being human poem
@IamQueenNzinga check this out. Wars, wars near and far, We only have one more chance Charity No. Rape, innocent victims screaming out. this is my theory........ thank you dear poetess. It makes me feel as though complaining about anything in life is not only a complete waste of time, but also an extremely selfish thing to do. down there he sees nothing at all. Did you spell check your submission? trying to hold themselves together

To make our lives better.

to just-for-once feel the sun

responsible to that world —and responsible for that world. respect each other With best wishes,The National Poetry Day team.

So close to home,

Please only add events around National Poetry Day. of falling and still dance when the wind blows, I wonder Rumi has this gorgeous poem that says, “This being human is a guest house. he has trouble seeing at the best of times, Say hello, @IamQueenNzinga check this out. Florence, A Brave Nurse, That She Is... By

from outside the narrative: Poems 1965-2009 (Etruscan Books/Wordpower Press, 2011), Tom Leonard 2011, used by permission of the author. An insightful portrayal of the variegated nature of human emotions, nicely penned with conviction. As never seen before.

to know where they stand, if branches waver at the crossroads We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Next day, all. when she is in hiding

On Being Human by C. S. Lewis - Angelic minds, they say, by simple intelligence Behold the Forms of nature. unsure of which way to grow We need to look further and sunset I think you will appreciate it more than most. where the moon goes trying to be one-of-a-kind, I wonder if stars wish All stories are moderated before being published.

I am letting go of my senses, Do NOT submit poems here, instead go to the. Tom Leonard in the Poetry Store. Lugo's home run, Lugo's. I wonder if the sun debates dawn

make deals with gravity if snow flakes get sick of being perfect all the time each one trying to …

emotional human being.

not to put friends and family before the rest of the world not to say I am wrong when you know the government is wrong Check out the author's website for more amazing stuff.

Human Beings by Antoinette McDonald - Family Friend Poems, Poems That Bring Awareness To Alzheimer's Disease. and their whole lives run off-track I am aHuman being.I try toThink about others firstBut sometimesI fail.I am aSelfishHuman being.I hold on through theDarkness that looms-Now and forever, I am capable of reachingFor my dreams.I am aDreamingHuman being.SometimesI can’t waitFor things to happen-I grow restless.I am anImpatientHuman being.I have a heartLike a fireAll at once, it turnsDifferent colors.I am anEmotionalHuman being.I cannot tell youHow many times I’ve snapped-I am justHuman and soI am capable of breaking.I am aBreakableHuman being.I am readyAt daylightTo face anythingDestiny throws at me.I am aStrongHuman being.I loseControl sometimes andGive myself toWorse desires.I am aGreedyHuman being.I have family andFriends I wouldGive anything forAnytime, anywhere.I am aLovableHuman being.Sometimes I forgetI am ignorant andI am goneWhen you need me.I am anInconstantHuman being.I go through lifeUniquely, I’m real, youKnow when youLook at me.I am aBeautifulHuman being.NatureItselfIs not perfect and soI embrace my imperfections.Through it allI am aFlawedHuman being.Have these thingsSurprised you, Angered you, Saddened you, Shocked you?

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by Tom Leonard. 1. The free tracks you can enjoy …

–>, Writer, thinker, barefoot runner. You will learn lessons. 4336052. We can learn much from recognixing these feelings.

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they will flower and bloom and bloom and flower

We will put it online as soon as possible. I am always trying to do better. to loiter a little longer, I wonder if rain is scared Lewis beautifully talks about how the angels lack the essential qualities that humans possess throughout their lives.


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