bdo striker succession

for selfInflicts 42 Bleeding Damage per 3 sec. You will want to aim to get the boots and gloves first. Pre-Awakening skill build – Level 55 (583 skill points): you’ve just reached level 50 or you’re still leveling, use this build to put you in the right direction of what skills you should be using.Make sure you reset your skills at level 56 though because you will need skill points for your awakening skills and will only really need the support skills from pre-awakening.

Click image below to enlargeEnd-game build [FULL AP]: linkHere is what to eventually aim for. You can also consume Martial Spirit Shards to use Flash Step when it is on cooldown without using stamina.Howling WolfPassive, Howling Wolf is a passive which gives you All Evasion Rate +10%. Challenges (Y) for Striker and Mystic classes will be progressed separately.

O'dyllita Special Attendance.

This is a non-awakening PVP grab combo to CC and damage your enemy. News Events Updates Wiki Enhance calculator.

Make sure to put Caphras stones into your equipment for extra stats.

Rage Hammer is your 200% Black Spirit Rage skill and a good skill for PVE especially when leveling to 56. If you are unable to get boss armor, then the Akum set is a good cheap alternative that will be good for both PVP and PV. no thanks. Once you reach over 261 AP (with Kutum) it is better to switch back to Kutum for PVE.

Make sure you reset your skills at level 56 though because you will need skill points for your awakening skills and will only really need the support skills from pre-awakening.

Tungrad Earrings are one of the best earrings you can get. It recovers your HP and has a lot of damage as well as Down Attack, Down Smash and Air Smash. This skill is your flow skill from Skull Crusher.

Andromeda - £5 You should focus on enhancing your weapons first and then your armor. Oasis Dream Chest, Find Your Oasis: Event 3. Flow: Deathstrike also has a strong DP debuff which you can quickly combo straight out of your awakening.Wolf’s Hunger [SHIFT] + [F]. All Rights Reserved. Below are the recommended Absolute Skills you should take: Absolute: Roaring Tiger – Requires level 59 (35 Skill Points)Absolute: Mass Destruction – Requires level 56 (10 Skill Points)Absolute: Fist of True Strength – Requires level 56 (10 Skill Points)Absolute: Massive Suppresion – Requires level 56 (17 Skill Points)Absolute: Crimson Fang – Requires level 59 (25 Skill Points)Absolute: Wolf’s Hunger – Requires level 59 (22 Skill Points)Absolute: Knee Hammer – Requires level 56 (18 Skill Points)Absolute: Rock Smash – Requires level 57 (18 Skill Points)Absolute: Twisted Collision – Requires level 57 (25 Skill Points)Absolute: Twisted Collision – Requires level 59 (40 Skill Points)Absolute: Twisted Collision – Requires level 60 (40 Skill Points), Level 56Rising Wolf Fang – Requires [Flow: Mass Destruction] and [Wolf’s Fang V]Flow: Back Step – Requires [Flow: Mass Destruction] and [Flash Step III] (Preferred Choice)Flow: Back Step is simply the better choice out of the two due to it being an additional i-frame as well as a movement speed +30% and Magic DP 15 buff (for 10 sec).Level 57Iron Fist Fury – Requires [Fist of True Strength III] and [Fist Fury IV]Perfect Blow – Requires [Fist of True Strength III] and [Knee Hammer III]. For example, [Q] means you tap Q once. This skill is taken automatically and allows you to swap between your main hand and awakening weapon. If you do already have liverto and have already invested into it, you will want to upgrade it to PRI or higher as soon as possible. Please note this event applies to raising the level of the Striker and Mystic only. tl;dr - the removal of Rage Hammer CC removed the only good thing succession have over awakening there literally is 0 sense for the flows.

for 12 sec.

You can also swap out both of the Black Magic Crystal – Precision for Crystal of Elkarr (best in slot) instead but these are very costly and harder to obtain. Aim to buy a +15 if you can to save your enhancing resources. Otherwise use Bares Necklace for 4 AP and enhance this to DUO/TRI for 8 AP/10 AP. for selfCritical Hit Rate +10% for 9 sec. This website is not affiliated with Kakao Games or Pearl Abyss.

I also highly recommend looking at as many different sources as possible and gathering as much information as you can about your class before deciding what is best for you and how you play. So the easiest way to think about what succession is, is if you’ve played any other MMO it’s a different spec for your class. Once you reach 261 AP with Nouver, you will want to stop using Kutum for PVE however, until you reach 265 AP with Kutum. Below are some examples of viable skill add-ons you can take. Flow: Skull Hammer[F] while maintaining Skull Crusher. Offhand Weapons:Leather Vambrace The Leather Vambrace is currently considered the best offhand to go with if you are a beginner, especially if you don’t have Bheg’s gloves or Liverto/Kzarka, because of it’s accuracy. If available I recommend using the Asula’s Crimon Eye Belt (Asula Set) if you are new to the game, this gives you 6 AP and has amazing set bonuses. Backflow Gardbrace Backflow Gardbrace is a blue grade weapon which is given to you when you complete the awakening quests. You should enhance it to at least +7 for leveling and then PRI or higher as soon as possible if you don’t have Liverto/Kzarka. I would not recommend starting with this build, and only trying it out yourself when your other gear is at a high enhance (at least softcap). I wouldn’t recommend leveling it up unless you already have your full build and you have spare skill points because it requires a lot of skill points and is rarely used.

