New Bitcoin rate – the point of no return or the new horizon?


Volatility of exchange rates – the question of interest for those, who wondered at least once how to profit on currencies fluctuations. If the volatility of fiat currencies is at least predictable, this trick will not always work for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was prophesied different variants of its future destiny – one were ardently convinced in … Read more

What do you need to wire money internationally


Wire transfers are widely used all over the world and if it is necessary to send money overseas, international wire transfer always is option. Bank transfers have a long-term history, this type of transfers is very trusted and well-known. So, below we will try to explain the difference between USD and EUR wire transfers, and … Read more

Unichange Annual Report 2016


On the eve of 2017 would like to say Thank you for all our customers. We are happy to share our achievements with you, because all of them become possible thanks for your kind feedback and support. General statistics in comparison with 2015 in brief: 5-time increase in active users 3-times increase in Facebook … Read more