Marketing trends for businesses in 2013


Successful marketing company of a business can skyrocket sales. Every year there are some trends to follow to always go hand in hand with development of technologies and carefully follow current customer needs. Here are the most popular marketing trends of 2013. Big data Big data lets businesses learn a lot of information about their … Read moreMarketing trends for businesses in 2013

4 E-commerce anti-trends in 2013


Trends and trend-setters always exist. It is very smart to follow them, as it shows that you are modern innovative and it may help you develop. We have already made a list of hot trends in the sphere of e-commerce for the next year. They can help you in you business. Not all trends although … Read more4 E-commerce anti-trends in 2013

9 Hot e-commerce trends in 2013

9 hot e-commerce innovations in 2013

E-commerce is developing more and more each year. In 2012 we witnessed astonishing rise of e-commerce. The next year, 2013, is going to heat it up even more. We have made a list of trends for the next year, which it is recommended to follow to drive successful online business. Multichannel Retailing E-commerce becomes more … Read more9 Hot e-commerce trends in 2013