14 bolt torque pattern

A range of US Military trucks over the years have been equipped with the 14-Bolt rear axle, including the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle or "CUCV". If you are using stock-style ring gear bolts that originally used a spit washer, you must also replace the washers with new ones.

The job can be done with the axle in or out of the vehicle. This page was last edited on 29 July 2020, at 18:03. I wrote a compete article on this process which you can read for detailed info. This picture is taken with the two hubs sitting on the bench simulating the position they would each be in when mounted on the spindle. holding metal particles / debris in the gear oil. Use a clamp or similar device to keep pressure on the two halves of the carrier as you remove the ring gear bolts because spring pressure from the differential will try and force the two halves apart. This means that all the different styles of spindle nuts (4 slot, 6 slot, hex, This Swapping Type B hubs onto where Type A hubs used to be will cause a reduction in axle width WMS-WMS.

In the 14-Bolt, pinion depth is controlled by shimming the pinion bearing retainer. If the pattern is towards the top, the pinion is not deep enough and must be moved closer to the ring gear centreline by subtracting from the shim stack. It is also fairly easily distinguished Repeat the process until all bolts are within the appropriate range of torque. The bottom of the gear tooth, a.k.a. Note 4 - To prevent rod bolts from loosening, install a split lock washer on each bolt and then torque them to specs. If need be they can be removed and replaced with PASS 3 Torque Sequence…

E – Coast. EDM works by eroding material in the path of electrical discharges that form an arc between an electrode tool and the work piece.

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between .003" - .012", with .005"-.008" preferred,

4. the pinion nut washer... ...and install a brand new pinion nut. With the ring gear installed, place the carrier on the bench and install the carrier bearings. Drum brakes were offered on many full size GM vans for several more years, only by 2003 all vans came with disc brakes.

The top of the gear tooth, a.k.a. *CAUTION* - With this axle, as indeed

The four settings are: Backlash My disk brake conversion didn't cost over $150 ($40 each run-out of both the ring-gear and the carrier mounting flange to determine 5) Flange imperfections, rotation and deflection are ignored.

go to remove the wheel hub outer bearing and race. nicest case of the later, more extreme, shaving job that I have come across. If you're re-using both the carrier and the ring gear (i.e.

It didn't last well enough for his liking, “Float” refers to whether or not the weight of the vehicle is placed on the axle shaft (aka half-shaft) or the axle housing. I used the trusty hammer and a large deep socket to carefully drive it out.


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