Opportunities to use your Bitcoin


Bitcoin was originally created as an alternative decentralized payment method. In some parts of the world, it is still a more efficient, cheaper and almost instant way to transfer money across borders. Many individuals feel more comfortable holding a part of their wealth in securely-stored Bitcoin, where a central authority cannot block access or take … Read more

Is it really possible to kill Bitcoin?


Though Bitcoin remains stable for nearly 10 years, people are still arguing whether it will continue its existence or loose its popularity. From the technical side Bitcoin will exist as long as the set of computers using appropriate programming facilities exists and only this breakdown will lead to its destruction. All the other scenarios won`t … Read more

Cryptojacking becomes more popular


Browser mining is becoming a сommon practice nowadays as an echo of the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies. According to analytics, data from the 1st quarter of 2018 confirms that the cybersecurity threats landscape is changing: 28% of companies reported crypto-mining malware while it was only 13% in the previous quater. It`s hard to distinguish the … Read more

Consensus 2018 brief review


Among the recent significant events in the world of cryptocurrencies is the most large-scale blockchain conference – Consensus 2018 organized by CoinDesk portal on May 14-16 in New York. It provided an opportunity to attend presentations of speakers, exchange the experience and take part in live discussion to analyze the prospects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain … Read more