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You would agree more that the man deserves a medal for being a loyal married celebrity man because since his marriage there have been zero cases of infidelity or irreconcilable marriage differences between him and his queen. Alex was born August 4 1953, in Berwyn,  Alberta in a cave north of Figure Eight Lake, to Polish parents, Irene and Stanley Debogorski who emigrated from Britain. Your email address will not be published. But did the legend really meet his maker? Lisa Kelly (born December 8, 1980) is an American trucker who has been featured on the History channel reality television series Ice Road Truckers and its spinoff series IRT: Deadliest Roads.From Seasons 3–5 and 7–11. She goes by the name Louise, and yes she is such a beauty even in her old age. His parents emigrated from Britain, where his father worked as a paratrooper. “Ice Road Truckers” became History channels most watched reality show. A healthy diet and natural supplements play a vital part in his day to day life. He defines himself as a free-spirited Brit. Alex Debogorski Wiki Biography. He made the switch in 1996 and has been residing there ever since. The concept of the reality show was to portray the lives of extraordinary men and women as they risked their lives transporting essential supplies over frozen waters which double as roads in winter. 1 Alex Debogorski Is An Established Writer.

Alex was born August 4 1953, in Berwyn, Alberta in a cave north of Figure Eight Lake, to Polish parents, Irene and Stanley Debogorski who emigrated from Britain.

You will be shocked to learn that before rising to fame, Alex Debogorski was once a taxi driver and even a club bouncer. He appeared in the show as a deckhand on its fourth season. Confirming these are his recent appearances on various social media pages and communication concerning his death.

What happened to her. Alex Debogorski was born on the 4th of August 1953, in Berwyn, Alberta. What’s His Relationship With Aesha Scott? One of the first cast members of the reality TV series Ice Road Truckers, Alex has been around the trucking scene for quite a while now. While the man has taken some breaks due to his health, he remains as active as ever. Since then, Alex has been a regular cast member and has featured in all eleven seasons. Even though the jobs have no connection to each other, Alex believes that they have trained him for the trucking job. On 8-12-1980 Lisa Kelly was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In as much as you would desire to deny this fact, you can’t wait to know of Alex Debogorski’s net worth and salary. Alex Debogorski has taken advantage of his position on television to improve the public perception of the trucking industry and to connect with his fans which he does through Face Book, Twitter and his web After graduating from college, Alex began working in a tire store. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. During the youthful years of their marriage, Alex Debogorski’s wife was able to bless her husband with 11 children who have done a great job showering their parents with 14 grandchildren and more on the way perhaps. Alex Debogorski was born on the 4th August 1953, in Berwyn, Alberta, Canada, and is a trucker as well as reality television personality best known for his appearances in History Channel’s TV reality show “Ice Road Truckers”. Alex has everything going for him at the moment. Some time back, there were rumors about Alex Debogorski’s death. In 2018 therefore, Alex Debogorski’s age is obviously 65. He authored his first book titled King of the Road in 2010. When we cannot fully confirm Alex Debogorski’s net worth and salary of 2018, you can trust that his net worth is nearing a million. Debogorski, the hit personality of the show, has abundant character and persona who entertains with his infectious laugh and endless stories, which is how he became History Channel’s most respected and loved Ice Road Trucker. Your favorite trucker was conceived on 4th August 1953. The book is a biographical collage of short stories, anecdotes and life history from an early age. When the producers of the History Channel went north in search of a charismatic leader for their new show, they met up with Alex Debogorski. On the other hand, Alex’s mother Irene graduated Cambridge with degrees in maths and music. After meeting his future wife Lousie, Alex decided to move to the Northwest Territory of Canada. As a young kid, Alex has always wanted to be a real-life hero.


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