Things you should keep in mind when investing in Bitcoin


At the time when everything is being digitalized, currency is not an exclusion. Bitcoin is now one of the digital currencies people want to invest in. With so many people talking about the Bitcoins these days, you would get to hear more than one opinion for it. Some say it is absolutely wasteful to invest … Read moreThings you should keep in mind when investing in Bitcoin

Is it really possible to kill Bitcoin?


Though Bitcoin remains stable for nearly 10 years, people are still arguing whether it will continue its existence or loose its popularity. From the technical side Bitcoin will exist as long as the set of computers using appropriate programming facilities exists and only this breakdown will lead to its destruction. All the other scenarios won`t … Read moreIs it really possible to kill Bitcoin?

Bitcoin vs gold: characteristics and advantages


Since ancient times, gold is considered as the most important measure of the value of tangible assets. Besides it was used as a medium of exchange and capital accumulation. There is no wonder that today, many people still believe that investing in gold is much safer than buying banknotes of foreign countries, even those that … Read moreBitcoin vs gold: characteristics and advantages

Startup business: investment and development


Generally startup isn’t business yet, it’s a pre-business model which one day becomes a profitable uninterrupted process. As soon as you decide to become an entrepreneur, there apperas question – “where can I get money?”. One of the working idea is to find private investors for startup. In this case you need to negotiate with … Read moreStartup business: investment and development

The world market of digital payment systems


The market of digital payments systems is borderless. The main task and idea of e-market is to conduct financial transaction on the Internet. Nowadays there are a lot of digital payment systems that integrate national currency, gold and other precious metals with online based technology to provide a fast and secure opportunity for businesses, people … Read moreThe world market of digital payment systems