Why electronic money is becoming so popular?


Our life has been changed by the new technologies and money is not an exception. The traditional ways of the monetary exchange have developed into electronic ones. Nowadays, electronic money has become increasingly popular among people around the world. And this is not surprising, because it is really convenient way for: site owners, who can use … Read moreWhy electronic money is becoming so popular?

NFC mobile payments overview


Mobile payments is the buzz phrase these days. A lot of articles and predictions appeared on the Web stating that this year mobile payments will become leading trend in the sphere of e-commerce. NFC payments and mobile wallets are all you need to pay with your mobile. Easy and smart and convenient ways of payment. … Read moreNFC mobile payments overview

Prepaid debit cards: main advantages


Rising trend in the sphere of noncash payments is prepaid debit card. Number of people preferring to use prepaid cards for making purchases and payments is constantly growing. Prepaid debit cards combine simplicity of cash and advantages of debit cards, opening broad possibilities for customers. In comparison to cash prepaid cards are more reliable and … Read morePrepaid debit cards: main advantages

Skrill acquires Paysafecard.com


On the 8th of February Skrill finalized acquisition of Paysafecard.com Europe’s largest online payment system – Skrill (Moneybookers) – and Austrian provider of prepaid cards – Paysafecard.com – announced about future acquisition back in June 2012. This purchase is a really significant step for Skrill (former Moneybookers) in expanding its borders. Paysafecard.com is the largest … Read moreSkrill acquires Paysafecard.com

New payment method from Twitter and American Express


Twitter together with American Express launched new feature on Twitter. Now users can pay for goods with #Hashtag. This innovation turns social media in a convenient shopping cart for users. Owners of American Express cards will be able to purchase discounted products using their Twitter account in 2 simple steps. All you need to do … Read moreNew payment method from Twitter and American Express

My Cash Card from PayPal


The way people manage their finances changes. Modern technologies influence the way we shop and the way we pay for what they buy. More and more people go online to avoid hustles of brick-and-mortar stores. On November 13, PayPal announced release of PayPal My Cash Card. It is the first “fully branded cash loading token” … Read moreMy Cash Card from PayPal

Contactless payments by Barclaycard


Credit card department of Barclays bank (England) – Barclaycard has introduced stickers for contactless payments, it calls PayTag for Visa card owners. Small device in size of the third part of regular plastic card, can be attached to the cell phone, which as opposed to money is always in your pocket. According to the reason … Read moreContactless payments by Barclaycard