azur lane ammo type

Weapons are often accompanied by another stat, such as Firepower, Aviation, Anti-Air, or Torpedo. If I had to rank the three ships on how good they are, I would rank Laffey as number one, Z23 second, and Javelin third. Almost all ships can be equipped with a Main Gun, although several stats must be considered in order to determine whether an item is suitable for a unit.

The VT18 has Damage Amp Skill while the VT8 has a lot of damage from 2 Airstrikes. You can use C-tier ships to progress, but when you reach later stages, you shouldn’t spend a lot of resources on them. Jack started his career as an online content creator and writer back in 2017. Note that calculated DPS values can be misleading. This makes the 138.6mm remains the best DD gun in the game. Art. Whether you’re in it for the glorious ships, the gorgeous characters, or the action-packed battles at sea, Azur Lane is a complex naval warfare mobile game that caters for all... Azur Lane is a game developed by a Chinese company and the English version is still very new. But for now here is a quick list of the best guns.

Not only does U-47 herself deal a lot of damage and is useful in that regard, but she also buffs the rest of the fleet, making her the best submarine in Azur Lane. Azur Lane – Gear Guide – How To Get, Craft & Enhance Gear. In this Azure Lane Equipment Guide for June 2020, we’ll list common recommended equipment for your ship’s roster and where to get them. The best Ammo Type for DDs is, by far, HE; as a beginner, however, you’ll take what you get. Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn quest: 5/5 explained and how to unlock Polaris Lance, Destiny 2 Machine Gun Frame quest steps: Weapon Core locations, Black Armory Crates and Powerful Enemies explained, Hackers reportedly jailbreak the Oculus Quest 2, bypassing its forced Facebook login, GTA 3 cheat codes: all cheats for PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and mobile, GTA Vice City cheat codes: all cheats for PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox and mobile, Free Fire Unlimited Health APK: All You Need to Know, How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account – Step-by-Step Guide, Risk of Rain 2 challenges: How to unlock new skills and skins. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. General Primaries. The best Ammo Types for CLs are HE and AP. Oftentimes, this will be expressed as something along the lines of 25x6, meaning that there will be 6 hits each dealing 25 base damage. Coupled with worse dispersion, this gun is a slight downgrade from it. You can freely take that damage when unable to avoid those projectiles. Therefore, we recommend you bring Enterprise on your fleet. CL Guns- Most Light Cruisers work with direct damage, as well as support abilities, rather than with proc-based buffs. You can find more details on these ships, as well as many others in the tier list below. Azur Lane Japanese Pronunciation Guide for Ships w... Azur Lane Weeaboo Pronunciation Guide for Ships wi... WHAT EQUIPMENTS SHOULD I USE IF I HAVE NOTHING BUT... Azur Lane(EN) Equipment Box Contents: WHICH BOXES ... Azur Lane Simplified AA Equipment Guide v.20180901. The rest can either be found on the map in boxes or fields. Note, ships in the D tier are still better than many ships in the game, but are D-tier compared to the ships in the list. Not all ships in Azur Lane can equip auxiliary or secondary guns, but some specific units can. The rest are not usable. Here is, in our and many other players’ opinion, the best submarine in the game.

This way, you’ll know how to prioritize between your items even before you have a shot at top-tier gear. She has excellent stats and skills to complement them. For the remaining slots, the mix and match between Triple 203 AA and Triple 203 Men is better. Yet, even though the information is readily available, it’s also fairly heavy-handed for those players who are just getting started. You’ll find even more useful advice there! Overall, the G7e with the lowest cooldown and home capability is the best of them all – it is recommended to equip all sub with that tar.

View entire discussion ( 3 comments) More posts from the AzureLane community. Monarch’s first skill, Monarch’s Coercion, gives her a 40% (70% max) chance to fire a special barrage when attacking with her main gun. The second type of attack is torpedoes and they should definitely be avoided. Lone Wolf increases your entire fleet’s damage dealt to Battleships by 5% (20% max) for the whole battle. Azur Lane Equipment Guide 2020. Normal ammo will generally deal more damage to lighter-armored enemies, except when equipped to a BB.

Large-caliber versions of both HE and AP ammo also have an area-of-effect (AoE), dealing splash damage within a certain range. You almost never want to use Normal ammo, simply because the other two varieties are much better across the board. These are the ships that you aren’t controlling in battle, only when they’ve charged up their special skills like airstrikes.

Ships that can be placed on the frontline of your fleet are known as vanguard ships. Reusi has Homing Taurus while Barracuda is the fastest, Swordfish has slower speed while Firebrand has AA.

Otherwise, when you use a CL gun as an auxiliary on a BB, for example, you can go for a high spread range to obtain a scatter shooting pattern.

Players can choose a formation before battle.

Monarch is a great addition for your fleet, and is sure to bring a lot of damage!

BlueStacks 4 is not available on Windows XP. More punishing slow reload than the other 120mm Twin. Besides Enterprise being an incredibly strong ship with great slots, skill, and stats, she is also easily obtained through new player events and the medal exchange.

Submarines are unlike backline and vanguard ships as you don’t actively control them except for in a few special stages. If you don’t have the best 2 guns then Twin 127 vanilla is preferred for DD. As such, HE ammo is much better than AP in their case. Furthermore, this skill heals any backline ship that drops to 20% health for 4% (10%) of their maximum health. If you have not yet downloaded the game, please refer to Getting Started. Her first skill, Yukikaze of Kure, reduces the damage received by the enemy backline by 3.5% (8% max) as long as Yukikaze is alive. Monarch is a powerful Battleship of Super Rare rarity from the Royal Navy. For clearing fleets, the mixed armour types of the enemies encountered means either ammo type can be viable. Spread range is simply the amount that rounds will spread, whereas range is how far a weapon can fire. This is very much based on statistics. Updated irregularly depending on my period. For instance, weapons for Heavy Cruisers can only shoot in a small frontal cone, while weapons for Destroyers can be fired at a 360 degree angle (in all directions).

Thus, he writes on a wide variety of titles. Her first skill is The Bull of Scapa Flow, which increases the damage of the next torpedo that hits a ship U-47 has just hit with a torpedo by 20% (40% max).

Along with this are RPG elements with enhancement, skill, and gear, which provide wider depth to the game. B Tier – Ships in the B-tier performs as you’d expect from powerful ships capable of taking on the strongest enemies.


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