8th gorge campsite
Other reviewers here have mentioned premier is not all that special, and I'd tend to agree.

The one thing that they were actually honest about was the shuttle service, but the line for it was so long that we decided to just walk. So if you are going to camp at the gorge terrace is the way to go.

It also allows you to have a quieter area when you decide you are done partying and are ready for bed since the 2 am quiet time is enforced.

Met lots of cool people. An additional fee will be collected on-site for second vehicle. I really regret camping here.

Map showing recreational areas. Our perfectly level spot was about 40 yards from the flush toilets and showers and 60 yards from the venue entrance.

Fun place to see a concert, a bit windy at night but still great and camping there is a blast.

We had a big REI Kingdom 4 with add-on garage and it fit the space, though it was hard to incorporate the picnic table. Not kidding, I believe they forced all 20,000 people to pass through fewer than 15 gates. Each level contains a few spotless portajohns and an actual (not pump) sink. We got a great spot and set up.

Bathrooms and showers are fantastic. Let it be known I have grown to 'just say no' to hot camping. Campfires are allowed in fire rings.

The campsite at Eighth Gorge is awesome but like a lot of walks in the deep north it pays to be there just after the wet season as I believe my little waterhole could get a bit stagnant late in the dry. I'm here to say if you're worried about general admission camping, pay for the Terraces.

5 other reviews that are not currently recommended.

It was ok when I was In my 20s but paying 55$ to camp in a field and being kept up ALL night by screaming, loud music and lots of drama does not appeal to me anymore. Neighbors visited Quincy Lakes and recommend it.5. That line was long and went through the evening. It's rocky and not particularly pleasant but the quickest way to cool off.

It would be easy to spend days out here exploring all the side trips down to the gorge and that's exactly what I plan to do someday.

There is also a free shuttle that can take you to and from the event which came in super clutch at the end of the night. Mount Jerusalem, Walls of Jerusalem National Park ... Oberon Bay, Wilsons Promontory NP - Dec 2013, Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea - September 2006, Mt Anne, Southwest National Park - April 2010, The Mawson Trail, Glenelg to Melrose - July 2011, Eighth Gorge, Nitmiluk National Park, May 2004. Maximum 2 vehicles per site. It had your basic highly processed foods to choose from complete with a biscuits and gravy machine. Met lots of cool, Fun place to see a concert, a bit windy at night but still great and camping there is a blast.

RV's maximum length is 35 feet.

No check-in after 10PM, security gate locked.

For more information, call the Ojai Ranger Station, Monday-Friday 8-4:30pm (805) 448-4710. This review is for the ADA accessibility and services of the Gorge.I broke my ankle two weeks before our planned 3 day camping trip to the Gorge and we decided to go ahead with the trip because of the ADA accessibility. This little park punched above it's weight when it came to scenery this morning. Make your reservation early! To put it simply, we were packed in like sardines for hours this weekend! Shelly is the best, terrace is great.

Really? Of course, we had a great time - once we cleared the many frustrating hurdles of getting inside.

The general store is located at a good halfway point between both sids of the grounds. Learn more. I recommend a bigger one also.-Water,water,water. “We stayed in general camping, there was a road to drive out whenever you wanted so you weren't locked in once you got there.” in 4 reviews, “The grass is nicer it's quieter when you actually, finally can get some sleep, there's more cleaner port-o-pottys and girls walk around with their boobies out! Wheeler Gorge Campground has 69 family campsites, 5 handicap accessible sites, and 6 double sites for larger groups. Each site contains a table, barbecue and fire ring.There is NO dump station or potable water at the campground.

Contact the business for more information about recent service changes.


So naturally, the pacific northwest wins my camping heart with it's mostly summer warm days and frigid nights. The free public beach on the river is on the left, after the campground.

Solvang, CA 93464, (office temporarily closed - but phones are being answered Mon-Fri 8-430), 34580 Lockwood Valley Rd. Reservations must be made at least 3 days in advance. The shuttle situation was lacking. I wanted to wait a bit after my stay to gather my thoughts and be helpful. Either way, if you do want to camp, save the $50 and stick to the main camping. A blog of adventures in Australia and around the world. TERRACES CAMPGROUND: The Terraces area includes about four "levels" (or terraces) for camping.

Went to DMB concerts, and the crowd was pleasant!

It's most definitely not the chaotic mess described in GA by other reviewers. There are only 4 glamping sites, so don't get your hopes up and don't be upset if you don't get them. The one thing that they were actually honest about was the shuttle service, but the line for it was so long that we decided to just walk.I had also heard that the premiere camping area would be a bit more quiet, but that was definitely not the case, at least with the area we were in.

Reserve and prepay your reservation online today. The campgrounds in the gold section are awesome.

This review is about Terrace (premium) Camping at the Gorge Campground, as experienced July 25-27, 2013, when we saw Phish at the Gorge. By about 6:15pm, there was no sign of the shuttle, and when we asked at guest services, they did not know if there was a shuttle running or when we could expect it to arrive. Here's how it works: So if you are going to camp at the gorge terrace is the way to go. The porto-johns are gross and the line for the showers were hours wait. We eventually found our way to the ADA campsite.The ADA campsite is near the entrance, across the street from security so we felt very safe. We stayed up well beyond this and as long ad your not being too noisy they just let you be.The bad side is that it is quite pricey compared to the premiere and general. (office temporarily closed - but phones are being answered Mon-Fri 8-430), 1616 No.Carlotti Dr.


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