am i asexual or depressed

I love her, but I dont think of her in that way. As Sally said however so much within the body and mind is fluid it's a chicken and the egg type of variable. PrimordialSoup, February 4, 2011 in Questions about Asexuality. I figured out this wasn't the case when I got put on some medication that sent my sex drive through the roof and I still didn't find myself attracted to anyone. There is no clear-cut diagnosis or test you can take, and any answer we give you may not be true for your case. Thanks for the great sharing… I suffer from anxiety & depression also.

I sought therapy and tried to work through trauma. I loved this. I am asexual (and biromantic—but we’ll get into that another time). I was never quite like the other kids and I couldn’t pick out why. As usual you're saying things I don't understand but enjoy reading just the same!

Hey, there is nothing wrong with you.

AVEN Unofficial discord and other resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, AVENues July/Aug/Sept 2020 - Ace Activism. I don't know by this point if i'm asexual and always have been, or if something broke in me years ago now. But just reading someone else who is going through something even close to similiar felt so important to me. By clicking submit I consent to receive an email as stated by these terms. I've been stepping outside of my comfort zone and entering relationships, both female and male, and while I occasionally find myself horny, I don't really imagine myself having sex with the person. Best of wishes to you and your future. Like Sally said, a low sex drive does not equal asexuality. Always be proud of who you are. Life without each other didn’t seem possible, but life together—like this—didn’t either. For me, this means I don’t experience sexual attraction or desire. Nothing seemed to “fix” me. We would be honored to hear more of your story and offer you some encouragement. Close. ... Those, after loads' of hard work are no longer much of a problem; I am … Thing is lack of sex drive is a well known symptom of depression and I'm struggling to differentiate between my illness and my sexuality... they're so entwined. Sign up for our newsletter to hear updates from our team and how you can help share the message of hope and help. I started to dread anniversaries and holidays and birthdays and conversations with other married people. Hi people. Now beingnon meds for awhile now, one of the warnings is the meds will cause horrible birth defects if I were to have a baby so even if I did have a boyfriend I would potentially marry, again l would be to nervous about becoming pregnant by mistake and risk danger to the unborn child. If the rate of depression among asexual individuals is still higher than the average, you would then have to design an experiment to prove causation. There is nothing wrong with you.”.

What did I do wrong? And I kept crying.

At times, it hurt so much that I wished terrible things would come about just so I could validate the pain, make some sort of sense of it all. However, my mental state has been atrocious for years, ever since I was in a very abusive relationship several years ago. While I am on this forum that should tell you all you need to know.

For the first time in my life, I felt OK. I've never had a desire for sex, hence considering myself Asexual. But on my wedding night, I cried.

Those, after loads' of hard work are no longer much of a problem; I am one of the more social, optimistic, ardent hearted and active people among my real-life friends. Most of us don’t get a reason, it just happens and we are forced to face it, to deal with it.

