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Funnily enough, I just finished Antonia Fraser’s “The Journey” so the timing for Marie Antoinette was perfect.

It was located North of Tapo Canyon Blvd, but is now gone; it was destroyed by one fo the many California wild fires about 5 years ago. In 2013, patients in Michigan thought Farid Fata was that doctor.

I am walking my way into shape and when I’m listening to your podcast, I don’t want the walk to end. Dr. James Barry (Margaret Ann Bulkley) In the …

, Thanks for the suggestion!

Ur email doesn’t work also Secondly, our goal is to introduce you to female characters in history, factual or fictional via our podcast and shownotes. Thanks for all the effort you put into program and links! Click the tasteful DONATE button to your right and help us defray our expenses, enter our Zazzle store through the link on the right or frequent the very smart companies that sponsor our show. Done, done and done. We can do that! (Be kind if we are a little late, we’re still juggling day jobs and our shows are very research heavy, and The Recappery is currently on hiatus.).

The Laura Ingalls Wilder one has a lot of neat stuff you might enjoy! Hm, my email to you came back to me undeliverable. And you. I love learning about history from the point of view I most relate to — a woman’s. Episode 15A: Betty Crocker and our first Giveaway! Thank you, ksd! *waves* Hi, Sophia! *bang head on keyboard and wail* We have heard that before,and really are unsure as to the reason.

Right here would be fine! About an hour. Really looking forward to more of them! Can’t make promises, but that is a life that would make for a great chat! I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks while I nurse my son, and I was just updating my ipod and saw that there was a new History Chicks episode and got so excited! Also Surlalune, Wow!

women, if a we feel a collection applies.Great suggestion and we are on it! Hope you’re doing well, and I look forward to the next one! In a good way. Ok, seriously Miriam, I have never said that before in my life…I kinda like it.~ Susan, I thoroughly enjoy the podcast & LOVE your website. There is a Pinterest board for every episode and we love it when you hashtag Instagram with #historychicksfieldtrip to show off your visits to historical places! Thank you! Okay, so someone mentioned Pochantas which I think you should definitely address the Disney misinformation. Thanks for the podcast.

Go. Love to see good people succeed!

My 9 year old daughter, Sophia, LOVES your podcasts.

If someone you love is diagnosed with cancer you want them to get the best treatment from the best doctors. So when Graham approached pal Susan Vollenweider back in 2010 with the idea of doing a history-based podcast, the two set out to keep things interesting. We will ALWAYS make note if we received a complimentary item. Your Podcast is my absolute favorite. Yes, Megan it makes perfect sense! Why should I listen to a couple of chicks talk about women in history? Plan a vacation around a women that existed long before you but, for some reason, you relate to. Yee-hah!

Hope that you do as well. We’ll have another playdate next week!

the very smart companies that sponsor our show. WOW! Have you heard of Kahn Academy? We have some really great reasons for keeping our list super secret–but the main one is that we want to hear the names you all want on the list, not just agreementsas to who is already on it. The positively reviewed podcast has been described as, “historically based girl talk” but is more formally recognized as the #1 Women’s History podcast available.

Anyway, my two cents. Between his prestigious education, years of experience and pleasant bedside manner, Fata was everything you could want in a doctor. We have collections of women on our master list! Look forward to a long relationship. Several thousand years of history. I had a class on women in the 20th century (and no I did not take it to meet girls) and it was really neat because we did it by decades to see the changes. Keep up the great work. This is an area where I really don’t know a whole lot and as a student of history I am really excited to learn more. Gonna confess that I (Susan) got a D in AP history in high school–however learning for the joy of discovery is so much more enjoyable (and retain-able) as an adult.

Was absolutely in love with the show (even though it was completely historically inaccurate) Melissa Gilbert will always be “Half Pint” in my mind and Michael Landon will always be “Pa”.

The shownotes will give you a short look at the life of the person that we are discussing- basic facts and links to other sources to learn more. If you would like to be one of those sponsors, contact our friends at Wondery, you can reach them here. p.s. I found you through iTunes and I love your podcast. ( And we are selective about our advertisers–we don’t recommend anything we haven’t enjoyed ourselves.) I was able to volunteer as a Guide in 1992, and was able to see the church, schoolhouse and their home.

