Why is YouTube channel so important for your business?

YouTube is the great place to engage and share ideas and experience with clients. This is wonderful place to find new customers and retain old ones. YouTube has many reasons it can be very useful for businesses:

  • easy to use
  • free
  • targets mass audience

  • So you still do not have YouTube channel?

    To begin with, business owners should create YouTube channel for the company or service. This is technically a storage for all video content that you create and upload. Good YouTube channel provides your business with possibility to share important video with your clients. You can also upload those videos which are relevant to your sphere to provide users with additional information, just for their interest.

    Make tutorial videos

    The easiest and the most useful videos, all your clients will appreciate, are tutorial videos. This kind of content will be most relevant to your service and will be viewed not once. You can show the process of using your website:
    • ordering different services,
    • buying staff,
    • possibility to find necessary information.

    • Unichange.me team also invites all our customers to check our YouTube channel Unichangeme channel or watch tutorial videos of the work of our service.

      Information has to be explained in the easiest manner and described step by step. Remember that confused customer will never buy something. Using FAQ videos you will reach 2 goals:
      • make your website easier to use;
      • increase customer conversion (remember statement about confused customer).

      • Create expert videos

        You can also create videos relating to the theme of your business. For example, if you offer website design, you can upload videos on Photoshop. Create small videos with some easy lessons. This will help your clients learn some easy aspects. Besides, this will attract more attention to your service.

        Have fun

        How serious your business would have been, customers want to have fun too. You can use some funny viral videos to entertain your audience. The fact that you can entertain and have fun will show your customers that you are just like them - real people. It can strengthen their belief in you and create impression that they are in a circle of good old friends when they use your service.

        Make clients act

        Include links to different offers on your service in the video. This will stimulate them to explore your service again and again and bring you more conversions.

        Optimize your videos

        In the Internet nothing is good if not optimized. You should try to optimize your videos for YouTube as well as in the outer Web. Do not forget about the fact that YouTube refers to Google. So to optimize your video for search engines, focus attention on Title, Description and Tags.

        Be sure that target words are the first words of the title. You can also use the following trick- insert colon ":" after first key words and paraphrase the title in more detail. So you will make it great for both search engines and your customers.

        In the beginning of your description insert full URL of the video. After URL write memorable description. Do not be stingy for words. The more keywords used - the better.

        Make sure that you included all possible tags to your video. This will make your video easier to be found.

        Title, description and tags are not the only possible features that help to optimize video. Number of subscribers, likes, page views and comments will also bring you success.

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