257 roberts vs 308
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Are there clear advantages to using the 100?

I don't ever plan to hunt black bear again. Jaime, I think you'll find most hunting rifles are carried a lot and shot seldom - unless the guy is a poor shot. The 308 Winchester is one 'helluva' cartridge design,right on the heels of the 30-06 but in a short action cartridge. Neidner released a very similar cartridge—the .25 Neidner—in 1920; both were (obviously) sound designs, giving unprecedented velocities for their time, considering the limits of the smokeless powders of the day.

Fires a 210 gr. Newton himself preferred the 100-grain load, at a muzzle velocity of 2800 fps; I would suppose in an effort to obtain a bit more sectional density. 7mm is hard to beat for all a round , and the 708 is one of the best. We've got you covered.• .338 Winchester vs. .375 H&H Magnum• .30-30 Winchester vs. .35 Remington• .257 Roberts vs. .250-3000 Savage• .270 Winchester vs. .280 Remington• .35 Whelen vs. 9.3x62mm Mauser• .416 Rigby vs. .416 Remington Magnum• .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield• .22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie• .300 Win. I've cut back on my deer rifles to play with handguns and just have the 257s and my 30-06.

Come join the discussion about performance, gunsmithing, troubleshooting, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Beautiful wood. I have been looking for a Winchester Model 70 (1947) with one of these cartridges. The .25-06 Remington holds the edge as far as a variety of factory loads available, however the .257 Weatherby is far from a proprietary load. I'd go for the 308. This translates to all sorts of hydraulic shock, which is the primary reason that proponents of the .257 Weatherby swear by the cartridge. Do you think it will look funny if I fit it with a 2.5-10x56mm Nikon Gold I have sitting around? Granted he did not have a Roberts but a 336 Marlin(that he still hunts with to this day BTW) but I digress. For long range shooting out west, I would probably go with the .270.

The .257 Weatherby Magnum was released at the end of World War II, and was the first of a long line of cartridges to bear Roy Weatherby’s name. I see that we are all Bored, this summer is almost over and Fall will be here soon enough. The Roberts will be just as effective on whitetails and more pleasant on the shoulder. Thanks for all the input guys! I have a 257roberts in a hunting rifle and an Encore pistol. Guns and Shooting Online has compiled an extensive table comparing the recoil of many rifle cartridges and bullet weights in rifles of various weights Dropped that 8 point buck like a 181 pound sack of potatoes. I like the way you think taylorce1...... maybe 250 AI? 257 is high cool factor, accurate, light recoil.

and 59 sec. Good Ole 270! I like the 257 because of its "cool factor" and my general affection for "oddball" cartridges. I own and shoot both and have killed a bunch of deer with both.

I've got a handful of parts coming together for a Faux-Ti type of 243AI. Re: 257 Roberts or 7-08 for deer #2489541 10/10/08: Joined: Jul 2005. If you want a new rifle, then you're limited to a Ruger. I've got to throw my vote in for the .308. It's about way more than whacking whitetails, as both do a great job of putting venison in the freezer.

They’ve had serious competition from the .25-06 Remington, .243 Winchester and 6mm Remington, not to mention the recent infatuation with the 6.5mm cartridges. Big enough for all but the largest of big game (although it's been used for elephants, grizzly's, etc.) …

I have two but have yet to take a deer with that cartridge. Deer and 25 calibers is the ultimate proof of God's existence. The .257 Roberts, also known as .257 Bob, is a medium-powered .25 caliber cartridge. If you doubt this? Friday, July 20, 2018. Remember reading an article by some fairly respected writer (whose name escapes me) back a few decades ago who put all the factors together and came up with the conclusion that the .308 is the perfect whitetail caliber. .308. Ammo it not the issue here, there is not to much in the way of Big Game hunting in North America were you would be at a disadvantage by shooting a Bob, I can think of only two were I would want more gun, and in those two cases I would want at least a .30-06.

I just recently bought a Kimber Montana in .257 Roberts, and look forward to shooting it soon. I found out long ago the work starts after the shot. Accurate even @ long range (ask anyone whose been to sniper school) & comes in a variety of rifles: autoloaders, levers, bolts, singles, etc..