I was never eager to see boobs, I never found any sort of thrill in seeing naked women, and I certainly wasn't as preoccupied with sex as some guys my age. Some don't. I didn’t get it. And I love new knowledge about people and their journeys… so I learned something new from you, thanks for that. Much obliged. Most of us don’t get a reason, it just happens and we are forced to face it, to deal with it. By Lauren Penna, thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! One of my closest friends drifted from identifying as heterosexual, to bisexual, to choosing celibacy to finally settling on being homosexual. This lead me to think and tbh i've always had sex because i've felt like its whats expected of me and that its what would make her feel good. I don't really have much abuse in my past, but I've got a lot of depression and retrospective potenial asexuality. I may find myself more sexual once the depression wanes, but given the circumstantial evidence, I really do think I'm asexual. I hid the truth that my relationship wasn’t like other relationships. 3. I know l am attracted to guys but having sex has always kind of scared me to a degree. My depression had reached an all time low; we were disconnected and terrified. But before I delve into those discoveries, it needs to be said that mental illness doesn’t need a reason to exist. Archived. I still battle anxiety and depression, and I don’t … How you feel, how you identify is and always will be valid. r/Asexual is dedicated to bringing asexual awareness to any and all who come here. So I found your story extremely interesting. Hope happens. What isnt important is determining if your asexuality is "real" or not what is important is seeking help for your mood. Never happened. I felt validated. I run the gamut.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with you. Hopefully this all makes sense to somebody. You are not broken. Honestly, one of the worst parts of depression is feeling you will never get better, but even worse is the feeling that you don’t want the help. I want to tell her how much i care but most of the time I just feel emotionally numb so it just feels fake. It was as if a power had suddenly been handed to me. They had no reason and didn’t know me, but had faith and I was so thankful. I’d ask myself: Why do I have to go through this? I was so petrified but in time, I found a place that I am comfortable with.With that being said, l don’t know if the meds took the little interest l had in sex away or if I even had my to begin with. I could finally name what I was struggling to make peace with. So yeah, l don’t know if I am asexual or what l am. I don't remember ever feeling sexual desire towards another person, although I've been 'attracted' to people in non-sexual way, if that makes sense! I can't remember how I felt before that relationship, but there has never been a point since when i've felt really aroused. We all need allies. My depression and anxiety got stronger as my voice got weaker. I didn’t need to be fixed.

If you ever need support or someone to listen, you can email us at [email protected] My friend said you need to go if you are sexually active or not. So what happens when you’re in your late twenties, nine months post an attempted suicide, and suddenly discover who you are? I call it being "aesthetically attracted".

Only you will know but I hope in Aven you may find some better understandings that may help.

You are not defective. As if someone had said, “Here. Thank you so much for your wonderful replies! Okay, when your long term or heavily clinically depressed there are many who create or suffer a self loathing feeling that they hate themselves so why should anyone else like them, they create barriers and generally push others away to a point where they then lack even more confidence to know people in a sexual or close manner. Church said it too. The only person I ever opened up to about this was a priest who told me there was something intrinsically wrong with me, he recommended I go to a psychologist to discuss this, because having no sexual desire was, in his mind, an impossibility. Before l started meds at 18, I had no interest in sex at all because l was always taught to wait till your married. Every year, around the same time for about five years, my husband and I had the same conversation. While I am on this forum that should tell you all you need to know. When that happens some..understandably ..ask wether they are asexual or non sexed based due to thier depression, of course no one will ever really know wether it was one first, or the other, or both or none at all and that's why it is important to not put yourself under pressure to look for an answer that may not be there. There will be allies who will walk with you through the heavy and celebrate with you in the light. I never have, and that’s OK. I am asexual (and biromantic—but we’ll get into that another time). It definitely does make sense to many of us. Thank you for this blog..It feels good to know that there is someone else out there who feels like I do..i would like to ask you some questions sometime if I may.. I’ve gone through much of my life in a rush to get through….

And healing begins. Get healthy first and use the journey you are on to really discover and listen to yourself along the way. This was the first time I had heard of it, so I turned to the internet. For me, it was the realization that-- yes, while depression was affecting my ability to form relationships-- I don't remember ever having the sort of sex drive that society and stereotypes portray. Your discovering your asexuality doesn’t fix the problem in your marriage does it? What isnt important is determining if your asexuality … So let me share with you – it’s going to be all right, and there are angels watching over you. We were both exhausted and angry and sad. It is true many of those with depression and even more so long term serious depression confuse the side effects of depression with being asexual. Let’s not consider I’ve been to three separate psychologists in my life with never feeling better. I still battle anxiety and depression, and I don’t know when I ever won’t, but right now I have the upperhand. Asexuality is an orientation defined by little to no sexual attraction to anyone. We’re on your side. You would have to distinguish between clinical and situational depression. Hey, 28 year old guy in a similar boat. Neither opinion has been proven, although a number of people on AVEN have said that they feel that they have been asexual all their lives, including me, even though they've had sexual relationships.


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