I love him, any tuesday night there's an election to report. Nobody should be surprised that he regularly drops rap references... it's totally authentic. By the way, Danny Cevallos is hot. [quote] R176: Kinda like how the gays took back the word Queer—it’s no longer an insult. Second, why take a tremendous pay cut? Or the Democratic National Convention? I'm late to discover that MSNBC got hot new blood to host the afternoon Saturday shows. Wait, was R481 pulling our leg? Awkward!

Here's the clip of him on AC360. Is Danny new to MSNBC? Excellent and a very common question. Rachel loses viewers to CNN. Why don't we ever talk about Erin Burnett?

I have become aware of the fact that my chin is skewed to the left and it seems to have dragged my jaw line and face along with it. There was no question he had to leave when it became obvious it was true.

This new daytime stud is sexy as fuck. He used to be one of the regulars, and was on like twice a week at least. And for those we can't reach, we start bombarding his advertisers with protests and letters in an effort to get Shammity taken off the air.

Even though she's at CNN I'd like to mention Dana Bash who has the same stuttering/doddering problem as Andrea Mitchell. No inside info, but if I had to place a long outside bet: Chris Matthews takes "Hardball" to a once weekly pre-taped show, probably Friday or Sunday nights, and becomes their "chief senior political analyst" or whatever, with as many appearances as he wants per week for however long.

Joy Reid and Lawrence do this well too, but not as intensely as Chris Hayes. used to be a champion wrestler. What color are his eyes?

he mounted her and tried to cum, but she had to get on her knees and blow him, It was not a nightmare but close...Willy was nowhere to be found.

Sorry if he's been mentioned in the other threads. Yes, Clint looked super handsome with his sun tan and very stylish I must say.

The DLer who said he'd fucked Josh Barro needs to come back and give the rest of us details! It isn’t fun to suffer douche chills when watching the news.

I would love to be the bartender in Rachel Maddow's production office right now. Love the idea of a Nicolle-Rachel-Lawrence lineup from 8 til 11. It was bizarre but hilarious, They should shoot him up with some tranquilizers before he goes on, Just now a GOPer was saying about Trump: Let's look at things from his POV, he's doing great by the metrics he is using - the Dow, jobs numbers, etc.

Which of the WaPo guys trained as a figure skater as a kid? You can see her "facelift ears" sewn to her face in front of the jawline. Anybody catch Lawrence tonight? As a top, I just go crazy for Ken Vogel. They may be a couple, but it does not translate well to co-anchoring a TV show! What’s he going to do?

Am I the only one who can't stand Stepanie Rhule? The younger reporters playing at host seem to do this more - Kristen Welk, Katy Tur, Steve Kornaki, etc. I think he's from Seattle so I'm surprised his parents had one.

Richard Lui is a DILF, but is much shorter in person. CPILF.

ugh Rachel is off tonight and there will be another Richard Engel special. She looks great.

Damn he's hot! I had a brilliant history prof when I was 20 who at least twice my age, and he looked a bit like Meachum (longer hair, but same style, it was the early 90s). Do anchors and staff need to sleep in the building during a storm? I was wondering about Robert Costa. When I heard Jeb Bush say that Citizens United should be repelled, I literally stopped in my tracks. The same guy blamed Democrats for the House Intelligence Russia Investigation failures equally. He really gets on my nerves and is hard on the eyeballs. Heidi Przybyla is a babe and hates Trump - my kind of gal. He’s so tough -- let’s see what they do.

I guarantee that Mika is working behind the scenes to ensure that she remains the only hot piece of female ass on the show. omfg why is Scaramucci STILL appearing on tv?

Ari has to be thrilled. Ari's touch of gray in his hair is a nice. He needs to relax just a little, maybe develop a sense of humor. I have had enough Jennifer Rubin to last me for awhile. Lol derail. It's a bigger procedure but will give you permanent correction. When? So he wants people to go out and defend him in the media.

In 2015, she finally joined The Daily Beast, where she covers a wide range of topics from pop culture to politics, earning her the title of being one of the most well-known names in the political field.

He speaks good English but with a heavy Russian accent. Eli Stokols does seem very aggressive. Ari's show is good but his rap quotes kind of derail the seriousness of his topic. Fox fills their time the other 23 hours with just as much lies and bullshit.

I find her unpleasant to watch and listen to, and she's not particularly insightful. He's yummy, and also has interesting things to say, for all unfamiliar with Russian politics.


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