animal restaurant letters
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Loves going to school in the new uniform. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They're covered in spines but still want to hug everyone. Pink Piggy is always happy. Merging / adding your name to a Reported by area to make this table shorter is acceptable. Pup is a boy but Mom insists that he not cut his hair, so he looks very cute. Everyone is so tired. At the very least he could wear some clothes.

The favorite kindergarten teacher of the children. A common childhood snack, but hardly seen any more. You can obtain the required flower to attract them from the Gachapon Machine, the Mysterious Merchant, or the Wishing Well. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Bring your own stool! A list of the mementos you can find in the game that give bonuses for achieving certain milestones. These slots are probably more active than others, as they haven't got any mushrooms growing on them. Booth Owner Customers will appear at the Fishing Pond when attracted with the right type of Fish. If he breaks the tableware, make sure he pays up!

Got separated from his mother and is going around everywhere asking about her.

Often tries to blend into other's social circles. Note: Different combo of flowers to get this letter than LadyMoondust), I think you can send anything to receive this letter). There are three slots for flowers that can be added. Enjoys sleep and has a slight inferiority complex. The houses and furniture they make are all sturdy and durable. An even rarer gnome.

They're highly sociable and always go out in groups, so different from cats!

Also, i don't know if the times really work as the developers have said time doesn't matter. A little panda who enjoys traveling and adventure. Mementos are items in the game that are dropped by various customers once requirements are met and picked up by tapping them. and 'Yay, guts!'. It's not clear if slot of briefcase & level of flower matter. You don’t have to follow the wikia to the t. Tbh, I just started putting a lot of high-level flowers, especially the bluebells, to get letters.

Can you guess who this is?

They used to be farm animals, but they were abandoned because they grew too fast. Loves Chinese culture and food. save.

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Mom is a high class VIP member of the hair salon.

Be careful not to get too close though—you might get spat on! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A dinosaur that loves every second of work.

You can switch your flower garden level at any time (Note: This will wipe out any current progress you've made for flowers growing in your current garden). Has sharp little teeth that are especially good at gnawing through cables. 6 days ago. Loves staying at home. The chef doesn't like these kinds of customers. They're always chanting 'Fresh guts!' Although he is wearing a paper bag over his head, he looks really familiar! The werewolf even wear underwear. Prerequisites are either things stated by the game, or letters that you get before the combination works for you. Wearing or not wearing mementos does not impact the bonus that was received.

Looks familiar.

*Special character: special customers appear at random intervals once unlocked; they do not order food but perform certain positive or negative functions during their short stay in the restaurant.

Chef, the heavy rain broke the dam and flooded the area downstream, so I won't be able to come to the shop often these days.

Very traditional popcorn.

Perhaps only those with hearts filled with love can make delicious cotton candy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He's holding his watch like he's late for something.


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