aspirin synthesis side reactions

Assemble a Büchner funnel and filter flask as shown in the figure.   

From that structure we can begin to understand why and how chemical reactions occur. The purity of the aspirin is determined by melting point determination and infrared spectroscopy.

Acetic anhydride In this experiment, you will prepare aspirin from salicylic acid and acetic anhydride using sulfuric acid as a catalyst. Rubber Stopper (1) Your answers will help you write a short essay related to the documents -from the book japanese american internment camps by gail sakurai, 2002. side reactions of aspirin synthesis When writing about other works, it’s hard to decide when to underline or place in italics a title and when to place it in double quotations note that the bible, book of exodus, or qu’ran do not get underlined in the text of a paper a specific.            

In this reaction, the –OH on the salicylic acid acts as the alcohol and the acetic anhydride acts like a carboxylic acid. Lewis Structures, Limiting Reagent, Synthesis, Crystalization, Percent Yield, Melting Point.

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Aspirin has been used as a medicine by the ancient Greeks and the pharaohs of Egypt. Small splashes of acid may go unnoticed on your clothing until the clothing is treated with soap. Side reactions of aspirin synthesis >>> CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE Essay on reasons for attending graduate school Engineering brings together my two favorite subjects, math and science i have almost always been good at math since i was little science has.

   Determine the melting point of your aspirin sample (Your instructor will demonstrate how to use the melt-temp apparatus. Remove the flask from the water bath and slowly add ten drops of deionized water to convert any excess acetic anhydride to acetic acid.

The aspirin formed will be contaminated with acetic acid and must be purified by recrystallization.   

   These resonance forms will help you understand why a partial positive charge appears on the carbon atom in acetic anhydride and how this results in a new bond forming at that carbon.

Section III – Calculations: show your calculations for moles of salicylic acid and acetic anhydride; theoretical moles yield of aspirin; theoretical mass yield of aspirin; and percent yield of aspirin. Hot Plate


Be sure to use a water bath that is large enough for any bubbles which form in the water to easily pass around the Erlenmeyer flask you are heating.

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   Side reactions of aspirin synthesis    6. Substituting Lewis structures for molecular formulas in chemical reactions provides more information. Section IV – Evidence: attach your IR spectra; experimental and known from literature.

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   Büchner Funnel (1)

), 17. At the beginning of class heat a 400 mL beaker of water on a hot plate to 70-80 degrees at your lab bench top station. Preparing esters from an alcohol and a carboxylic acid using an acid as catalyst is one of the most useful reactions in an organic chemists toolbox. Q2: If 0.150 moles of salicylic acid and excess acetic acid are used during a synthesis of aspirin, how many grams of aspirin will be obtained if the reaction gives a 38% yield? Cool the mixture in an ice bath until recrystallization is complete.

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(Show your work). >>> CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE Add approximately 2.0 g of salicylic acid to the flask and weigh it again.

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When your aspirin is dry, record the mass of the filter paper + aspirin.

Gas building in a sealed container is the primary cause of laboratory explosions and heating the beaker to high or not providing sufficient space around the Erlenmeyer flask may produce an explosion.   

sulfuric acid. Add 5 mL (0.05 mole) of acetic anhydride, followed by 5 drops of conc.

Essays on hindi essay on fruit apple for students to reference for free father name : mrsudhakar k chaware languages known : hindi, marathi english. side reactions aspirin synthesis And one thy sixth grade essay topics of cataloging jesuss speech dictate his best argumentative essays narrative foundation, but at other.    In the fume hood, add approximately 3.5 - 4.0 mL of acetic anhydride to the flask containing the salicylic acid and stopper it.

After one year of graduate study, fellows become eligible to apply for fellows must commence graduate study in the summer or fall …    This lab involves strong acids. Record the mass to the nearest 0.01 g. 3. “the great debaters” is an inspiring story of courage, creativity and resolve debate after- movie activities and discussion topics: did the.

in printed material this may be due to space restrictions and the cost of paper. 2. Q1: Give a source of error in this experiment. Title:ap english essay questions air date: 12 hours description: the father timidly avoids confession however he is eaten alive by guilt. These are ben davis’s picks for the year’s best art essays to try to answer that question, i polled colleagues, but the final selection below is. How to write a narrative convention essay It is an ester. The aspirin is allowed to dry, weighed, and then the percent yield is calculated. C1 - Calculate the moles of each reagent and determine the limiting reagent for this reaction.

   Compare the literature melting point and infrared spectrum to the experimental and comment on the purity of your aspirin.   

   >>> CLICK HERE    After one year of graduate study, fellows become eligible to apply for fellows must commence graduate study in the summer or fall after accepting the award.


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