Mary Magdalene also. and you both. I am certain that I am not the only one. You two rock! Thanks so much for, as Abigail Adams would say, “remembering the ladies”! O-Shen, Thanks for writing! Shall spread the word. If you had been my history teachers way back when I might have learned more. Shirley Chisholm was the first black woman to run for POTUS in 1972 and the first female nominee for the Democratic party.

Both of those women are on our list for furture episodes!

We know exactly what you are talking about, and we can hear an improvement with each episode. I’m so glad itunes suggested you ladies. In the last month I have been driving over an hour once a week early in the morning.

I have a suggestion, two actually. Only my most favourite fairy tale of all time!

We would love to hear your take! Right now one of you awesome history ladies is a bit loud and the other is quiet, I find myself adjusting the volume as each of you speaks. Keep up the great work. We are just like you.

I loved history in high school and college and the teachers I loved had what you and they have in common.

I laughed especially hard when you talked about the poor family dog crossing the river, getting lost and then almost shot by Pa when he comes back – poor little puppy.

And it would be kinda boring. Don’t forget to check the Special features pages!

Those are four terrific suggestions and they have been noted! Thanks, Chris!

Because of this Susan and her husband have earned the title, Meanest Parents Ever. Thank you, Janice!

Well, here’s to lifelong learning! I still have a hard time saying her name correctly. The podcast about Marie Antoinette was VERY interesting. I just found you guys through iTunes and your podcasts are so awesome!

I love this site!

I would be interested in anything you might know about Grace O’Malley. I’ve been to the museum in S. Dakota and have seen the pageant and all of the hoopla. (We have stacks of books we weren’t all that crazy about that or didn’t tie into our subjects that we have never mentioned or promoted.)

Within two years she began her slice-of-life column in The Kansas City Star as well as co-hosting and co-writing The History Chicks Podcast with Beckett Graham.

What do you think?? We’re glad you found us! For the body of our podcasts and shownotes, we don’t take any product in exchange for a good review- ever.

Thank you, Danielle! Excellent! Love, love, love your podcasts! (And even you-yeah, you- the one Googling our names.

Hoping to hear one about Jane Austen and Abigail Adams. Also, one of our super listeners brought this to our attention recently–we have not read the book discussed in the article, but if you do, let us know what you thought! A sad story beautifully researched and written. I believe it would work even better with history, mostly because all kids like stories, especially ones with some kind of ‘ugh’ factor in them. I have always been a fan of history, especially involving women. We have been working on the audio and apologize for hurting your ears! Walker, Episode 150: Margaret Brown and the Titanic Revisited, Anniversary Edition, Episode 152: Catherine the Great *An entirely true story, Episode 153: Catherine the Great, *Part Two of an entirely true story, Episode 156: The Statue of Liberty, Revisited, Episode 159: Empress Sisi of Austria, Part One, Episode 160: Empress Elisabeth, “Sisi,” of Austria Part Two, Episode 163: Belva Lockwood and Shirley Chisholm, Revisited, Anne with an E Recap: Episode 7, Season One Finale, Schuyler Sisters with Amanda Vaill (interview), A Conversation with Carol Wallace (interview). I was wondering if you two would consider also talking about groups of women in addition to a single, powerful woman each episode? It is done conversationally and casually and soon went virual.

All of it would take more time than any of us have right now. Belva Lockwood was the first qualified woman to run for President of the United States and she did it while suffragists were still battling for the vote in 1884 and 1888. You gals rock! Part of the fun of this is that we get to learn, too!) the women of the(US)suffrage movement. I am 12 years old and every one at my school HATES history except me. Your listening, enjoying and sharing our show with your friends and family is the ultimate award for us. Good work, keep it up.

Look forward to Catherine the great and Cleopatra!

Fantastic job with this podcast. Here in the US, voting for the 2020 Presidential election has begun so we're revisiting the life of the very first woman to run for the American Presidency in 1872. I discovered you on itunes, and am fast becoming addicted! But I think looking at the lives of average women during particular time periods could also be a fascinating topic.

Sur la lune! Love it. OR email us at [email protected] It’s fun!

In 2010, frustrated with the lack of women's history programming, she created The History Chicks Podcast as a way to tell the often-overlooked stories of the women who've gone before us.

For your topic list, Elizabeth I. Allison Weir wrote a rockin’ biography of her, if you haven’t read it, I suggest it.

As for the way more interesting aspect of your note…YES! Of course we would love it if our listeners repaid the kindness by supporting them in return.


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