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Cash (Cash), I made that shit fast (I made that shit fast) Sleepin' in them cells scary I pledge get rich or die tryin', I ain't know nothin' 'bout American flags (Uh) Amiri's with knots/I ain't hard to find, all you … I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock, though (Blaow) Cops still blazin' us Used to post up with some killers, my hat to the side, we ain't wearin' no rags (Oh my God, what is this? While much of the project finds G Herbo getting loose, Swervo also includes a few moments of clarity, particularly on "Letter," on which he addresses his newborn son, and "Focus," a deep cut detailing his present state of mind and the urgency that fuels his independent grind. I was on death row

[Verse] We got real guns in this bitch. Seen 'em kill (Fuck that) I got a story to tell you, a memory vivid with niggas that died I done seen a mil', damn They ain't know how to chill, damn Cop hatin', opp slayin', rock slanger Cop hatin', opp slayin', rock slanger [Intro: G Herbo & Future] Fuck around, spend my last Violator, neighbors, everybody racist Now I'm back in my bag (Yeah) I had to get the A vibe real quick, man But that ho so fine, it don't make me nothin' [Chorus] In the field (Uh), ain't know how to feel Shit you doin' ain't fazin' us, I used to sleep in the bed with my brothers at night, but we ain't no fags. Real thugs in here, we off real drugs in this bitch. They'll kill me voluntary, that's why everybody carry So if I text "Outside", come outside how I tell her (Bitch)

[Verse 2] When you gon' start back tazin' us? [Chorus] Summertime like the hood havin' curses (Havin' curses) [Verse 2] Herbo really quiet, I get loud 'bout my cheddar tho' (Uh) (Who you workin' for?) [Pre-Chorus] Malice and betrayal, jail, or how should I die? Couple opps ain't survive out them surgeries, uh XXL sifted through the album to handpick 20 of the best lyrics from the project. I just freestyle off the top, bro. [Pre-Chorus] I was just tweaking on the money. When you gon' start back tazin' us? I can tell you what I'm worth, or you can search it, though [Chorus] An L beat?)

All that dumb shit I did really wasn't worth it, though (Huh) I respect you don't address me like I'm anyone (Swear) Gangbangin Lyrics: Cash (Cash), I made that shit fast (I made that shit fast) / Fuck around, spend my last / Now I'm back in my bag (Yeah) / I pulled up in some shit with a cat on the side, but it Largely produced by Southside, Swervo finds G Herbo taking a break from the soul-stirring testimonials of Humble Beast, instead revisiting his drill roots—there's plenty of tough talk and gun smoke to go around. Chain swangin', Glock hangin', watch blingin' (Ayy, ayy) G Herbo and Southside I ain't never met Snoop, I ain't never met Suge Yet after a few delays and false starts, the two artists have delivered upon their promise, packaging 14 new songs with Swervo, one of the summer's premier rap releases. Still gotta slide in my ride with a fifty drum Nigga living like a thug like I'm Pac, though (I'm Pac, nigga) City bad but my block was like the worstest, though (Like the worstest) You was drillin', now you squealin' 'fore you chin a bid (You a pussy) "Iced up, am I not? Just tweaking about money shit, man. Wanted mama on my side, had to let her know (Swear) (Yeah) Gangbangin', gangbangin', gangbangin', gangbangin' Really was outside on the nine with Berettas, oh

I knew I could hit my cuz for that Glock, though (For that Glock, nigga) —G Herbo, "Seen what happened to that boy, I had to pour a four/Deuces wasn't doing shit for me no more, I had to pour a four/Sodas and juices wasn't doing shit for me no more/I had to pour up raw/That shit get the best of me and I be riding snoring/Wake up, think 'bout my dawgs, next thing I know I'm dropping some more/I was 18, riding foreigns, bonjour/Fucking cougars, would've tried to put this dick in some more/Still was fucking bitches my age, might've put dick in your daughter/Some days was broke as fuck, no homo, had my dick in the floor" —G Herbo, "If you a real live gangsta-ass nigga, throw your shit up/Give a fuck 'bout where you from, all them trill niggas with us/Everybody got a gun, pussies still will get hit up/And I'm still with that shit, just be chill tryna fill up/Got that 40 riding E all in the field, need a fill up/And I'm really chasing mill's, nigga, I'm just being real/Everybody running wild now, I'm just being still/Unless I'm still on the road or I'm still gone off a pill" —G Herbo, "In the yo with Slime and Vert, we throwing B's/Last night left out AOD, we was throwing G's/Soon as I did the walk through, bought some extra P's/Then I cleared the new check, iced my neck with V's/Fuck two bitches myself, one I think Japanese/Can't pop off 'bout myself 'cause you clap the G's/Pieces out the Goyard store, bought racks for me/I can't pop out no where under 10 racks for free" —G Herbo, "Walk inside that lawyer office with 100 sticks/Told him that I want all of my fucking royalties/Might as well call me tall 'cause you not shortin' shit/Pablo Escobar, so for real/Five diamonds in that tag on the lear/So my diamonds light brown like beer" —Young Thug, "Honestly when I was broke as fuck, you ain't notice me/You thought days I was posted up at the county jail where I'm 'posed to be/Now young nigga eating overly/I got hunnids old as trees/And money don't grow on trees/But I'm gon' blow it like leaves" —G Herbo, "Ain't gotta tote gas on Essex again/Lord sent a blessing, amen/Mama ain't stressing, amen/Put family first as long they do the best that they can/Just watch for the snakes, everybody that hate, wanna smile in yo face and watch what you make/Just 'cause you born great, in the womb eating steak/High seats in the Wraith and estates/Yeah, I bought yo mama a Range, 90K/I bought my mama a Benz, 60K/Just got pulled over in that Bentley today/Police trying to talk to me, ain't nothing to say" —G Herbo, "Woofin, got whacked you embarrassed, huh?/Pussy you act like you scared of somethin'/Gon' and shoot up the terrorists/Then they gon' realize it's serious/I ain't even on that, period/I'm makin' millions, I'm serious/That money come in various/Can't count it, I get delirious/I bought my mama a mansion/So I can't trip over materials/But I'm still dipped in that fashion/Know I stay drippin', that's period" —G Herbo, See 20 of Your Favorite Rappers Naming Their Favorite Rappers, Jeffrey Epstein's Infamous Palm Beach House Set for Demolition, Trump Takes Shots at Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi and Jay-Z in Pennsylvania, Julianne Hough Files for Divorce from Brooks Laich, Father of Man Killed by Kyle Rittenhouse Calls His Son a Hero, Slams Trump, Farrah Abraham Off Probation Stemming from Beverly Hills Hotel Incident, White House Barriers, Walls Go Up Before Election Day, Ahmaud Arbery Murder Suspect Pushing Bond Cites George Floyd, Breonna Taylo…, 'LeBron James Sucks' Chant Breaks Out at Trump Campaign Rally, Tr…, Amber Heard Probably Didn't Poop in Johnny Depp's Bed, Judge Rule….


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