This build is mostly used for node wars and siege PVP. It has a stiffness and stun effect on hit. This makes is hard to obtain and it can be more expensive to repair. Weight Limit +60 LTDamage Reduction 4Accuracy 2, Weight Limit +10 LTDamage Reduction 1Accuracy 2, Black Magic Crystal – Precision x2(weapon), Critical Hit Damge +10%, All AP +2, All Damage Reduction -2, 2 set: Critical Hit Damage +2%, Hoom 4 set – 8 Accuracy, 7% Resistance, 420 HP, 10 Damage Reduction, 8 Evasion, Max HP +150, Weight Limit +20 LT, All Damage Reduction +3, JIN Black Magic Crystal – Viper x2(gloves), Attack Speed +1, Casting Speed +1, Accuracy 20, Magic Crystal of Infinity – Precision x2(weapon), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical x2(sub-weapon), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Agility x2(helmet), Magical Crystal of Infity – Evasion x2 (chest), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Assault x2(gloves), Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness x2 (shoes), I highly recommend using BDOPLANNER.COM to help you plan your build and track your progression.

After many tests, it is confirmed that Nouver performs better than Kutum in these brackets. like why would i not want water skills and dragons? for selfInflicts 45 Pain Damage per 3 sec.

for selfInflicts 54 Pain Damge per 3 sec. Begin by getting level 4 in your main hand for the extra 4 AP. Primary Weapons:Rosar Gauntlet The Rosar Gauntlet is what you should be aiming for to level your character.

So really you’re actually losing damage overall since you won’t be hitting the enemy as much (unless they are full DR). You can also combo this skill easily with other skills such as Hidden Claw and Flow: Savage Fang, just by holding [SHIFT] + [LMB]. for target[Level 56] Spiral CannonAll Defense +10 for 10 sec. Visit Ellie’s Shop. There are a lot of choices available when it comes to accessories and it really depends on what you can get your hands on. You may want to lock your 100% rage for this skill because the 100% rage version can potentially mess up your combo. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found here,,,, Character Tag Guide – Marni’s Suspicious Device, Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide, Tips to improve your silver per hour when grinding, Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich x1, Coconut Pasta x1, Fig Pie x1 , Fruit Wine x2, Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt x1, Max HP +150, Max Stamina 200, Back Attack Damage +5% for 110 minutes, Teff Bread x4, Pickled Vegetables x2, Lion Meat x4, Nutmeg x3, Short range mobility which is useful during PVP and PVE, Adaptable to different Siege/Node war roles, 2nd grab skill (unprotected but still useful), Slow/clunky animations, easy to predict movement, Lack of long range mobility making it hard to keep up with other classes. You may want to use Red Coral Earrings or Witch’s Earrings instead but they can be quite expensive compared to the rest of the gear.Click image below to enlargeMid-tier build: linkHere is a mid-tier build to use once you have boss gear. Stalking Wolf will teleport you to your target which is useful for chasing down low HP enemies since you don’t have that much mobility, but if someone is expecting you to chase them then you can easily be stunned. for self[Level 54] Knee HammerPVP Attack +10 for 5 sec. If you are only doing tier 1 node wars for example, then it is better to stick with Kutum because the node is AP capped anyway and the extra DP can push you to a higher DP bracket.Click image below to enlargeEnd-game build [FULL DP]: linkHere is what to eventually aim for if you are going for a full DP build. This skill is one that you should proritize for leveling and you will mostly use this skill and all of it’s extensions/combos up until level 56. Try to also ultimate all your pieces as soon as possible, especially your armor because it will give quite a big DP boost.Click image below to enlargeLow-Tier build: linkHere is a low-tier build to use if you are looking to improve your gear before you get boss gear. More information about AP and DP brackers can be found hereFor PVP, it really depends. Rosar Vambrace Rosar Vambrace is the best defensive build offhand if you want to go for Full DP tank build because it has extra AP and 2 crystal slots. just bring rage hammer CC back then succession will be viable for medium range fights. Always prioritize Awakening skills before leveling your Absolute Skills. This skill will give you 3 dashes of Flash Step instead of just 1, which is a lot more mobility.

This skill makes you invincible while using the skill and is one of your main iframes.

The liverto has slightly more AP than Rosar, but it also has a Critical Hit Rate +3 item effect.

Otherwise use Bares rings for 2 AP and switch to Mark of Shadow as soon as possible for the 5 AP.Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch is also available through the Valencia part I and II quests. If available I recommend using the Asula’s Crimon Eye Earrings (Asula Set) if you are new to the game, this gives you 7 AP and also has very good set bonuses. This combo will cast Adamantine backwards whilst also keeping Forward Guard.Required skills: Massive Suppression, Roaring Tiger, Spiral Cannon, [E] > [LMB] + [RMB] > [SHIFT] + [LMB] > [E].

for self, Attack against monsters +20 for 8 sec. Recent Supporters: for selfCritical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. You can also use a TET heve and TRI Muskan’s shoes instead but Griffon’s and Urugon’s shoes are currently considered best in slot in the gear meta.Click image below to enlargeSoftcap build: linkHere is what to aim for if you are going for. Keys in round brackets () mean that you hold the key. While this list is simply for helping you choose a character based off the initial part of the game (Pre-58), we do recommend looking at how each class & spec perform in the longer-term as this part of BDO can last between a day and a week at most. This tier list is based off of player data in 3 different brackets using a Kutum off-hand to give us an accurate view of how each class/spec performs in Star’s End. You want to try to make sure you have a minimum of 300 accuracy when using Nouver. When grinding, I recommend using the Simple Cron Meal. The Striker class uses melee range punches and kicks.


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