2 knights in a tarot reading
Events? For love readings, two Eights can represent the drive to make your relationship amazing. The things you assumed you wanted from your life will no longer will be suitable for you. If you are expecting a payment, this is a great card to see in your Tarot reading and can put your mind at ease. As a part of yourself, the Knight of Pentacles suggests that you need to be trustworthy, reliable and a good provider. I drew 3 knights (swords, coins, wands) in answer to a question, which I seldom do. In love readings, four Eights indicates noteworthy psychological changes with regards to how you perceive relationships. These revelations are actually a very good thing for you and will lead you in a positive, clear direction.

For example, if you currently believe in true love you may start to question this belief. It truly made me raise my eyebrows. The above interpretation is what I am going to use as a guide to decipher what it means when you receive lots of Eights in your Tarot reading. Knights are also slightly more mature than a Page.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! The Knight of the Cups often appears as a messenger, an invitation or the arrival of someone or something with an emotional benefit. Through her website DivinationAndFortuneTelling.com she teaches both experienced and would-be readers how they can predict the future of their love lives, relationships and businesses using Tarot. At present he was a young warrior, hell-bent on saving the world and all its occupants from the evils of corrupt rulers and dictators. Convinced that they are right, they strong-arm others to do things their way regardless of how much it hurts the other person. © 2020 Biddy Tarot.

All prices in USD. As people, Knights are highly action-oriented – more so than the Pages.

On the negative side, however, he can be blind to potential challenges and consequences of his actions, and may charge forth into a dangerous territory without any foresight or preparation. If you’ve been searching for an easy to use, fresh, modern, practical guide to the meanings of every Tarot card (upright and reversed), I’ve got just the thing for you.

Decisions will be made without much thought and instead they are made drawing upon inner direction, with the experience of warmth, friendliness, love and the need to share these qualities with everyone.

This Knight should have you tingling with anticipation. My book, The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, is a straight-forward, relevant and comprehensive guide to every Tarot card. Do they mean people? However, the downside is that he will rush into things and may potentially rail-road others to get what he wants. I would interpret two Eights as a symbolizing will-power and motivation but also a desire to do things perfectly the first time around.

Many Tarot decks are designed by artists who may take liberties with the Tarot’s original themes. Oftentimes, the Knight of Wands can indicate a hasty change of residence, job or other living arrangement. When it comes to business and career readings, four Eights will signal a desire to completely change paths. 4 Kings = great honour; 3 Kings = consultation; 2 Kings = minor counsel. You need to be ready to react quickly and go with the flow as resistance is useless.

Personally, I would take three Eights as symbolizing a mind-set shift which you do not act upon. This builds off my post, “How to Read the Court Cards Like an Expert” to help other Tarot students learn more about these tricky cards.

Although you may think this is a bad thing, it is not; you will gain more clarity with regards to your life choices. You are in ‘implementation mode’ and are committed to getting the job done, even if it requires hard work along the way. Such excessive feelings and behavior can be either positive or negative depending on the circumstances. In this blog series, I focus on each of the Court Cards – the Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings of the Tarot – to help you understand how you can interpret these Tarot cards in your readings. If you would like to know more about how to interpret the intentions of your partner using Tarot cards, be sure to check out my Love Tarot Meanings E-Book. The Knight of Wands rides a galloping brown horse. He sets off on his journey in haste and often fails to have a clear plan of attack and this may negatively impact his chances of longer-term success. Knights are the court’s defenders and messengers. In career related readings, two Eights predict that you will try your hardest to do a good job and be noticed.

On a physical level, Knights can represent adults aged between 20 and 35 (more or less). Ultimately this choice will lead us to balance but we may not see everything ,trust your intuition in order to reach the desired outcome,balance. Advice . Someone else? Brown is a neutral color and indicates that inspiration must be applied with your own biases. However, the cards around the Knight become magnified by its presence. The Knight of Cups rides a pure white stallion trotting on the path of love as he raises his chalice for his one true love. Whenever a Knight appears in your Tarot reading, events in your world need promotion or defense. But the meaning tied to the horses ridden by each Knight is significant. Big changes are seen in the synthesis of the cards just before and just after the Knight.

In some cases, eight can represent drive and perfectionism. Would he be any better himself when his time came to take over from his father, Is there four, three, or two cards numbered Eight in your reading? We've already looked at the Page Court Cards. Knights are the court’s defenders and messengers. He may also neglect to understand the needs of others as he fervently pursues his own goals. For business or work related readings, three Eights represents you taking stock of where you have come. Each suit of Knights provides details about the amplified energy in your life. The Knight of Cups is the card of falling in love at first sight. Learn more here. He may be in love with love itself. Does your spread contain multiple Eights? You will begin to question if what you previously wanted is what you truly need. In relationships, at some time in the future you are going to get cold feet. The downside to the Knight of Wands is that while he is bursting with energy and enthusiasm, he has a tendency to rush into things without much consideration for the consequences of his actions.

Tarot card images courtesy of the Everyday Tarot, The Wild Unknown and Lumina Tarot. This symbolizes the speed at which debate changes people. But the sixteen Court Cards of the Tarot deck are considered to be royalty and remain numberless. You can expect to see a lot of change and action occurring around you, and you will no doubt be swept up by the restless, ‘busy’ energy whether you like it or not! Or, if you never believed in marriage you will reassess these opinions and so on. The Knight of Pentacles is a harbinger of money in your pocket. He is highly insistent even if others stand in his way, criticise him or challenge him. An important matter is likely to enter your life and demand your attention until it passes. One of the most common challenges for those learning Tarot is understanding the Court Cards. Can you contain your emotions with enough discipline to properly flirt and seduce a love interest? The Knight of Wands is an ‘act first, think later’ type of guy. Born into a Romany Gypsy family of fortune tellers, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age.

The Knight of Cups is charming and attractive to others, regardless of their sex, while still expressing the romantic, poetic view of life in his unique way. BrightEye. And does a Queen really have to be a woman? Weekly Tarot Forecast for December 23 – 29, 2010, 4 Must-Watch Webinars From National Psychic Week, Psychic Predictions and the 2020 Election. I will also be using my own experience plus early Tarot texts in the below meanings. As an event, the Knight of Wands may indicate an event that enters your life quickly and unexpectedly. Lisa Boswell is an award-winning Tarot reading teacher who currently resides in Scotland. The Knight of Pentacles works in a very methodical and rigorous manner. The Knight’s presence adds very little to the story beyond the subject of its suit and the certainty that a speedy change to the situation is coming. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. The Knight’s amazing power is to deliver the news without actually being the news.

The Knight of Pentacles sits astride a black mare at standstill rest. Also, below I have a 100% free Tarot for Beginner’s Guide which includes meanings, spreads and more.


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