Cryptojacking becomes more popular


Browser mining is becoming a сommon practice nowadays as an echo of the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. According to analytics, data from the 1st quarter of 2018 confirms that the cybersecurity threats landscape is changing: 28% of companies reported crypto-mining malware while it was only 13% in the previous quater. It`s hard to distinguish the … Read moreCryptojacking becomes more popular

Types and schemes of internet scams. Part 2

internet scams part 2

Some scams have already been listed in the previous article  Types and schemes of internet scams and now we continue to describe scams you can faced using internet. Charity scams This type of scams can happen 24/7 all year round. The purpose of these scams is to play upon people’s heartstrings. But their number increases … Read moreTypes and schemes of internet scams. Part 2

Types and schemes of internet scams


There exist numerous ways to cheat honest and naive Internet users on money. Various new strategies appear every day. To guard yourself from these tricks, you need to know as much information about them as possible. Of course, various new strategies appear every day and it is hard to know all of them, but the … Read moreTypes and schemes of internet scams

Personal data protection on the Internet


At the time when Internet is increasingly pervades our lives, the personal data protection becomes particularly important. We have so many websites that greatly facilitate daily chores: you have no need to leave your house in order to send money, to order home appliances or to make utility payments. But at the same time, these … Read morePersonal data protection on the Internet

How to avoid Bitcoin scams


A couple of years ago when Bitcoin steadily went up in price, many people finally drew their attention to the alternative kind of money. In a short time many of them realized the advantages of decentralized money system, because there were no problems related to a typical banking system, like: bureaucracy, high fees, the influence … Read moreHow to avoid Bitcoin scams

Advertising via Bitcoin spam


If you are receiving mysterious and weird payments and you are not up to speed about what is going on, this article will clear it all up for you. The small amount of funds (usually 1 Satoshi=0.00000001 Bitcoin) is sent to your Bitcoin wallet from an unknown address. The explanation of such actions may be … Read moreAdvertising via Bitcoin spam

Effective ways to protect your BTC-e account

ways_to_protect_btc_e_account is a place where you can buy or trade your Bitcoins, generate or redeem BTC-e codes to get Bitcoins, etc. So BTC-e account is your savings account which can be used to store, exchange or trade funds. Recently number of btc-e accounts hackings has increased. Various viruses disguised as trade bots, trading platforms, or … Read moreEffective ways to protect your BTC-e account