338 edge recoil

Not only did heavy bullets dramatically reduce increased drop at colder temperatures, but the drift shooting 80 grain Hornady AMax bullets was cut in half.

But it does have its drawbacks, namely recoil.

The bullpup design isn’t practical for any use that I have for a rifle, but is required in order to keep the OAL somewhat manageable because of the humongous 32-inch barrel needed for the cartridge to perform. The 338 Edge is similar in ballistics to the .338 Lapua Magnum, but can be chambered in a regular magnum action without modification, making it an attractive cartridge for shooters looking for the high performance of .338 Lapua Magnum without requiring a special or custom action. Military snipers usually work in pairs; police snipers aren’t always so lucky, sometimes running solo. While that can still be done, it’s difficult and time consuming. The ammunition was extremely consistent, and the rifle seemed to be very accurate, especially for that large of a round. How did they get a 300-grain bullet traveling over 3,000 fps without serious over-pressure issues? A rifle case and a large cardboard box arrived for me in the mail. Thank you!

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I started load development using the 300 gr Sierra bullets over various charges of H1000, which seems to be the gold standard when it comes to .338 Edge loads.

First, the rifle was difficult to operate.

Moving up to the .408 CheyTac seems appealing, but the recoil would prevent me from using my bipod sitting position. Below we break down Paul Phillips’ rig of the Applied Ballistics Team and associated observational gear — be sure you’re sitting down. I am very impressed with the 300 gr Berger bullet – it has a G1 BC of .818 and a G7 BC of .419. A 338 Lapua Mag would’ve likely blown a primer, long before that speed was reached. The table shows that the 338 RUM delivers equal velocities with less powder and less recoil up through the 250 Grain bullets. As I said, I have three .300 RUMs and find them all quite accurate.

The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle, © 2020 Recoil Magazine It can be measured or computed empirically and has been for this recoil table.

Follow-up shots using a 1 MOA hold into the mirage resulted in hits, so I have to wonder if I misjudged the wind or simply had a flyer to the right.

Harrison: I saw pictures. A .338 Edge is a .300 RUM, necked up to .338 caliber. 338 Edge (.338/300 Ultra Mag, .338 Ultra Cat) is a Wildcat rifle cartridge based on the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum round necked up to accept 0.338" diameter bullets. Yep, that’s right — I couldn’t operate the bolt while staying in position on the rifle. Some shooters move up to the .406 Chey-Tac or the .50 Browning machine gun.

Small effects in trajectory that simply don’t affect shots at close distances increase exponentially with range. Might want to look at the .338 Edge instead. The first shot out of the new Stiller almost required me to have a gunsmith pop the barrel a quarter turn. There are lots of great actions out there, but in the end I chose a Stiller Predator action. At least not yet. The third day was set aside for the finals. Pshh, no. My first shot at 800 yards nearly hit the 3 inch aiming circle. Going for that 36×36-inch gong. The LRKM rifle is extremely accurate but the bullpup design, although executed as well as it could be, is clumsy on a bolt-action rifle.

I decided to cut way back and seat the bullets much deeper. Everything the Applied Ballistics shooting team is using is completely customized for one goal: ELR.

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I did exactly this and then loaded up some rounds using loads provided by other .338 Edge shooters. One-thousand yards turned into a mile; now one mile turned into two. They’ve clearly figured out the bullpup linkage problem, and others should take note.

Unlike normal shooting competitions, where only the shooter takes home the prize, the entire team (shooter Derek Rodgers, ballistician Paul Phillips, and wind caller Emil Praslick) all went home with the rewards. After all, the throat is usually what goes first on a barrel because of intense heat and pressure generated by powder particles and friction from the bullet. All rights reserved.

“Once we’ve gotten this down, the next benchmark will be 3 miles,” Bryan Litz, owner of Applied Ballistics and captain of their shooting team, tells us. [citation needed]. The reduced pressure prevents a cartridge from reaching the velocity it would normally, so this throat/chamber design is best suited for monsters like the 338 Terminator. Whether it’s the fastest Olympic 100-meter freestyle swim time, competitive hot dog eating, or sleeping with the most women in 24 hours (as recently broken by a 34-year-old man in Singapore; 57, in case you were curious), records are meant to be broken. Back in the day, a long-range match would stretch out to 1,000 yards.


Ryan Cleckner is a former special operations sniper and sniper instructor. [1] It is gaining popularity as a long-range cartridge due to the wide availability of 0.338" projectiles that have a high ballistic coefficient. The author trying his hand at distance. Zoomed-in view of targets seen in top photo. The main caliber utilized by the Applied Ballistics Team is the .375 Lethal Magnum. The rifle functioned well. The other issue with the .338 Lapua is that it has a case head larger than conventional magnums. Also check out GunUniversity.com. Without a brake or suppressor, recoil is stout yet by the same token it does not take great effort to take the sting out of this cartridge (even with a medium weight barrel). Second, I needed to change my position between each shot.

Incidentally, the training targets sat at 2.1 miles.

This is a unique tool that uses the physical principal that a conductor spinning generates an electrical field. Granted, I haven’t held more than 3 MOA for windage (this time of year is not too windy in AZ), but I will say my light winds are the trickiest – my last miss came when the wind appeared calm, but in fact I hit 2 MOA right with a dead on hold. Scaling up to .30 caliber and we get a bullet that should weigh 229 grains.

Practice runs were made with the shooter, ballistician, and wind caller, putting final finesse on their roles. The 338 Terminator is a monster. When it comes to long range shooting, I think big .338s are the way to go, but if you hate recoil, I think this cartridge crosses the threshold of sanity. Far from being strictly an elk and big bear cartridge, the new big case .338s really shine when it comes to long-range shooting. Sign Up today for our FREE Newsletter and get the latest articles and news delivered right to your inbox.


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