How to top up card


A bank card has great advantages in comparison with a cash: it is faster and more convenient to pay in the store; it is safer if you need to carry a large amount of money, because in the case of loss or theft you need to make just one call to the bank to have … Read moreHow to top up card

International wire transfer vs. local bank transfer

international_wire_transfer_vs_local_bank_transfer offers users to buy BTC-e,, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay with international wire transfer or local bank transfer. Many people getting acquainted with e-currency exchange sphere might want to know the difference? What is more efficient? Why should I use this or that option? So this article is dedicated to give answers to such … Read moreInternational wire transfer vs. local bank transfer

The world market of digital payment systems


The market of digital payments systems is borderless. The main task and idea of e-market is to conduct financial transaction on the Internet. Nowadays there are a lot of digital payment systems that integrate national currency, gold and other precious metals with online based technology to provide a fast and secure opportunity for businesses, people … Read moreThe world market of digital payment systems

E-currency trading market, features and values


General information about e-currency trading It’s generally known that the safest and most profitable investments you can make on the Internet at the moment are the ones which are made in business of e-currency exchange. There are numbers of available electronic currencies for personal or business use on the Internet. And each of them competes … Read moreE-currency trading market, features and values

E-currency types and features


In fact all electronic currencies are “online payment systems” which allow you to send/receive transfers instantly any amount to a person or a company all over the world. It could be just a gift or a payment for goods or a service that person needs. The Main benefits you get from using one of the … Read moreE-currency types and features