I find myself shooting the bob way more. "The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the Citizen" - Dennis Prager. 257 ROBERTS vs.308 WIN for whitetail only hunting. But , with luck, you might find a Winchester M70 or Reminton 700 in .257 Roberts. I once had a Remington ADL 30-06 that I purchased as a 2LT in the U.S. Army. 257 Roberts used to be very popular but is it enough caliber for your intended game. 308 is the winner! The .257 Roberts is a low recoiling, mild powered cartridge. Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Since your looking at a "pre" Model 70. On the other hand . 1 single-shot. Have used hot shot fancy bullets over hotted up handloads. It has been described as the best compromise between the low recoil and flat trajectory of smaller calibers such as the .22 and 6mm, and the strong energy but not the strong recoil of larger popular hunting calibers, such as the 7mm family and the popular .30-06. laffin. Sufficient powder capacity to get good velocity. I suppose the best answer for this age-old (2011) question is to pick the .257 bob, if you can't find a .250 savage.

Another thing I always hear is "Get this caliber because you can find it in every hardware store" That does play into it some, but how many times have you ever forgot your ammo when you went hunting. after it's officially dark. This makes the Roberts a very good deer size game cartridge with low very tolerable recoil. Noted for mild recoil, the .257 Roberts hits game animals with authority, and shoots flat. Both were shot high and dropped in their tracks with the 99 in .308. Thinking back on the last dozen whitetails I've shot, the ones that collapsed in the shortest order were taken with 120gr Partitions from a .257 Roberts.

I have 3 708s, but prefer the 7SAUM and the 6.5x55. 100 gr. It was Remington—which has done such a good job in recognizing those wildcat cartridges that deserve to be brought to the masses—that made an honest cartridge out of the .25-06 in 1969. For medium/large game... need penetration as well as energy. I'd rather have a .308 because it's cheaper to shoot, and you can buy ammo in the stores. Upset eh RD, those emails from OT get your attention ? It doesn't need gay expensive mono-metal bullets to do the job and you can actually walk into a store and buy ammo for $14.95 a box.

However, in the hands of the handloaders, the Robert’s case showed all sorts of potential, especially with the 117- and 120-grain bullets. It has the same shoulder angle—17-degrees, 30-minutes—as its father, and will drive the 120-grain bullets just shy of 3000 fps. The .257 will require gay, mono-metal, & expensive bullets. 308 shooting 150-165s. Put me in the Bob camp. My opinions on the perfect deer caliber/ cartridge is 7mm, in either the 7-08, or the coolest of them all the 7x57. Repent your personal stinginess sins and go forth and stimulate the economy.Last I heard you can't take it with and you sure don't need people at your funeral saying he was a cheap bastard "only left one rifle" my 2 cts worth. In the middle of nowhere ordering ammo online and getting it delivered in time to hunt the next morning is tricky. bullet at 2900 fps.

Shots are seldom over 200yds. Shot him with a 150 gr. Just as the Savage and Roberts cartridges began life as wildcats—and they are both solid designs—the .25-06 Remington and .257 Weatherby Magnum are the brainchild of those experimental riflemen who felt the need to find the fastest .25 caliber cartridge they could. I’m not sure how long it would need to be in order to burn the entire powder column inside the barrel, but it would certainly be unwieldy at the very least. 257 Roberts all the way. Both cartridges are fully capable of eroding the throat of a barrel, especially with a rapid succession of shots. The 165 gr. Mag. The .270 simply because of better versatility and ammo availability.

The .260 Rem and 6.5x55 are basically ballistic twins, although the … You shpuld check and see if Savage is making a rifle in 257Roberts. The BOB is a great all around cartridge. And one will probably light one's fire more than the other. I was recently on a hunt in Texas, with a couple other prominent gun writers—I bet you can just imagine how deep those cartridge conversations ran—when both proclaimed, “Whatever I point my Two-Fifty-Seven at falls out of the scope!”. The .257 Weatherby is an overbore design, meaning that there is more powder in the case than can be burned in a conventional barrel length.

As noted, either will do, but I prefer the larger, heavier bullets of the 7mm-08. I may want to dispense some suffering 29min. Campfire Tracker. just dont want to sell my self short. The ONLY difference I can tell is the size of the entrance hole, which really doesn't matter.

Therefore the higher impact velocity of the .257 Weatherby Magnum will—and in most instances apparently does—switch off a deer’s nervous system. The .257 was designed to run in a bolt gun, and any receiver that was designed for the 7x57mm Mauser will handle the .257 Roberts perfectly. Only had the308 for about5 yrs and like it very much but for deer sized game the Roberts is more than enough. The Roberts kills better than it should..... We need to get this thing settled - forget the .257 RBTS and the .308 WIN - I learned right here on the Campfire (from Ingwe) that the only round that really rates is the .270 WIN.


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