afto form 781

NOTE: Member must be current and certified in the aircraft to log evaluator time. Simulated instrument time may be logged in the simulator. Add each pilot�s time across: Each pilot�s Total Time must be the sum of Primary + Secondary + Instructor + Evaluator + Other Time (not to exceed total flight time). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

The AC will also ensure the original 781(s) remain with the aircraft forms. Retrieved from ” https: More in air, sea or land for less money. 39 OPS REVIEW: Initials of the unit operations officer or Aviation Resource Manager (ARM) who verifies the accuracy and legibility of the form prior to entry into ARMS. Pilots receiving instruction while controlling the aircraft will log primary time. The Red X symbol is never entered on what? Consult with the appropriate professionals before taking any legal action. When an Airmen downloads an official template from this site, they can rest assured that they're starting with an approved format. ABOUT the DISCREPANCIES!

13 LANDINGS: Number of touch-and-go�s, full stops and total landings. Note: Only one sortie is logged. An AMC/A44 message dated 200715Z Jul 04 directed aircrews at enroute locations to leave the original AFTO Form 781 in the aircraft forms binder. Primary instrument time may be logged in the simulator if an IP is present. Removing ad is a premium feature. PRIMARY INSTRUMENT TIME vs. For example, Captain Linton, a pilot from Travis AFB, flew a mission at Dover AFB. Whenever the removal and replacement of any components is such that improper reinstallation would not create a safety of flight hazard. Remove the completed AFTO FORM 781 from the aerospace vehicle forms binder and enter data into the MIS at maintenance debriefing. FP Miller flew an instrument approach (0.2 Sim Inst) and each pilot logged some instrument time. Try Now!. Any difference (less than flight time) must be accounted in the Instructor or Evaluator time block. Except under conditions in this paragraph, the total primary time for any specific aircrew specialty must not exceed the total flight time. This page has been accessed 9, times. Official Memorandum Template (Classification Banners)_7oct2020, Bullet Background Paper Template_28oct2020, NEW!!! � APPENDIX: AFTO Form 781 3. Primary Instrument Time: The portion of primary, instructor, or evaluator flight time logged when external conditions require that the aircraft attitude be maintained primarily by reference to the flight instruments. It is the primary record of personnel and aircraft flying hours. The individual transcribing the discrepancy will print the name and employee number fom the individual who made the initial entry. Annotate specific in-flight duties performed and circumstances that require additional crewmembers (in additional to basic crew complement) to perform the mission in the remarks section of the AFTO Form 781. Fill Afto Pdf, download blank or editable online. Egress or Life Support personnel perform maintenance or inspection on the escape system that involves disassembly and reassembly of a component or subcomponent of an escape system. y For example, if the individual is an IP, but is scheduled to perform MP duties on a mission, the individual will be listed as an MP on the Flight Authorization.
Enter the organization to which the aerospace vehicle is possessed, with the command designation in parenthesis. (TRAVIS AFB, CA) 6 MISSION NUMBER: Mission number for each leg of the mission. AFTO Form 781K. The individual transcribing the discrepancy will print the name and employee number of the individual who made the initial entry.

