How to verify PayPal account with card


PayPal payment system needs no introduction – almost 200 million customers all over the world use PayPal for online payments. And each customer knows that in order to be able to expand all the benefits and to receive access to all available features of PayPal it is necessary to verify an account inside the system. … Read moreHow to verify PayPal account with card

New Ebay email scam


Email scams are nothing to be surprised at. Scams via email were mostly bound to identity scam. In this way thieves are trying to get your login details from accounts on PayPal or Ebay, etc. Users would receive fake emails from PayPal or Ebay, claiming that they urgently need to enter their account on PayPal … Read moreNew Ebay email scam

New authentication protocol for e-commerce from FIDO


FIDO or Fast Identity Online Alliance promotes revolutionary authentication protocol for e-commerce and other spheres. This protocol is to give users higher level of security. Creation of FIDO Alliance was forced by up-to-date security requirements. Modern Internet users have to confirm their identity while entering a lot of important accounts and services. Current password authentication … Read moreNew authentication protocol for e-commerce from FIDO

My Cash Card from PayPal


The way people manage their finances changes. Modern technologies influence the way we shop and the way we pay for what they buy. More and more people go online to avoid hustles of brick-and-mortar stores. On November 13, PayPal announced release of PayPal My Cash Card. It is the first “fully branded cash loading token” … Read moreMy Cash Card from PayPal

QR code vs NFC: what is better?


Current lifestyle influences on people’s preferences in present-day technologies. Nowadays we have fewer and fewer time for everything. This is the reason why we tend to make easier as much processes in our everyday life as possible. Financial operations are not exception. Near Field Communication and QR codes are there for people who are in … Read moreQR code vs NFC: what is better?