303 british bullets reloading
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My plan is to use neck-sized Prvi Partizan brass with 10-13 gr of Red Dot under a .312” diameter 123 gr plated bullet from Xtreme bullets. This is obviously based on military specs. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR. Al has a lot of oversized .31 moulds. Reloading The .303 British Rifle (Note: These are near maximum loads, you should use 10% less to start.) It may Right now, the rectal database says .250” and see what happens. Most of my loads come from Richard Lee's Modern Reloading Manual, which I highly recommend for anyone just starting out. When the bolt-action rifle became the standard for military shoulder arms in the late 19th century, the British Empire and the United States replaced their .45-caliber single-shot rifles with medium-bore repeating rifles. which, like a snowflake, is one of a kind, and run it through their full length die...crushing it back to its approximate, Subsequent firing and full length resizing overworks the brass and its life is reduced. Remember, it has to feed from a magazine into the chamber, so the bullet may see some forces acting upon it, depending on how one works the bolt.

Rule of thumb says seating depth should be at least the bullet's diameter, but we could probably get away with a little less than that, ya think? Leave it with the gunsmith and let him work his magic. Unlike today's commercial firearms, the chamber dimensions of most Lee Enfields vary greatly in size.

About; Disclaimer; Contact; Log in / Sign up.303 British - Manufacturer Loading Data. Each increment of one adds 3 thousandths of an inch to the length of the bolt head. Handloaders of the .303 British (left) can use lightweight bullets designed for the 7.62x39mm (right) for reduced-recoil plinking or varminting. In our terminology, "go" would be 1.63 mm or 0.064"; "no go" would be 1.63 + 0.15 mm = 1.78 mm

.303 British History Why Reload .303? These round are intended to just be cheap plinkers, nothing more, but it would still be interesting to know what sort of hunting niche these would be good for.

.table_d2e44 { border-color: #000000; To stop overworking the brass, neck resize your cases. Introduced in 1888, it spans an enormous range of time and use. Reloaders that are new to the 303 British cartridge have to understand that their chambers are probably a little long - NOT larger in diameter. Reloading .303 British My old Sierra manual shows a accuracy load for the 174 MK of 40.7 of IMR 4064. This is the brass after another 24hr soak in the ultra sonic cleaner. It is a cheap press that isn't fancy. prematurely ends its usefulness. Now living here in Canada getting reloading components is hit and miss, once you find a load that works right for you you can never find the powder/bullets again. Using bullets from Sierra SPT , Sierra HPBT MatchKing, Sierra SPT. .table_d2e44 td { My first time reloading for the 303 British round. }

NECK RESIZING My Loading Data; All User Loading Data; Components . I would start low (9-10 grains of Red Dot or Promo) and see what shakes out. from "0" to "3". All the larger game I have shot have been with my reloaded rounds. The 303 British Load Data for Peregrine Bullets is made available to enhance accuracy and consistency for the rifle connoisseur.

Most of my groups had issues (and I should have known better) but some were very competitive. :dude: I've no experience with the plated bullets in rifles, but in revolvers they needed lighter loads as used for lead, raher than treating like jacketed. Reloading the 303 British: Chambers and Headspace,