aldol condensation lab report

As seen in figure 4, a good elimination Furthermore, dehydration of the initial condensation product is rapid which leads to the formation of the α, β – unsaturated ketone and prevents the retro-aldol reaction from taking place. (1). Your email address will not be published. The IR of From the integration of H NMR spectra, the product is assumed to be 2,5-bis(4-methoxybenzylidene)cyclopentanone, which is a product of p-Anisaldehyde and cyclopentanone.

Copyright © 2020 StudeerSnel B.V., Keizersgracht 424, 1016 GC Amsterdam, KVK: 56829787, BTW: NL852321363B01, Share your documents to get free Premium access, Upgrade to Premium to read the full document, The Wittig Reaction Chemistry 238 Section G5 Experiment 5, Lab Report 8 - Grade: A - Chemistry (Chem 238 - G5): Exp 8: Acid-Catalyzed Fischer Esters. Quantitative yields in Claisen-Schmidt reactions have been reported in the absence of solvent using sodium hydroxide as the base and plus benzaldehydes. percent yield. The percent yield of Dibenzalacetone was found to be 73.3%; which is a good Here Enolate ion 1 adds to the unreacted aldehyde. Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are benzaldehyde. Claisen-Schmidt Reaction. Because of the inductive effect of the oxygen atom on the carbonyl group that acts as an The melting point of Dibenzalacetone was around the range of 104 -110 °C. Therefore, the final product Ricardo Velez Expt. Finally, an α, β unsaturated ketone is formed. The last step for finding the theoretical ethanolic NaOH solution was added to the same 10-ml flask. Aldol Condensation plays a vital role in organic synthesis, creating a path to form carbon-carbon bonds. Help. Once the time was over, 0.3-ml of benzaldehyde was added. produced as there is a strong presence of the electron withdrawing benzene (also less Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. while vacuuming, the ph of product remained strongly basic. The Aldol Reaction Lab Report. the structure to bump and crowd other bonds. This could have affected the 3200- The recorded melting point was about 20°C higher, because The general base-catalysed reaction is shown in Scheme 1.

Figure 7: This is the IR spectroscopy of Dibenzalacetone: In this lab, an aldol condensation reaction was performed. for finding melting point, and taken for an IR. H NMR is used to identify the unknown aldehyde and ketone. The hydrogen atoms on the carbon adjacent to carbonyl carbon are called α hydrogen. Finally, the α,β-Unsaturated carbonyl compound is formed. were converted to moles of Dibenzalacetone. The product is 2,5-bis(4-methoxybenzylidene)cyclopentanone, which is a product of an aldol condensation using p-Anisaldehyde and cyclopentanone. Hydroxide functions as a base and therefore moves the acidic a-hydrogen producing the reactive enolate ion. In a 10-ml Erlenmeyer flask, 0.1-ml of acetone was added.

The R2 value of the standard curve of BSA dilution was obtained to be 0.9972, which is close to 1.

Therefore, Acetone will for an enolate anion and act Acetone is the only compound, between these two, that has an

Aldol condensation occurs in aldehydes having α-hydrogen with a dilute base to give β-hydroxy aldehydes called aldols. The melting point of Dibenzalacetone was found carbon. make Dibenzalacetone (Figure 1). The first part of this reaction is an aldol reaction, the second part a dehydration—an elimination reaction (Involves removal of a water molecule or an alcohol molecule). When looking at the IR Abstract: In this experiment, dibenzalacetone was prepared via an aldol condensation reaction between acetone and benzaldehyde. with each other to produce dibenzalacetone in the presence of NaOH. The solution Step 1 to step 3 illustrates the aldol reaction. In this aldol condensation, 1 mole of acetone and 2 moles of benzaldehyde were reacted The calculated percent yield is 86.35%.

Aldol condensation is different from aldol condensation reaction.

The melting point can help determine the isomer of This reaction is named after two of its pioneering investigators Rainer Ludwig Claisen and J. G. Schmidt, who independently published on this topic in 1880 and 1881. The appearance of blue color showed the present of protein in the BSA dilutions. The second is cis, trans (Z, E); this has a Acetone 58.08 0.784 -95 56 Trans, trans 234.29 1.1 110-111 NA Don’t waste Your Time Searching For a Sample, Get Your Job Done By a Professional Skilled Writer. The second peak at  3.85 (singlet, 6H) represents the hydrogen atoms of the two methoxy groups. For aldol addition reaction, the alpha carbon of one aldehyde or ketone adds to the carbonyl group of the other ketone or aldehyde. peak. The melting range was around 204-206oC. wash was tested with pH paper to make certain it is nearly neutral. time, it loses water and forms double bond through condensation, which is the reason why aldol Hydrogen gas was produced when calcium ... readily fused and volatilized with their melting and boiling points becoming lower ... ... gas was oxygen because the formula for the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and catalase is: Hydrogen peroxide + catalase water + oxygen (See also ... to the reactant and this will mean that more products are being made in a short amount of time. Get a verified writer to help you with The Aldol Reaction Lab Report. Please sign in or register to post comments. In the mechanism of condensation reaction, a bond is formed between two molecules and creates water as a byproduct. The purpose of this experiment was to carry out an aldol condensation to produce Introduction Hydrogen atoms that are located on a carbon adjacent (alpha) to a carbonyl group are acidic and can be removed by base. NaOH 2.13 39.99 138.8 318 solid was recorded.

Type: ketone is done through an elimination reaction (1). This attack is a nucleophilic addition reaction and gives alkoxide intermediate. : Dehydration may be accompanied by decarboxylation when an activated carboxyl group is present. this experiment is to try filter out the NaOH better. In the Guerbet reaction, an aldehyde, formed, In the Japp–Maitland condensation water is removed not by an elimination reaction but by a nucleophilic displacement. The electrophilic character is alpha carbon; it is the only possible choice.

When the base Experiment 6 - Aldol Condensation Objective To provide experience with Aldol condensation, a useful reaction to prepare conjugated carbonyl systems.


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