2020 corvette production update
Just happened to stop on the way back to Indiana. I too am not pleased with the price increase when I made a deposit 9 months ago! GM is not going to be specific as to the details as MFGs do not give that info out. Since reaching that 6700 number last Friday, we can estimate that Corvette production will hit VIN 7000 in the next day or so and by the end of the week we should be close to or just past the VIN for 7200. See how that works out once the Vettes are delivered. Then huge Covid-19 delays. Then people get more upset if it keeps changing. On August 4th 2020 my local dealer had his GM CONFERENCE CALL and again GM says it intends to build all 20,181 MY2020 cars. Does anyone have information that Mr. Leno either received or has on order, a C8? Beyond Frustrated Just be glad you have an order and you will get one.

"While the 2020 model year is an unusual one due to the labor stoppage and COVID, Corvette has deviated from traditional model year launch timing in the past. Red Mist, Convertible, LT3 Z51 High wing with the ground effects, black top, lift, mag ride. I’m sure that GM would rather have been making C-8s, than having the plant shut down for those weeks. It does disrupt supply chains, and the support company’s have to deal with sick employees too. Instead of the 2,700 2020 Corvettes confirmed as of May, Chevrolet has delivered 12,634 2020 Corvettes through the first three quarters of the year. Life is full of disappointments and you just need to deal with it. "It’s too early for us to speculate on how this will potentially affect 2021 production as we haven’t yet announced when 2021 production will end," Kelly noted. I will be surprised if GM, I mean UAW, does not need to be bailed out AGAIN by the taxpayer. The exact reasoning behind the new production start date for 2021 model year vehicles is currently unclear, however, the new start date will give General Motors some additional time to fill remaining 2020 model year orders. My 50th Anniversary Edition C5 is still the prettiest Corvette produced so maybe having that is sufficient. I have been pushed back to 2021 C8 coupe, silver flare metallic, adrenaline red seats, 2 LT, Z51, GT2 seats, front lift, edge red calipers, edge red engine cover, engine appearance package, ext side composite rockers, carbon flash painted mirrors and rear spoiler and gray trident spoke wheels. He loves anything and everything on four wheels. There is only one first year C8 and that happens to be 2020. I am purchasing a brand new 2020 car that is going to be one year old by the time I receive it, is GM going to pay for the depreciation of a car that is one year old even if it is 0 miles the whole thing just sucks. As reported previously, production of the C8 Corvette at the GM Bowling Green Assembly plant in Kentucky was halted Monday, October 12th, as a result of a temporary parts supply issue. Since I live in NY, I will be getting a car that I will be putting away for the winter. 2020 Corvette Canadian Production Updates. Why would GM put out a 2021 production date they they cannot achieve unless the promised un-built 2020’s will be built as 2021’s. I agree to receive emails from Motor Authority. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The harsh reality is if you want a C8 wait if not cancel your order and someone else will take the slot.

Order placed 8-13-2020 for a C-8 2021 HTC, Torch Red, Adrenaline Red, Front Lift, Performance Exhaust, Bright Red-Calipers, Body-Color Ext. My dealer had a 400 certified 1LT C8 and sold it to an acquaintance of my ne for $99.5 k. So paying full sticker is a discount at this time.

I was bumped from 2020 also getting the 1st 2021 at my dealer. © COPYRIGHT 2020 POWERED BY LSX V8 ENGINES, LOVE & REVERENCE. Seriously wish GM would get off their ass and update the C8 Build to Order online to the 2021 stuff since they are done with taking 2020 orders anyway. I see it all the time. Would be a miracle to receive it by Christmas. Now I had to order a 2021. The move creates a trade-off for buyers. This whole deal is fluid and could change weekly. Because if he doesn’t he has no Idea the frustration people are dealing with who do.

I’ve learned to be patient. Also started looking a Cayman GT 4s. During the Virtual NCM Bash, the chart that was shared by the Corvette Team showed Convertibles accounted for 17% of 2020 orders. As of this writing, November 16th is the most up-to-date timeframe for the SORP for the 2021 Corvette. These are outside implications that are out of GM’s control. We'll send you one email per day with the latest GM updates. I don’t know how they will be able to produce this many cars in the 49 production days between 9/8 and 11/16. No communications from the dealer at all. Accents, Gray-Painted Wheels, Torch Red Seats Belts, Mag Ride. I am now told I have to wait on a 2021 and the price is $1500 higher! We'll send you one email per day with the latest GM updates. AF, Your email address will not be published. We are also looking for an experienced forum moderator to join our team. We'll send you one email per day with the latest GM updates. Are you excited for the arrival of the 2021 Corvette?

Mystery test mule spotted in Maranello, Rare 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra Competition roars into Jay Leno's Garage, SSC to re-run Tuatara land-speed record attempt, not submitting current run to Guinness, The 23-window VW Bus was designed to tour the Swiss Alps, 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Long Wheelbase spy shots: Stretched version of style-led SUV coming, Hennessey's VelociRaptor V8 Bronco will be a 758-horsepower, $225,000 monster, First drive review: 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 is a billy goat that's not too gruff, Preview: 2021 Dodge Challenger sees wide-body option spread to more grades, Ferrari LaFerrari successor, Ares S1 Project, 2022 Genesis GV70: Today's Car News, Here's some of the wild Toyota Supras built for the 2020 SEMA show. Why would Leno want one? I keep seeing GM advertising huge multi-thousand dollar discounts on all their 2020 models, some up to $6000. As we discussed Monday, Convertibles started this week. As we reported yesterday, the 2020 Corvette’s Frunk update has been released and those cars still at the plant will be updated prior to shipping to dealers. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Sorry but the car is ordered and 5gey will ship it when it is done. Which was canceled due to lack of parts inventory. I ordered August 18, 2019 and was push back to a 21. It is also frustrating that when you contact the dealer, they know nothing and when you contact the Corvette Concierge they tell you to try back In 3-4 weeks and to check with you no nothing dealer. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Now, it is reported that C8 Corvette production has officially resumed. However, then, there’s Jay Leno. Was planning on museum delivery but thanks to gm for changing my build date from September 21 to November 2nd now there’s no way I can do museum delivery now living in Minnesota. (i.e., 4 year b2b) Now, however, production of the C8 Corvette has resumed at the Bowling Green facility. Chevrolet confirmed it built about 2,700 units of the 2020 Corvette between February 3, when the model entered production, and March 20, when the … Required fields are marked *. — Option of changing to 2021 at 2020 prices including options and guaranteed early build. We know, advertisements are annoying and slow down the internet. Pathetic. With the production of 2020 Corvette to resume this week and the Corvette Convertible to begin by July 20, Chevy is targeting to produce 20,181 units in total, according to CorvetteBlogger's report. In May, after the coronavirus had shut down the Corvette production line, we speculated that the 2,700 Corvettes built at the time could be the end of the 2020 production run. However, due to the production delays incurred this year and in 2019, some of the orders for the 2020 model year have been pushed back to the 2021 model year.


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