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(rpr 4/13/12), (130) October 8, 2011 Sabbath Don't get mad, get even at the ballot box. The legal case between her and surviving Koresh loyalists is still being fought in the courts, but has taken a twist following the recent takeover of the site by Charles Pace, another Branch Davidian leader. About Amo I, Amo Paul Bishop Roden was an eye witness to the Koresh / Roden shootout of Nov. 3, 1987 and Koresh’s hostile takeover of the Branch Davidian church property on Nov. 23, 1988. Amo and George were expelled from the sect's Mount Carmel property a month after their marriage following a shootout between George and Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh). (rpr 4/17/2012), (142) December 10, 2011 Sabbath The threat to and restoration of American manufacturing.

(re-proofread 4/12/11), (18) This article discusses how to prepare to learn the song of the harpers on mount Zion with the Lamb as, (19) This article discusses the prophecies about the first end-time church in such detail that it can be, (20) This article discusses the biblical evidence of three raptures. At one… (re-proofread 4/13/2012), Why Hide Buddy Roemer? Amo Paul Bishop Roden is the former wife of George Roden, a rival of David Koresh for leadership of the Branch Davidians. (re-proofread 4/15/2012), (136) November 12, 2011 Sabbath How to take Buddy Roemer's message to the streets. (re-proofread 4/11/11), (99) April 3 and 4, 2010 Passover High Sabbath and Wave Sheaf Offering. (rpr 4/17/2012), (146) December 31, 2011 Sabbath Strategies for paying off the National Debt include legalizing the sale of, (147) January 7, 2011 Sabbath Why the super-rich owe the National Debt, etc. The Jezreel Letters, A Motive For Murder? (rpr 4/12/11), The following articles are among the easiest religious tracts on this website, but they will only be, (14) This article discusses the difference between the wise virgins who attended the wedding supper of, (15) This article discusses biblical proofs of Satan's existence, his world-wide domination, when and how. 11, 2009 MEDIUM This article explains, from the prophecies of Psalms 2 and Zechariah 3 and, (42) Passover, 2009 MEDIUM This article discusses this message as the opening of the second seal. (rpr 4/17/11), (52) Pentecost, 2009 EASY This article is written in preparation of the seventh seal message. After the 1993 fire, she attracted notice by beginning a one-woman reoccupation of the sect's Mount Carmel property. (rpr 4/18/2012), (149) February 4, 2012 Sabbath How to convert hard work and a pickup into a barter market. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (12) This article criticizes President-elect Barack Obama for his political platform and his views on the, (13) This articles illuminates the dangers of joining any religious group not protected by God. 2:34. You can help bocpages by expanding it. (85) December 26, 2009 This study blames the economic disaster of the world on Satan and his henchmen, (86) January 2, 2010 This article discusses the yardstick God has given us to evaluate new religious. (re-proofread 4/13/11), What If Christ Had Already Come As A Thief, (24) This article discusses the biblical evidence that Christ has already come “as a thief” and been, (25) This article, which was written for the Davidian SDA, discusses the Bible feast days, living prophetic, (26) This article describes the hidden message of the seven thunders and what happens when Christ, (27) This article shows from scripture that the harvest (gathering of God's Kingdom) will suddenly gain, (28) This article describes the delusion which ensnares those who are opposed or indifferent to God and, (29) This article elevates polygamy above child abuse, discusses polygamy's biblical roots, the nature of, (30) This article discusses lunar calculation of the Sabbath. Carmel grounds.

(79) November 2009, New Moon This study is a phrase by phrase description of how Christ fulfilled Isaiah, (80) November 21, 2009 This study details how Christ's King will rise to power and some of the things he, (81) November 28, 2009 This study presents Lois Roden's teachings about two messengers that will follow, (82) December 5, 2009 This study takes a close look at Christ's prophecies of the Comforter. (rpr 4/12/11), (6) This article recounts the twenty-five year effort of Charles Joseph Pace to take over the Branch, (7) This article contains an eye witness account of the lies told in the opening statements of both the, (8) This article is a critique of the initial report of the Danforth Investigation. Carmel and expelled Amo. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (21) This article discusses two of my favorite heresies. (rpr 4/13/2012), (127) July 30, 2011 Sabbath This article discusses why I expect a second Great Depression and strategies, (128) August 20, 2011 Sabbath This article explains why GDII is a conspiracy against America's Christian, (129) September 3, 2011 Sabbath This article comments on American health and welfare. Born in 1943, Amo Paul Bishop Roden married George Roden in October 1987. (re-proofread and revised 4/16/2012), (140) December 3, 2011 Sabbath The consequences of the National Debt at 100% of GDP. (re-, Zechariah 8, Calling The Christian Nations, (43) Apr. (rpr 4/12/11), The following articles are about the Branch Davidian Standoff, and the long persecution of the, (3) This article shows from the hidden evidence WHO lit the April 19th, 1993 fire that destroyed the Branch, (4) This article is based primarily on the notes I took as I documented the cover-up.

