benelli m4 reliability

This gun uses what Benelli calls the Auto Regulating Gas Operated system or ARGO.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Benelli M2 as a competition or sporting gun. Coming in a wide range of configurations, the Benelli M2 has a tactical model, field gun, a 3 Gun, a waterfowl and turkey performance shooter. Interestingly, your choice of the cartridge will determine the task your Benelli can perform. Some people claim that there are only four configurations, mistaking this with the standards on all Benelli M4s.

system eliminates the more complicated linkages and heavier parts of other semi-auto shotgun designs.

Holosun vs Sig Romeo 5 – Which is Better? In comparing the Benelli M2 vs M4, their operating system is one of their main differences. With this, the M4 Benelli takes another win.

Unlike the M2 which is the cheapest of Benelli shotguns, the M4 is the priciest.

The M4 Benelli is paramount in semi-auto reliability because it runs on a dual short-stroke gas piston system that is virtually bomb-proof.

It allows an operator to exchange the various assembly groups (barrel, buttstock, forearm, etc...) without the use of tools.

It can reliably function for at least 25,000 rounds without replacement of any major parts. A predator designed for reliability, comfort, and versatility, the Benelli M2 is a semi-automatic shotgun that stands out in any version.

If you’re looking for more ergonomic rifles, check this Daniel Defense & LWRC comparison here. In response to the request, Benelli Armi SpA of Urbino, Italy designed and built the Benelli M4 Super 90 Combat Shotgun. Benelli Tactical manages the sales of all Benelli tactical shotguns to law enforcement, government, and military entities.

The Benelli M2 is the lightest, weighing in at 6.7 pounds. For the average Joe, the Benelli M4 is the most reliable and cleanest-running gas gun available on the retail market. Its function is designed around an entirely new method called the "auto regulating gas operated" (ARGO) system.

Item #11707: M4 Tactical - Black Synthetic stock finish - Pistol grip - 12 gauge - 11707 (16.18 MB) In the News Ballistic Magazine Names Benelli M4 H2O Tactical as 2019 Best Semi-Auto Shotgun Articles with dead external links from November 2014, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2014, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,,, "AusTender: Contract Notice View - CN192892",

Know more about scopes in this Vortex vs Nikon article. The Benelli M4 is a gas-operated 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun which is perfect for tactical use.

We, therefore, concluded that inertia guns run well, kick a bit more, and are lighter. One of the features that beat its counterpart in my Benelli M2 vs. M4 comparison is the optics. It has an auto-regulating gas system that handles field loads to hard-hitting 3 inches buckshot without adjustments.

Bringing Fresh Shotgun Innovation to the Arms Market, Inertia Driven Recoil System with Tight Tolerances, Benefits of the Inertia Driven System Aside From Reload Speed, The Semi-Automatic Benelli M2’s Taste for the Hunt, Beneath the Hood of the Benelli M2 vs. M4, The Benelli M4, the Pinnacle of Tactical Shotgun Innovation, The Final Round for Benelli M2 vs. M4 Shotguns, the Inertia Driven recoil system capitalizes on the shot energy, barrel length that reflects the range you are targeting, he secure attachment of the barrel to its receiver, the most reliable and cleanest-running gas gun available, purposefully built tactical and HD shotgun.

We're proud this shotgun sets the standard for the military shotgun excellence, unrelenting performance and exceptional reliability.

The M4 is also available with a fixed stock (pistol grip and semi-pistol grip styles are both available). When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you.

Since both run 100% accurate with slugs, the result is a draw. One, in particular, Giovanni believed that the future of shotguns was in semi-automatic configurations. You can choose any 12 gauge shell to shoot with a shotgun in this system.

Two pistons directly impact the bolt, giving a simpler, lighter mechanism with cleaner gas and less fouling. Benelli Tactical is a division of Beretta's Law Enforcement (LE) division.


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