3x or 5x magnifier ar 15
Otherwise…step up! I think with time, magnifiers and their mounts will only continue to get better as technology advances. And put them to the test with real view-throughs of red dots and holographic sights. I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me.

To protect those beautifully crisp optics, you get a package that consists of a fully nitrogen purged and sealed aluminum casing that is waterproof, fog-proof, abuse proof, and for the most part, life-proof.

Some people might really like this and I could certainly see both advantages and disadvantages. This magnifier is compatible with an array of different sights that will line up a bit differently than the VMX-3T and also sacrifices some of the performance, despite having the same magnification power, for it’s compact and lightweight size. Privacy Policy and It also didn’t let in as much light so if you ever anticipate shooting in lower light conditions…good luck. My Review: The VMX-3T is a complete rework of the original VMX optical magnifier by Vortex Optics and is here to impress! Your perspective is appreciated. It has a built-in flip mount that can be switched between flipping to the left or right side. What you get in terms of magnification here is a 3x25mm optical configuration with the Bushnell set of proprietary lens coatings. If you’ve used a previous model of magnifier from EOTech, this one is like that, but better. Related Article: 23 Best AR-15 Scopes and Optics (Ranked by a Marine). Primary Arms had the same quality of glass but a slightly smaller field of view 3.

The better and more present the coatings are, the more expensive the magnifier will be! Why is this the Marine Approved editor’s choice? No worries, these are easy to learn and once you get the gist of it, knowing what these mean will help you choose the right optics for your style of shooting. They aren’t bad for the price and if you’re just doing some weekend plinking for fun, these are probably perfect, however, I would never take this into battle and trust my life to it. These companies have outstanding reputations when it comes to helping you shoot further and more accurately and these magnifiers are of the best in the world. They both have their place. These are all questions you’ll need to make sure you have answered before ever even beginning your search for a magnifier. The magnification system here is a 3x25mm utilizing fully multi-coated lenses. Do you need a special mount for your specific rifle or will most included Picatinny mounts work for you? My recommendation is get a better mount and save $50 if you’re ok with a slightly smaller field of view and bigger package (heh). What you get at an absolute steal of a price is a 3x30mm optical configuration that is fully multi-coated with the Vortex Optics proprietary protection and high fidelity coatings. By the end you’ll know the best one for your budget. I think magnifiers are a viable solution for added magnification when you need it. AR15Armory.com Popular Article: 17 Best Tactical Pants (Ranked by a Marine). Let’s be real we all can’t have that amount of skill or discipline all the time, especially under stress. He started this website while transitioning out of the Marines, and since has recruited several other Marines to help him work on the Marine Approved website. The magnifier itself has fog-resistant sealing to make sure that moisture stays on the right side of the crystal clear lenses. My Review: First things first, with Sightmark we always get options! Am considering a Mako which will be used with an Eotech red dot, but not certain what magnification to get. The clarity of the glass on the magnifier is comparable to that of more expensive magnifiers.


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