astoria park pool death

Dimensions: 330' x 165' x 4' Pool Hours. When I left, I asked the punk in the booth if he sells this kind of lock? There is plenty of room to just sort of just float around. What a treat to have such easy access to a free, clean, huge public pool in my neighborhood! In fact, Astoria Pool is one of the leading factors for my on-and-off misanthropic adult attitude.

Cliff jumps and rope swings are now, of course, all but extinct, but diving boards, as the most controlled of the three environments and the only one presided over by lifeguards, have lingered somewhat longer than their peers. Think again.

Then, a small amount later we hear "The pool will be closing for cleaning in 10 minutes". I drafted a much longer review. The place is rather big, holds a ton of heat beaten people but is not all that crowded. You MUST bring a lock with you and it has to pass a test. Bring a lock!!!

This is hardly a new phenomenon, to be sure. Horrible...dirty...TSA-esque.

We lost our sneakers, shorts, and money.The cops did nothing and said "Don't bother filing a report. It is so art deco and fascinating.

Although widely known for its beautiful pool, the oldest and largest in the city, Astoria Park offers more than aquatic pleasures.

This is the worst pool I have ever been in my life!!! What an awful place, yes the pool is nice and its big but the staff are so horrible, they are rude and constantly shout, they really were more like prison wardens than park attendants, also you cannot bring a stroller or a baby bag, so if you have a baby forget it as it's just not feasible. It is so art deco and fascinating. Walk In Form. "An empty diving pool with a triple decker diving platform rusting above it was tactfully screened off so that the more dominant scenery we enjoyed while floating belly up was the sight of hundreds cavorting in the water under ex-large banners of the very first publicity posters for the pools. An ambitious project to transform a defunct Astoria Park diving pool into an amphitheater could begin in 18 months, with a pricetag more than four times originally envisioned. Property Type: They have lots of thinking time. The pool, just 30 feet shy of a football field's length, was constructed by the Works Progress Administration in 1936 under the directon of master builder and Parks Commissioner Robert Moses (the guy who also built the Lincoln Center, the United Nations building, the Triborough Bridge, the Henry Hudson Bridge, Jones Beach, and so on). will have space to cool off. Municipalities, fearing liability, increasingly decided to remove diving boards—both the high and the low variety—despite their enormous popularity. IT'S FREE!!! U have to buy locks and u can't bring anything into the pool only water and Towels. The "security" told us we didn't have the right lock and sent us to some booth set up outside.$7.00 later , we check our things in the locker room. It's better to not even bother bringing any valuables.2. On our level, was a rooftop terrace overlooking a, the Astoria pool!In the 5 p.m. sunlight, the eternal rectangle looked like a slice of the Caribbean sea - shallow throughout, reflecting prisms of light from a dazzling powder blue bottom.

Aquatic Park It's pretty impressive that they manage to keep it so clean, but I'm sure that's what the 1 hour break (3-4pm) is for. Find out more about our additional safety precautions, program cancellations, and potential closures before you head to a park or recreation center. Though diving boards remain, in their modesty-high form, quite popular at the few pools where they still exist: the Dapolito’s diving board often draws a line of kids and adults, according to The Times, even if, at roughly four feet above the water, derring-do is largely limited to those who attempt back flips.


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