George Roden was the son of Benjamin and Lois Roden, leaders of a Seventh-Day Adventist sect known as the Branch Davidians. (88) January 16, 2010 This article discusses Christ as an Elijah messenger, and begins the discussion of, (89) January 23, 2010 This article discusses V. T. Houteff as the first of the end time Elijah messengers. (re-proofread 4/17/2012), (144) December 17, 2011 Sabbath Complaints about America's current economic policies. (re-proofread 4/10/2012), (154) March 10, 2012 Sabbath A discussion of the events leading to the 9/11 attack. (rpr 4/12/11), (5) This article recounts some of the times God preserved my life so that I can do this work. (rpr 4/20/11), (67) September 5, 2009 EASY This article explains how Christ fulfilled the signs God gave Moses to identify, (68) September 12, 2009 EASY This article explains a part of Ezekiel 21 fulfilled in my church. After the 1993 fire, she attracted notice by beginning a one woman reoccupation of the sect s Mount Carmel property. 4, 2009 EASY This article discusses the seven end time churches. (rpr 4/17/2012), (141) December 3, 2011 Sabbath How to eat to increase your chance of pregnancy. (17) This article discusses how to find the Kingdom of God in the end-time. Billion$ Of Reason$, (131) October 15, 2011 Sabbath The best qualified candidate gets the least air time. Figures! (re-proofed 4/11/11), (94) March 6, 2010 This study explains Isaiah 8, particularly the Immanuel prophecy. Religious and political essays by Amo Paul Bishop Roden on the Branch Davidian Church history and message, prophecy, our evil world, corrupt courts, etc. She wrote several manuscripts and pamphlets about Branch Davidian theology and their viewpoint of the standoff with authorities that culminated in a deadly fire. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (9) This article recounts the fifty year struggle for survival of the Branch Davidian church. (re-proofread 4/16/2012), (138) November 19, 2011 Sabbath A mother's concerns expressed. (re-proofread 4/15/2012), (134) November 5, 2011 Sabbath You decide which is which.

The powerful, (11) A survival guide to those who are prosecuted for righteousness sake. (re-proofread 4/19/11), (65) August 22, 2009 EASY This article discussed the timing of the harvest and the plagues as revealed in, (66) August 29, 2009 EASY This article explains the flying roll and the woman in the ephah. 14, 2009 MEDIUM This article explains chapter and verse of Isaiah 5, from the crucifixion of Christ, (36) Mar. (rpr 4/17/11), (51) May 30, 2009 EASY This article is written in preparation of the message of the sixth seal. (rpr 4/17/11), (50) May 23, 2009 EASY This article is written in preparation of the message of the fifth seal. (rpr 4/10/2012), Recognising The 144,000 Missionaries Of Christ, (155) March 17, 2012 Sabbath How to find the Kingdom of God. Carmel, ending up in a shootout with George. (rpr 4/10/11), (102) June 12, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This study discusses the signs of the first and second, (103) July 10, 2010 Sabbath and New Moon This study discusses the death decree on the wave sheaf and, (104) July 24, 2010 Sabbath This study discusses ways of eating that heal. 6). Amo and George Roden married in October 1987, shortly after meeting. (100) Second Passover, 2010 This study examines what may have been Houteff's last tract and finds, (101) Pentecost, 2010 This article celebrates the Pentecost and is an explanation of Isaiah 29. Major tracts include Cracking the Coverup, The Second Standoff, Babylon Is Fallen: The Legacy of David Koresh, and Scrapbook of a Protest. She continues to fight for leadership of the Branch Davidian sect. (re-proofread 4/15/11), (41) Apr. (re-proofread 4/10/2012), (151) February 18, 2012 Sabbath Obviously this is about campaign ads. Roden, who claimed to be Jewish, said hitmen trained by the Palestine Liberation Organization were trying to kill him. George Roden was the son of Benjamin and Lois Roden, leaders of a Seventh-Day Adventist sect known as the Branch Davidians. (rpr 4/15/11), (48) May 16, 2009 EASY This article is written in preparation of the message of the third seal. (re-proofread 4/16/2012), (139) November 26, 2011 Sabbath A critique from a fan. (rpr 4/12/11), (10) This article explains the reason behind the persecution of the Branch Davidian Church. George, son of Branch Davidian founders Benjamin and Lois Roden, claimed leadership of the sect, but faced challengers, including David Koresh (then named Vernon Howell). This page was last modified on 27 April 2020, at 16:52. 7, 2009 HARD This article explains the last four angels of Revelation 14, and contains part, (35) Mar. The next year, Koresh's supporters reclaimed Mt. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (22) This article presents “the whole family in heaven” (Eph. (rpr 4/19/11), (63) August 8, 2009 EASY The stories of Bathsheba, Delilah and Eve are retold with comments on mitigating, (64) August 15, 2009 EASY This article focuses on two resurrections. (78) November 14, 2009 This study shows from scripture that the seraphims are the beasts of Revelation 4. (87) January 9, 2010 This article discusses John the Baptist as the pattern for the end time Elijah message. At one point in her reoccupation, when another ex-husband, Tom Drake, rejoined her, she was also known as Amo Paul Bishop Roden Drake or Amo Roden Drake. (rpr 4/15/11), (40) Apr. Roden has also been mentioned in the song "1969", Boards of Canada's remix of "Poppy Seed", and the song In a Beautiful Place out in the Country, a quote from Roden, found on the EP of the same name. (re-proofread 4/12/11), (2) This article is a recounting of my years fighting for the Branch Davidian church property.


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