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The 37-year-old had been brought up in a military family and said he believed Britain was noble. He said the comments threaten democracy and that the military has no excuses for declining to investigate. The Americans would talk to the Iraqis as if they were stupid and these weren't isolated cases, this was from the top down. We had replaced Saddam [Hussein] with us. 'I didn't join the British Army to conduct American foreign policy', 'Daily Telegraph', 12 March 2006. “Any men we found of military age were detained, whether we were looking for them or not. On leaving the British Army he was employed briefly in corporate security work, before becoming involved in anti-war activism. I can remember coming in off one operation which took place outside Baghdad, where we had detained some civilians who were clearly not insurgents, they were innocent people. I couldn't understand why we had done this, so I said to my troop commander 'would we have behaved in the same way in the Balkans or Northern Ireland?' “A true believer… I saw going to war and being a British soldier as the highest ideal one could achieve.”. Commenting in similar vein to another former British SAS soldier,[3] Griffin also gives his account of how the Americans view Iraqis: As far as the Americans were concerned, the Iraqi people were sub-human, untermenschen. The Americans had a well-deserved reputation for being trigger happy. [1] He expected to be court-martialled, but was instead let go with a glowing testimonial from his commanding officer. Ben Griffin said he quit … Related: Hundreds of Welsh forces veterans sleeping rough on the streets.

This website uses cookies. As far as I was concerned that meant that because these people were a different colour or a different religion, they didn't count as much. "[4], The events that Griffin witnessed in Iraq, and in particular the conduct of US forces, led him to decide not to return there. You could almost split the Americans into two groups: ones who were complete crusaders, intent on killing Iraqis, and the others who were in Iraq because the Army was going to pay their college fees. VFP UK was founded in 2011 and works to influence the foreign and defence policy of the UK for the larger purpose of world peace. strongly advising against enlisting in HM Forces. “I was a model soldier, a top recruit, and was promoted very early,” said Ben, who grew up in Machynlleth.

“You can’t put a maverick in charge of a country’s security.”.

Then you start to look back on the things that you were involved in with different eyes. He later cited concerns about the occupation demeanor towards the local population of United States Army units of 'Multi-National Force - Iraq' that he was working with, accusing them of being "trigger happy" compared with British Army's fire discipline, overtly racially prejudiced,[3] and morally objected to detainees that his Squadron were responsible for locating and arresting being handed over to United States Army custody, in which he believed they were being physically abused in pursuance of information.

Birth name: Benjamin Griffin: Born: 1977 London, United Kingdom: Service/ branch: British Army: Years of service: 1997-2005: Wars: Iraq War Early life. [3], Griffin started Veterans for Peace UK after a chance meeting with a member of Veterans for Peace in a London bookshop. The ex-IRA participants expressed in return a new understanding of the "programming" that the Veterans for Peace representatives had explained they had been subjected to in the British Army, but stated they shared no reciprocal regrets about their own activities in the conflict. “I thought I would go to prison, but I was discharged from the Army with no sanction. Other sources, including Griffin himself, contradicted this saying that the action was a politically motivated attempt to silence his criticism at a [politically] sensitive time. Subscribe to RT newsletter to get stories the mainstream media won’t tell you. Griffin was born in 1977 in London, England, to a family with military connections. "[1], Despite his expectation that he would be arrested, labelled a coward, court-martialed and imprisoned he was allowed to leave the Army with his military record intact. 'The Making of a Modern British Soldier', speech by Griffin at the Kingston-upon-Thames Quaker Centre, October 2015. There are 300+ professionals named "Ben Griffin", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. “Add the chaos, the irrationality and the immorality of warfare on top, and people are going to be affected by what’s happened. The chairman of the foreign affairs select committee, Labour MP Mike Gapes, accused the US of lying to the British government.[5].

RT. 'Ex-SAS soldier blasts Poppy Appeal as a 'political tool', 'Wales Online', 7 November 2010. '2, Military Career, Iraq and decision to leave the Army, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, "Veterans join Occupy protest as St Paul's canon shows support",, "SAS soldier quits Army in disgust at 'illegal' American tactics in Iraq",, "'I didn't join the British Army to conduct American foreign policy'",, "The fatal divide at the heart of the Coalition",, "'SAS soldier leaves army over 'illegal' Iraq war'",,, "'Former SAS soldier blows apart Miliband denial of UK torture involvement'",,,, If we stopped burning petrol tomorrow the world would still heat up for 20 or 30 years.

The question of how to respond to the horrors wrought by modern conflict is one that a former SAS trooper, Ben Griffin, has been grappling with ever since he left the military in 2005. 'Ex-SAS soldier blasts Poppy Appeal as a 'political tool', 'Wales Online', 7 November 2010.


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