aaa speckle park

at birth and wean off at about 230kgs. Speckle Park can achieve a AAA carcass with minimal fat cover, thus grading YG1-AAA. Some Speckle Park animals are solid black. i.e. Animals with this pattern are predominantly white on the body and face but always have black points, that is the ears, nose, skin around the eyes, muzzle and the lower portions of the legs including the hooves are black. They also have a lower level of outer layer fat which gives them good dress out percentages making them quite a profitable breed. Moderate framed, they are "easy doing" with impressive weight gains on both grass and grain. Cows only calve once a year and should have 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. The management tag for 2019 is "Q".The management tag for 2020 is "R". AAA Speckle Park near Kingaroy Queensland flushed 10 very Content Donor Cows.

The fourth is solid black. On the leopard pattern the black sides of the speckle pattern are broken into a series of black spots. The breed is a combination of Red Roan Shorthorn, Angus and White Park.

Denis and Therese Roberts Ph: 0419 603 010 [email protected] They are excellent mothers with great maternal instincts and will protect their young with vigor. The number and size of the spots varies greatly from animal to animal.

Speckle Parks, the beef cattle breed created in Canada, are now an internationally sought after breed.

AAA Speckle Park is your premium Speckle Park breeder located at Kingaroy QLD Speckle Parks can be finished naturally off grass with minimal, if any, grain inputs.Speckle Parks are also demonstrating that they retain these carcass advantages when crossed on other breeds, either beef or dairy. AAA Speckle Park, New South Wales, Australia, AAA Speckle Park has a selection of semen for stud…, AAA Speckle Park has an extensive range of unique genetic…, Speckle Park wins Paddock to Palate and Feed Lot Trials 2015, AAA Speckle Park Wins at Sydney Show 2016, AAA Speckle Park dominate Canberra Show 2016. This should be used as a guide only.

Admin. The Speckle Park cattle breed are medium sized frame and have a well-defined blocky body with a typical rectangular cow shaped face and slightly upturned snout. Some leopards have predominantly white sides with only a few black spots on their sides. Cows that are carrying bull calf’s their gestation period is usually a little longer than cows that are carrying heifer calves. Email True Speckle Park Cow whisperers you are Theresa and Denis Roberts! They are Polled and British Bred originating from Canada. Another IMPRESSIVE fact about the Speckle Park is their UNIQUE ability to achieve a AAA carcass without excess outer fat cover. AAA Speckle Park is your premium Speckle Park breeder located at Kingaroy QLD What is a Speckle Park? They are sought after by butchers in Australia and Canada for their high quality of meat and impressive meat quality throughout the various cuts. 35 Best Cattle Breeds for Milk – Dairy Cattle, 47 Best Cattle Breeds for Meat – Beef Cattle. AAA Speckle Park is excited to announce our first Bull and Gene c Online Sale . Speckle Parks are moderate sized. They are highly fertile with moderate birth weights. Another impressive fact about Speckle Park is their unique ability to produce AAA carcasses without an excess of outer fat cover. Spotlight on Speckles - Check out the Media Reports section! The breed has established this reputation primarily by means of its outstanding performance in carcass competitions and steer tests.


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