Google Wallet + Google Glass = Future of e-commerce


Google Glass is an innovative device developed by Google, that brings your digital experience on the brand new level. Smartphones and tablets are usually distracting us a lot from our daily life activities. Google Glass is there for us to save our time, as your hands are free when you operate it. Google Glass can … Read moreGoogle Wallet + Google Glass = Future of e-commerce – new multi-channel digital wallet by Visa

visa_digital_wallet is a multi-channel digital wallet by Visa, which was released in May 2012. In comparison to Visa Europe, has undergone some outstanding changes. Developers of have solved usability issue. Unlike Visa Europe it is utterly simple to use. There is no need to enter your long card number, expiration date, bill-to and … Read – new multi-channel digital wallet by Visa

QR code vs NFC: what is better?


Current lifestyle influences on people’s preferences in present-day technologies. Nowadays we have fewer and fewer time for everything. This is the reason why we tend to make easier as much processes in our everyday life as possible. Financial operations are not exception. Near Field Communication and QR codes are there for people who are in … Read moreQR code vs NFC: what is better?

Launch of e-currency wallets by Visa and MasterCard


Visa announced about launching of Beta version of e-currency wallet This project was supported by partner, which is a popular online retailer, In November 2011 currency world has already known about appearance but Visa e-wallet launching has been performed later than MasterCard e-wallet launched its MasterCard PayPass Wallet. MasterCard announced a new … Read moreLaunch of e-currency wallets by Visa and MasterCard

Choosing a Credit Card: How-Tos


All of us know that there is a huge and severe competition today among credit card companies. For some reasons it’s good – you can choose what is more suitable for you, on the other hand it’s bad because you face with problems of choosing “which one is better?” and it can totally confuse you. … Read moreChoosing a Credit Card: How-Tos

Visa and Mastercard Debit/Credit card types


Visa Visa Inc. is American multinational financial services corporation. The main office is located in San Francisco, California, USA. Visa is a global payments company that provides electronic transfers of money all over the world, most commonly through Visa-branded credit and debit cards. Visa Inc. was founded in 1976. Visa Inc. provides financial centers with … Read moreVisa and Mastercard Debit/Credit card types