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[25] Le Goglu was an eight-page-long broadsheet full of cartoons that mocked various prominent people, for an instance showing Mackenzie King as a clueless ape staring vacantly into space. During his political career, he proclaimed himself the Canadian Führer. [34] Arcand credited much of his turn towards anti-Semitism as a result of reading the pamphlet The Jewish World Problem by Lord Sydenham of Combe. Feb 17, 2019 to Mar 17, 2019 - Rick Scott

No. [35] Arcand's anti-Semitism was at least in part motivated by the fact that the majority of Ashkenazim (Yiddish-speaking Jews) immigrants from Eastern Europe usually arrived in Montreal, where a great many chose to settle.

Adrien Arcand (October 3, 1899 – August 1, 1967) was a Canadian journalist who led a series of fascist political movements between 1929 and his death in 1967. [36] French-Canadians tended to vote as a bloc for the Liberals at the time, and the fact that the Liberals usually won the majority of the seats in Quebec gave them an advantage in elections. [46], Arcand ran for the House of Commons of Canada on two occasions. [7] From advocating a ban on Asian immigration to advocating a ban on all immigration was not a large step, and soon Arcand was arguing that all immigration must cease. [43], In 1934, Arcand established the Parti National Social Chrétien (Christian National Social Party), which advocated anti-communism and the banishment of Canadian Jews to the Hudson Bay area. [22], Arcand was assisted in founding Le Goglu by a printer, Joseph Ménard, who wanted to launch his own newspaper. Adrien Arcand, 1933 . [24] In joual (Quebec French), goglu is slang for someone who is jovial and who loves to laugh, and Le Goglu belonged to a type of satirical newspaper mocking society that was popular in Quebec at the time. [citation needed].

[18] In the late 1920s, he became active in organising for Catholic trade unions and became the first president of the first union local at La Presse. [36] With the aim of forming a fascist leadership for the British empire, Arcand started a correspondence that continued until his death with Sir Oswald Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF). support for the British empire), were anti-French and anti-Catholic made it difficult for the Conservatives to win seats in Quebec since the late 19th century. First and Exclusive English translation of prayers and apologetics composed by Adrien Arcand, selected from his MON LIVRE D'HEURES (MY BOOK OF HOURS), first published by him in 1936. Despite being shunned by mainstream Quebecers in the post-war years, he managed to come second with 29 percent of the vote when he ran as a National Unity candidate in the riding of Richelieu—Verchères in the 1949 federal election.

[29] The cartoons that mocked the ministers in the cabinet of Premier Louis-Alexandre Taschereau as corrupt led to several libel suits, which increased the paper's circulation.[30]. [36] The main line of Arcand's attacks was that Mackenzie King was a man who did not care about the suffering caused by the Great Depression, and using his well known "Continentalism" (i.e moving Canada closer to the United States) as a weapon, Arcand portrayed King as the friend of American billionaires.


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