Google Wallet and Gmail integration


Is it easy to send an email? How about an option of sending money together with an email using just Google mail? Send funds to anyone having an email, even not necessarily gmail address. Features of Google Wallet are constantly expanding. Now it is integrated with Gmail. It means that you can send funds to … Read moreGoogle Wallet and Gmail integration

Google Wallet + Google Glass = Future of e-commerce


Google Glass is an innovative device developed by Google, that brings your digital experience on the brand new level. Smartphones and tablets are usually distracting us a lot from our daily life activities. Google Glass is there for us to save our time, as your hands are free when you operate it. Google Glass can … Read moreGoogle Wallet + Google Glass = Future of e-commerce

Google Wallet: perfection is yet to come


In the rivalry between QR codes and Near Field Communication Google has already chosen the winner. Google has created Google Wallet, which is based on the NFC technology. Google wallet is a payment system, which enables users to operate their credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and bonus vouchers. In May 2011 Google introduced new … Read moreGoogle Wallet: perfection is yet to come