ap world history dbq 2017

The reference to salt (A) explains that it is imported. Questions 52 to 55 refer to the passage below. Source: Translation of the text on the Cyrus Cylinder, 539 BCE. Though Greek culture also spread into India through trade in the Bactria region, this image is unrelated to class systems (B). . When additional factors, such as epidemic disease, also played a role, as they did in the Americas, the empire-builders could sometimes briskly overthrow and replace the original political structures. endobj 5 Steps to a 5 AP World History 2017; Page 4; STEP 2. C   China abandoned exploration during the Ming Dynasty at the behest of Confucian officials so that the country could focus on protecting its borders. 0000047467 00000 n

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/TrimBox [0.0000 0.0000 612.0000 792.0000] (D)   Incorporation into world market systems. The spirits of the hills and rivers were all in tranquility; and the birds and beasts enjoyed their existence according to their nature. C   Daoism emphasizes being true to one’s inherent nature. (D)   African kings required Muslims to conform to pagan customs at court.

Not all free-response questions on this page reflect the current exam, but the question types and the topics are similar, making them a valuable resource for students. /Length 8866 /ExtGState << /GS27 29 0 R /GS28 30 0 R >> A   European merchants were indeed closely monitored and their movements restricted to specific areas and cities. 32 . Determine your areas of strength and weakness. Your teacher should also have this information. The way that he did this was by stating all three religions need to be used at once to make a perfect society.

(A)   The diffusion of cultural ideas and patterns through military conquest, (B)   The significance of trade in the weakening of class systems, (C)   The use of monumental architecture to strengthen political support, (D)   The spread of religion as a result of trade. That No One May Call a Council but the Pope. 4 . 36 . This point is not awarded for merely a phrase or a reference. /Info 8 0 R Evaluate the extent to which the processes of empire-building affected political structures in the period 1500–1900. 53 . D   Hellenistic culture involved the blending of Greek and local cultures in the wake of Alexander the Great’s conquests of Asia Minor and the Indus valley region. 13 . 32 .

/Size 37 . (C)   African nations have successfully adopted stable democratic governments. Zwingli (A), Erasmus (C), and Wycliffe (D) were all either precursors or advocates of Protestant reform. . That the Temporal Power Has no Jurisdiction over the Spirituality . . (B)   Italy resented not receiving any territories through this system. A . Yi Yin sacrificed to the former king, and presented the heir-king reverently before the shrine of his grandfather.

What was the impact of European demand for Chinese goods? She may remain in her husband’s house for forty days after his death, and within this period her dower shall be assigned to her. . (A)   The only requirement for salvation being faith, (B)   The importance of environmental stewardship, (C)   The importance of sacrifice to the gods, (D)   The emphasis on karma, or right actions, to achieve enlightenment. I have enabled all the lands to live in peace. The fall of the Han China in 220 C. E. and three centuries of political fragmentation. A   This choice describes the ruler as having heaven’s favor, which is synonymous with the Mandate of Heaven. If you not be virtuous, be it in large things or in small, it will bring the ruin of your ancestral temple.”, —Excerpted and adapted from the Shu Jing, 6th century BCE, China. Where epidemic disease was also a factor, military and colonization strategies sometimes resulted in the total destruction of previous political structures in the Americas; a combination of the three processes permitted empire-builders to gradually infiltrate, then supersede, the political structures in Asia and Africa. . The belief system of Buddhism is suffering persecution during the time of the Tang dynasty; however, a large statue of Buddha in the major Chinese city of Hangzhou (Document 7) still stands, 5 centuries after the persecution laid out in Document 6. 0000045746 00000 n (D)   The Hindu God Shiva is considered to be simultaneously the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer. stream (A)   “Seizing all peasants busy cultivating their fields”, (B)   “With orders to attack places without defenses”, (C)   “Four hundred slaves, of whom three hundred were women”, (D)   “All of you [soldiers], are summoned . Buddhism provided them with the structure they needed. C   Sacrifice, the source of creation, is mentioned throughout the passage. In the American colonies, colonists disputed the contention that Parliament had the right to impose taxes on the colonies without colonial representation in Parliament. Though the passage has references to the elements of nature (B), there is no emphasis on stewardship.

B   The encomienda system entitled Spanish conquerors to control Indian labor, and in return, the Spaniards “civilized and Christianized” natives.

Buddhism affected Chinese culture heavily in the post-classical era. Rather than perceiving the British manufactured goods as a bribe (C), the Chinese see them as a form of tribute. The stability and prosperity at the height of the Han Dynasty ensured that Buddhism held little to no appeal for native Chinese. According to the passage, what was the Chinese reaction to the British goods? -, How to Approach AP World History: Modern DBQs, How to Approach AP World History: Modern Long Essay Questions, AP World History: Modern Sample Long Essay Question. I have, in conformity without resolve, put together some few points concerning the reformation of the Christian estate, with the intent of placing the same before the Christian nobility of the German nation. of old the former kings of Xia cultivated earnestly their virtue, and then there were no calamities from Heaven. 4 . The increase in the proportion of Europeans and blacks corresponds with the Spanish overrunning the native populations and instituting plantations.


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