Prepaid Card from

fast diverse secure


All withdrawal orders are completed
during 1 business hour

High limits

Withdraw up to $15,000 USD
to prepaid card daily


Plastic Card is chip, PIN
and 3D Secure protected

Perfect solution for Forex traders, Forex IB partners, Binary option traders, hosting services, design and consultancy services, bloggers, forum owners, who accept online payments on their websites and want to withdraw funds in fast and secure way. Prepaid Card Fees

Options Currency - USD
Activation Fee Free
Fee for withdrawal to card 2.5-7.5%
Card cost 17 USD
Monthly maintenance fee 2 USD
POS Transaction fee 2 USD
POS decline fee 1.2 USD
ATM Withdrawal fee 2% (Min 4 / Max 10 USD)
ATM decline fee 1.2 USD
ATM balance check fee 1.2 USD
Airmail delivery cost 10 USD
Airmail delivery 10-21 business days
DHL Delivery cost 70 USD
DHL Delivery 5-10 business days

worldwide-bitcoin-card Unichange Card is accepted at millions of ATMs worldwide and any POS machines that are Mastercard enabled.
After transaction is completed all your funds are safe on the card account issued by EU licensed card issuer.

Order Unichange Prepaid Card! Prepaid Card limits

Loading rules
Maximum number of loading transactions per day 3
Maximum single load 5,000 USD
Maximum daily load 15,000 USD
Maximum card storage 10,000 USD
Maximum lifetime load no limit
ATM withdrawal
Number of ATM operations per day 6
Value of ATM withdrawal per day 1,500 USD
POS rules
Number of purchases per day no limit
Value of purchases per day 10,000 USD

Frequently Asked Questions about Unichange Cards

1. Can I order Unichange Card?

Yes, you can easily order Unichange card, if your country is supported by the card issuer.
Please check the list of countries below where you ARE ABLE to request and use Unichange prepaid card.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

If you did not find your country in the above list please contact Support team for further assistance.

2. How many cards can I order?

Every customer can order only 1 Unichange card on our service.

3. How can I pay for Unichange Prepaid Card?

You are welcome to choose the most convenient payment method for you in your account.

4. Do I need to verify my account to be able to order card?

Yes. The first step to get Prepaid card from Unichange is to register an account and verify your cell phone number and your documents. You are welcome to upload the required documents (please, check our Verification guide here) for your card order and card limits upgrade. No additional verification on card issuer website is required.
We would like to pay your attention that, upon using your card, additional information (such as source of funds) may be requested to meet the regulatory requirements of the card issuer.

5. Where can I use Unichange Prepaid Card?

You are welcome to use Prepaid Card from Unichange worldwide wherever the Mastercard acceptance mark is displayed:
  • at millions of ATMs worldwide;
  • at POS locations to pay for your purchases;
  • you can pay with the card online;
  • to verify Paypal account.

6. How to withdraw to card?

As soon as card is activated, please, inform Unichange team about it. Option to withdraw funds will be added to your account and you will be able to place an order to fund your card on website.

7. How long does it take for funds to be credited to card?

It takes 1 business hour to complete your order.

Order Unichange Prepaid Card!