Mobile device protection


Consumers are more and more savvy and now shopping online using PC is already not enough for them. Mobile era has begun. When shopping online regardless which device to use you need to protect yourself from fraudsters and hackers. Especially it is of high value when you store a lot of persona and financial information … Read moreMobile device protection

7 Tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment


The era of window-shopping is spreading to online dimension. There are lots of people who spend hours watching different goods online and never buy them. Cart abandonment is the process when shoppers browse around online store, pick some merchandise to their shopping carts but never check out at the end. In fact, level of cart … Read more7 Tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Let the holiday shopping begin!


It is the end of November and almost in every country Christmas haste has already begun. In Canada holiday shopping season usually begins just after the Halloween. European countries join the rush in the middle of November. For example, in the U.K. Holiday shopping season is “on” when the streets are decorated with Christmas lights. … Read moreLet the holiday shopping begin!

Online loans: the definition, the main borrowers and lenders


The popularity of online loans across the globe is clear. Online loans become the only way of salvation for many online retailers or even simple customers. Loans solve the problem related to money. All over the globe online loans are accessible for everyone who needs money urgently. It is easy to explain the popularity and … Read moreOnline loans: the definition, the main borrowers and lenders

The world market of digital payment systems


The market of digital payments systems is borderless. The main task and idea of e-market is to conduct financial transaction on the Internet. Nowadays there are a lot of digital payment systems that integrate national currency, gold and other precious metals with online based technology to provide a fast and secure opportunity for businesses, people … Read moreThe world market of digital payment systems