The data extract form is so identified and certified, either by a commissioned officer (preferably the pilot in command), or by the HARM Chief/Superintendent. AFTO FORM HANDBOOK. The aerospace vehicle commander will complete blocks 1, 6 through 33, 35, and 36 in accordance with AFI Discrepancies resulting from battle aftoo will not be documented on the A. CBC CA SPORTS HOCKEY ANTHEMCHALLENGE PDF That also affects the Primary night time that Jones can log. KRAP! Airmen successfully accomplish more missions with fewer people than ever before and there is a constant battle to cover the bases with limited resources. Add each pilot�s Primary/Secondary time: The total amount of Primary time can�t exceed 4.0 (total flight time). } AFI36-2903 - Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel, AFMAN91-203 AIR FORCE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY, FIRE, AND HEALTH STANDARDS, AFI36-2406 - Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, (NEW) AFMAN36-2806 - Awards and Memorialization Program, DAFI33-360 - Publications and Forms Management, AFMAN33-361 - Publishing Processes and Procedures, AF673 - Air Force Publication/Form Action Request. Qualified instructor pilots may log instructor time when participating in missions where AFI 11-202V1 senior officer qualification and performance requirements apply. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Removing ad is a premium feature. The member does not have to be occupying a primary duty station established for that specialty, but must be actually performing evaluator duties. Personnel specifically authorized to clear Red Afyo conditions by proper authority may direct personnel to change status symbols since they are representative of top management on this matter. � Add each FE�s time across: Each FE�s Total Time must be the sum of Primary + Secondary + Instructor + Evaluator + Other Time (not to exceed total flight time). NOTE: The member must be maintaining or obtaining qualification in the aircraft to log secondary time. Upon receipt of an extract, member's servicing HARM office personnel will lightly line through individual mission data lines of members not in the local ARMS database, leaving only the members they will enter in ARMS. EP Smith performed an evaluation on Miller for 1.7 hours and provided 2.3 hours of instruction for Jones, Jeter, Hosenpher and Scruffy. Content is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Travis also requires each primary crew position to initial to ensure crew position accuracy. There is currently conflicting guidance out pertaining to the disposition of the AFTO Form 781 at enroute locations. A fillable AFTO 781 is available for download here. 11 LAND TIME (Z): 24-hour GMT clock time. The landing is when the aircraft is on the ground after being airborne and any of the following conditions occur: (a) The engines are stopped and shutdown occurs at or before five minutes after touchdown. AFTO IMT 781 series Provide a thorough record of maintenance, inspection, service configuration, and flight operation for specific weapons or systems. AFTO Form 781A (Maintenance Discrepancies and Work Document) Used to document discrepancies and maintenance. The AFTO FORM series collectively provides a maintenance, inspection, service, configuration, status, and flight record for the particular aerospace vehicles and trainers for which they are maintained. Also, the primary instrument, primary night and primary simulated instrument times for each FP is less than the total primary time logged by each. The HARM office responsible for management of the original AFTO form 781 will have a line lightly drawn through members who were extracted (not from aircraft's home station). � For example, a pilot was scheduled to perform IP duties in conjunction with upgrade training for a second pilot; however, the upgrading individual was DNIF and did not fly, so the pilot only performed primary duties. A sortie covers a flight from first take off to landing as described in block 11; however, if any flight entry is split (INFL), the sortie will be recorded on the flight that lists final landing.
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Mission was flown on an AMP tail. Enter the organization to which the aerospace vehicle is possessed, with the command designation in parenthesis. �� >D >D Om % � �� �� �� � � � � � �( �( �( ~* 4 v v v 8 Rv nw � �2 � � x ,x " Nx Nx Nx M� M� M� �� �� �� �� �� �� �� $ �� h � � �� �( d� �� � M� d� d� �� � � Nx Nx G ¨ .� .� .� d� � � N Nx �( Nx �� .� d� �� .� .� � � � � �( �� Nx This is the HARM that processes and files the original forms. TemplateRoller.

You do the aircraft they do the Qfto. Who has the authority to downgrade a Red X for one-time flight? While the aircraft commander is ultimately responsible for the completion of the 781, everyone who helps complete the form should be knowledgeable in completing the 781 correctly. Note: Due to his unqualified status, UL Slippy must log other time when not under the supervision of an instructor or evaluator. The Red X symbol is never entered on what?

The total time in item 26 cannot exceed the total in item 12. Responsibilities: Completion of AFTO 781 is a joint responsibility between maintenance personnel and the pilot in command (PIC). NOTE: Whenever you have an unqualified student logging primary flight time, they must be accompanied by an instructor or an evaluator logging equal or greater flight time. Main Landing Gear Wheel. EP Smith logged 3.5 hours primary night and 4.0 hours primary instrument for the night and instrument time he spent instructing or evaluating. Can have either and both have the same validity. � Where more than one station is established for the same specialty, one member at each such station may log primary time while actually performing the duties associated with that station. NOTE: Once a combat zone is established, the Commander Air Force Forces (COMAFFOR) will identify which portion constitutes hostile airspace, based on risk of exposure to hostile fire. 14 SORTIES: Number of sorties accomplished. 27 SORTIES: Total number of sorties for a crewmember. Aerial activity in support of forces engaged in combat when there is risk of exposure to hostile fire. Afto Form 781a. Ensure you input full & correct Social Security Numbers and log all 781 activities in UTC day and UTC time. Fill Afto Pdf, download blank or editable online. When the examination is complete, the examiner will log Instructor, Primary, or Secondary time, as appropriate, and will have a duty position as appropriate. Views Read View source View history. ENGs: The engineers split the time equally. Still updating your records in the ‘office’ after you’ve fixed your aircraft on the flightline?

Secondary Flight Time: Flight time logged by a crew member who is performing in-flight duties related to the crewmember�s specialty, but who is not controlling the function of that specialty. (22AS) NOTE: For AMP missions, place �AMP� in the gray shaded area. Evaluators will also log instructor, primary, secondary, or other time, depending on their activity, when not performing evaluator duties. Download the document to your desktop, tablet or smartphone to be able to print it out in full.


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