Consensus 2018 brief review


Among the recent significant events in the world of cryptocurrencies is the most large-scale blockchain conference – Consensus 2018 organized by CoinDesk portal on May 14-16 in New York. It provided an opportunity to attend presentations of speakers, exchange the experience and take part in live discussion to analyze the prospects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain … Read moreConsensus 2018 brief review

Facebook Graph Search: is it helpful for e-commerce


Recently Facebook has launched their own innovative way of searching – Graph Search. Graph Search developers stress that there is difference between Web search and Graph Search. In fact it lies in the way they search. Web search grounds on the search on key words, meanwhile Graph Search is targeted at searching on whole sentences … Read moreFacebook Graph Search: is it helpful for e-commerce

Social websites can help your business


Millions of people use social websites for communication and entertainment. But are these the only possible reasons why people can use them? Such social and image sharing “giants” like Facebook and Pinterest disclaim this statement by expanding their functions for businesses. Facebook has recently started new fascinating gift option. It is now possible to send … Read moreSocial websites can help your business

Types of identity theft scams


Identity theft is targeted on stealing money or performing other actions, pretending that you are another person. The results of identity scams can be various: from more harmless (when someone can purchase wares or services, using your credit card or bank account details) to more serious ones (when scammer registers loans or runs illegal business … Read moreTypes of identity theft scams

Сommunication with customers through social apps


Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will help your e-commerce business to broaden your activity fields.These social apps will help you to spread information, share content and link to your potential customers, moreover it can help to save time and be socially successful. The best way to connect to your customers – to communicate with them. Fortunately … Read moreСommunication with customers through social apps