best canned margarita

The more you know!Reed's is my go-to when it comes to ginger beer, so it makes sense that they'd get into the canned cocktail with their own readymade version of a classic mule. I love the sweetness of their tropical mango flavor, which tastes fresh and fruit-forward. On the contrary, the key lime concentrate, the core ingredient here, pops with a freshness and tartness that will complement any tequila. And while the drink's history is compelling, what's even more compelling is Slow & Low's taste, which balances a slight kiss of sweetness from raw honey, a zesty citrus bite from navel oranges, and boozy rye that's great poured over ice or paired with a cold beer as a shot. Traditionally made with London dry gin, citrus, and berries, the Bramble cocktail is both juicy and refreshing. Between the neon red color and the mini Cuervo-shaped plastic bottle (it also comes in a can, but we’ve found it more often in the mini bottle), the packaging is doing no favors for this prepackaged booze—all of which makes the shockingly refreshing flavor all the better. To add a spicy kick to your margarita, consider using Hella Cocktail Co.’s habanero-infused mixer. Loverboy is supposedly affiliated with a Bravo television show, according to my wife. When I first cracked open a can of JuneShine, my wife was quick to ask, "Isn't that the Instagram hard kombucha?" We could easily down a six-pack of these over a long beach day. ... (Margarita) Lee Breslouer “It’s like Countrytime Lemonade on the nose, and I appreciate that it finishes clean.” — Pryor “All those people who say they don’t want anything too sweet, this is for them. Onda's sophisticated exterior matches its elevated interior, which is a light, refreshing sparkling tequila. Thanks to the wide range of options—mules, margs, rum punches, G&Ts, sparkling tequilas, spritzes, and so much more—canned cocktails aren't just a summer fad, similarly to how 2019's so-called "Summer of Hard Seltzer" never really ended. I've long shunned pre-made marg mixes for their sugariness and overwhelming sense of artificiality and I was prepared to write off Cutwater's canned version for the same reasons. At the time, vodka wasn't super popular in the United States and a bar owner named Jack Morgan was having trouble getting rid of an overzealous ginger beer order.

It's a wonderful choice if you're day-drinking, and is a fine substitute for your standard brunch cocktails. While not marketed as such, this is essentially a canned Old Fashioned, and it’s a delicious one at that. This fruity take on the Bourbon Smash is an outlier: Most of the canned cocktails on the market use lighter spirits, such as tequila, vodka, or gin as their base alcohol, and those that do include whiskey lean toward a spirits-forward profile. There's a special place in my heart for Devils Backbone, a craft brewery that made some of my favorite beers when I was a college student in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Also, with [gestures at world] happening every day, you might want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the end of an exhausting day and not feel like adding home bartending to the list of tasks you need to complete. The big difference? Fresh clementine character flows through this hard soda, with waxy notes that are balanced out by refreshing bursts of sweet fruit juice. You'd be forgiven for not wanting to lug a bottle of bourbon, a bottle of bitters, a sugar cube, ice cubes, an orange, a peeler, and rocks glasses to a socially-distanced picnic or beach hangout. What matters to me is how these canned cocktails taste, and I'm pleased to report that this spritz tastes capital-G Good. And as the list of choices grows longer and longer, we'd like to raise a glass—er, can—to the very best canned cocktails currently on the market. Note to all canned cocktail makers: If you want to instantly improve the drinking experience, add bubbles. They just don’t really taste like Margaritas, per se. It’s not overly complicated, as it's made with just four organic ingredients: agave nectar, lime juice, filtered water and vitamin C. Plus, the mixer is shelf-stable and has only 68 calories per serving. grew as a whole by 80% from April 2019 to April 2020, 2019's so-called "Summer of Hard Seltzer" never really ended, The 15 Best Body Washes for Men to Smell Great, The 10 Best Cocktail Kits You Can Buy Right Now, The 15 Best Haircuts for Black Men to Try Now, 15 Cool Hats That Won’t Make You Sweat This Season, 15 Really Good White T-Shirts You Need This Spring. Plus it clocks in at 12-percent ABV, which is a heck of a lot of bang for something that looks like it should be enjoyed at soccer practice.

And while yes, it's an easy cocktail to make it home, if you're craving its not-too-sweet-but-not-too-citrusy goodness when you're away from your liquor cabinet, this canned version from cachaça GOATs Novo Fogo offers exceptional portability.

Blue Marble encourages drinkers to “pour over ice” on the packaging for this drink, and we agree that this Cosmo definitely benefits from the extra chill and even the slight dilution of a cube or two. They also make a few other cocktails—the Orange Smash is also delicious—that you'll want to pack away for your upcoming camping trip. Bravazzi’s entire lineup is incredibly crushable and the alcohol in each can is all but undetectable — this is a good thing, as long as you’re keeping count. Give this mixer a try using some of the brand's blanco, or any tequila you prefer. Yet the vodka soda is indeed a cocktail, and this version is as good as it gets in canned form. With a finish that lasts eons, the Cutwater Marg is worth your full attention.

You will actively be improving the moods of so many disgruntled golfers. The profile of tequila shines through on the nose and palate, but without the boozy kick that recalls one too many shots during college. Quick cocktail history lesson: The mule was invented in the early '40s in Los Angeles. We love the added bubbles for a lighter canned cocktail option.

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