Opportunities to use your Bitcoin

Opportunities to use your Bitcoin

Bitcoin was originally created as an alternative decentralized payment method. In some parts of the world, it is still a more efficient, cheaper and almost instant way to transfer money across borders. Many individuals feel more comfortable holding a part of their wealth in securely-stored Bitcoin, where a central authority cannot block access or take … Read moreOpportunities to use your Bitcoin

Things you should keep in mind when investing in Bitcoin


At the time when everything is being digitalized, currency is not an exclusion. Bitcoin is now one of the digital currencies people want to invest in. With so many people talking about the Bitcoins these days, you would get to hear more than one opinion for it. Some say it is absolutely wasteful to invest … Read moreThings you should keep in mind when investing in Bitcoin

Is it really possible to kill Bitcoin?


Though Bitcoin remains stable for nearly 10 years, people are still arguing whether it will continue its existence or loose its popularity. From the technical side Bitcoin will exist as long as the set of computers using appropriate programming facilities exists and only this breakdown will lead to its destruction. All the other scenarios won`t … Read moreIs it really possible to kill Bitcoin?

New Bitcoin rate – the point of no return or the new horizon?


Volatility of exchange rates – the question of interest for those, who wondered at least once how to profit on currencies fluctuations. If the volatility of fiat currencies is at least predictable, this trick will not always work for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was prophesied different variants of its future destiny – one were ardently convinced in … Read moreNew Bitcoin rate – the point of no return or the new horizon?

Anonymous mobile payments from Amazon.com


It is widespread that entities use the Web to conduct payments. Usually information of both parties making “funds-commodity” exchange is shared. In some cases data can be personal or private and individual may want it to remain unknown to strangers. For those who do not want to disclose personal information (email address, cell phone number, … Read moreAnonymous mobile payments from Amazon.com

Crucial elements of order confirmation page


Confirmation page is a very important page of e-commerce websites. Order confirmation page makes it clear for the customer that the order is either completed or accepted and is going to be processed. This page has some crucial elements, for you not to overlook them. 1. Order was successfully completed First of all you need … Read moreCrucial elements of order confirmation page

Types and schemes of internet scams


There exist numerous ways to cheat honest and naive Internet users on money. Various new strategies appear every day. To guard yourself from these tricks, you need to know as much information about them as possible. Of course, various new strategies appear every day and it is hard to know all of them, but the … Read moreTypes and schemes of internet scams