alluka zoldyck age

She was possessed by an unknown entity called "Nanika" which created a rift between her and her family, all except Killua. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

Vows or Contracts by nature are stricter than Limitations), Teleportation (Teleported Illumi to another continent), Durability Negation (Many of Nanika's abilities ignore conventional durability), Attack Potency: Human level | Unknown (Her wish-granting abilities are "probably limitless", she can do "anything" according to the Zoldycks. The Zoldyck family is in the dark about Nanika's nature. Killua explained that this was the consequence of saying 'No' to Alluka's requests 4 times. Under unknown circumstances, she was possessed by a mysterious Dark Continent creature, in which her family named Nanika. The possibility of continuity error between the guidebook and manga series, intentional misgendering as part of deliberate abuse by the Zoldycks, and/or Alluka being transgender are all possible explanations for the conflicting references to Alluka's gender. Chrollo, the leader of Phantom Troupe, considered him a great threat, which says a lot about is strength. Some time afterwards, Yasuha, another female servant of the Zoldyck family, gave Alluka a piggyback ride at her request, thus activating wish-granting mode. The same person cannot ask Alluka for consecutive wishes, although Killua seems to know of a way to bypass this condition. Name: Alluka Zoldyck | Nanika (The "demon" inside her - "Something" from another place). Nanika can also kill by being asked to), Probability Manipulation (Made a billion dollars rain from the sky), Healing (At least Low-Mid. Kana 11[inference ] (via Timeline) It was later reported that a currency transport vessel had suddenly gone missing and by the time it had been found all the money had disappeared, and the captain and crew kept giving nonsensical answers. She is currently traveling with her older brother Killua Zoldyck all around the world.

Framing her face are two locks of hair, each fastened by four hair bands decorated with the same cartoon faces on her headband. [5], Through a surveillance camera, Silva, Kikyo, and Milluki watch the whole scene.

Alluka wears a traditional Miko kimono, a headband adorned with varying facial expressions, and pink boots. Alluka officially debuts in the manga in Chapter 321 in which she sits unemotionally on the floor of a room full of dolls. Alluka is seen sleeping inside while Killua drives the airship himself. Alluka's restorative power is not as prominent as her destructive power as she has to touch the targets to heal them, and it appears to be very taxing on Nanika, as it causes Alluka to fall asleep from exhaustion. This occurrence revealed that her ability had a cumulative effect; the greater the previous wish was (in terms of fulfillment difficulty), the greater the consequences of refusing her next set of requests. Any son born after the third would be considered a woman and it would be considered an insult and dangerous to refer to them as male as it could bring bad luck.

Under unknown circumstances, she was possessed by a mysterious Dark Continent creature, which her family named Nanika. In the English version of the manga, Alluka calls Killua by his name while Nanika calls him "big brother". 2.2K likes. Silva is a world-renowned assassin who was strong enough to defeat one of the members of the Phantom Troupe without much trouble.


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