Unichange Annual Report 2016

On the eve of 2017 Unichange.me would like to say Thank you for all our customers. We are happy to share our achievements with you, because all of them become possible thanks for your kind feedback and support.

General statistics in comparison with 2015 in brief:

5-time increase in active users
3-times increase in Facebook audience
4-time increase in completed orders
5-time increase in paid partner bonuses

47 exchange directions became automatic
4 new payment systems were added
10 new features for improving user experience were launched

Here is the detailed Unichange Annual Report 2016, you are also welcome to download pdf version.

1. Simplified procedure to order Unichange card

In 2016 Unichange card order has been greatly simplified for customers’ convenience. There are only 2 steps before you can use the card:
Step 1: Choose the card type, delivery type and payment option.
Step 2: Pay for the card.

Virtual cards can be ordered in just 1 click. It is that easy!

2. Free Virtual Cards

Beginning from September 2016 issuance of Unichange Virtual Cards is free of charge. The card activation link is delivered instantly to customer’s email address and it becomes possible to use the card right away after funding it. Virtual Cards are very convenient for online shopping and also can be used to verify Paypal account.

3. Possibility to pay for the card with Bitcoin

In response for customers’ needs the opportunities to pay for Unichange Debit Card order with Bitcoin and Litecoin were added. Now you are welcome to choose the most convenient payment method for you among Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e USD, OkPay USD, Perfect Money USD/EUR and FasaPay USD/IDR.

4. 47 automatic exchange directions

There were only 3 automatic exchange directions in the beginning of the year (Bitcoin to Perfect Money, BTC-e USD to Perfect Money, Litecoin to Perfect Money) and now there are 50.
Most of automatic exchange directions are are completed within 1-2 minutes in 24/7 mode. Full list of directions and detailed information regarding order processing can be found on Unichange.me.

5. Automatic FasaPay USD to IDR, IDR to USD exchanges

FasaPay USD and IDR exchange is rather popular, therefore we did our best to remove any obstacles which can interfere our customers’ successful operations. Even during weekends and holidays all FasaPay users are welcome to exchange their funds from USD to IDR accounts and vice versa easily within minutes in automatic mode. There are always sufficient reserves available for these exchange directions.

6. Money Transfer depositing/withdrawal options

In 2016 option to withdraw Perfect Money, OkPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e USD, FasaPay, etc. via MoneyGram and Western Union USD were back to respond the demands of customers without bank accounts.
Withdrawals to both money transfers (MoneyGram and Western Union) are rather popular among all Unichange customers. It takes 1-2 business days to complete MoneyGram money transfer orders, Western Union withdrawals are completed the same or next business day.
Unichange also renewed providing services to deposit Bitcoin, Perfect Money etc. via MoneyGram money transfer.

7. New Payment Systems were added:

  • eCoin.eu USD codes for cryptocurrency traders. It is now possible to buy, sell and exchange eCoin.eu USD codes on Unichange website as well as USD codes of popular bitcoin exchange platform btc-e.com
  • Paypal EUR for convenience of Paypal EUR account holders.
  • China Unionpay CNY cards and Alipay CNY. And now our customers have more possibilities for fast and convenient withdrawals of Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, BTC-e USD, OkPay, FasaPay to CNY.

Most of new exchange directions are available without registration and completed in 1 business hour.

8. Bank fee restructuring on Unichange.me

Unichange team has been striving towards simplification of our fees for customers, and implemented new fee structure for bank transfer orders.
Now customers placing deposit orders to fund their e-currency accounts via bank transfers (USD, EUR, CZK, PLN, GBP) have no need to think about additional bank transfer fee. This fee is already included in Unichange.me service fee. Placing the order customer can clearly see the amount that will be received to e-currency account.

9. Two-factor authentication

Nowadays personal data protection becomes extremely important.
Apart from SSL connection used on every page of website, security of Unichange customers’ details was taken to a brand new level by implementation of 2-Step account authentication.
Now Unichange users’ accounts are protected not only with secure permanent password, but also with the unique code generated via mobile app, which makes the account protection stronger.

10. Indonesian Live Chat Support

Unichange.me service is striving to improve communication with all its customers.
Indonesian Live Chat qualified Support is now available from 2 to 10 a.m. Monday-Friday, GMT+0. You are also welcome to contact Indonesian Support Department via ticket system.

11. 2 New Language Versions

In order to to meet requirements of newcomers Unichange.me has been translated into Indonesian and Chinese languages. More languages are going to be added in upcoming year.

12. Updated promotional banners

In order to enhance partners’ efforts new Fasapay, Unichange Card, Automatic exchange banners were designed. All banners were also translated to Chinese and Indonesian languages. If someone thinks about specific promotional materials, he/she is always welcome to contact Support Team.

13. Updated FAQ and Tutorial pages

Unichange.me Team developed a visual guide for verification to make this process easier for our clients. Both the text version and video verification guide are available for Unichange client’s convenience.

14. Blog launching

Unichange.me blog was launched in order to share tips and tricks to deal with Bitcoin, e-currencies, different payment methods, ecommerce sites, etc. We are going to add more useful information to the blog in upcoming year. You are welcome to check our latest article “How to verify PayPal account with card”.

15. Youtube channel updating

We updated Unichange Youtube Channel and have already added several useful video tutorials there:

These 15 major improvements for 2016 year and the incredible increase of new customers led Unichange.me to:

Threefold increase in completed orders

In spite of constant stream of new orders Unichange.me coped with providing sufficient reserves to cover increased demand and successfully complete each customer order on time.

Fivefold increase in Partner Bonuses

Thousands of users joined Unichange Affiliate Program in 2016. We offer unique solutions and individual approach for every our Partner which helps them attract more affiliates and therefore earn more!
Unichange.me Team is pleased to mention that the amount of payments to our partners increased five-time this year.

Significant increase in social media presence

Unichange Facebook audience tripled and we are very thankful to all of you who are on Facebook with us! We appreciate your comments and questions and pay attention to all your messages. Sometimes members of our Facebook community are even helping us there 😉
We are delighted to share service news and improvements with you on Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned and don’t miss anything in the upcoming year!

Our team is constantly working on addition of new payment systems, improving users’ experience, implementing new payment methods, exchange automatization and more.

Stay with innovative P2P exchange provider Unichange.me and we will do our best to bring even more positive improvements for You in 2017.

Best regards,
Unichange.me Team